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  1. .....and our Christmas present from the latest GFS run is"............. Yep, snow if you're north of the M4 corridor snowshield
  2. It's sunny and calm in NW Bristol - the temp shot up 1 degree to 3.8 in an instant. Is this the eye of it?
  3. Sorry, couldn't resist ECM member number 12! As if.......
  4. Thought the temperature was never going to drop having been a steady 5.2 for a couple of hours but dipped a degree in the past 30 minutes so now getting somewhere. These North-Westerlies do my bontz in watching all that lovely precip vanish time after time on radar-watch
  5. Please let someone be older than my 46 years! I've been lurking for many a year on here and even the BBC Snow watch days. Whatever happened to Mr Crazy Snowfan!! 😂😂 That band does look pretty organised if it could just hold together through those Welsh mounds.
  6. Sleet in NW Bristol. Mainly cold icy rain with a few flakes thrown in for good measure. Temp 3.1 and can now see a clearance to the cloud. Hopefully a couple of hours of clear skies to enjoy the hot tub after dark (before the sleet returns overnight from this secondary low!). Gert lush!
  7. Have bunked off work from the centre of Bristol to head to higher ground in the North West of the city hoping it would lead to something more wintry but the temp is 4.1 and there are cold ice pellets falling from the sky - yuck!
  8. Just driven down from Oop North and drove through some really heavy snow and whiteout conditions at times between the M6 toll junction, through Birmingham and towards Worcester. Settled readily, especially over the higher ground. Mixed emotions as it was great to see, but not much fun driving through! What a shame it hasn't maintained its intensity.
  9. Here's the Met Office warning valid from 03.00 to midday tomorrow: "A band of rain, sleet and snow will spread east across the area on Saturday morning. 2-4 cm of snow are likely in places above 200 m, chiefly over Wales and the moors of southwest England, with the risk of temporary local accumulations to low levels. Icy patches may form, especially on untreated surfaces."
  10. Very heavy hail here too, with some sleet. Temp 2.7, falling during heavier precip.