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  1. Didn't our forecasting guru @Nights King predict this a little earlier??
  2. Snow getting going well again now. Just as I get in from a mammoth sledging session on Filton golf course. Only about 1 cm of fresh snow but more to come this afternoon, me thinks ⛷ Thank god I invested my last old-style tenner last night wisely on my favourite tipple (Newcy Brown)
  3. I fear the same. Seems to be just skirting us for the past couple of hours.
  4. Yep. Seems to have got heavier with slightly larger flakes over the past few minutes.
  5. Correct! Remember it so well. Absolutely lethal stuff. Er indoors had her own ice skates and was the only one who could venture outside without falling on their derrièr!
  6. Definitely moderate snow now here in North Bristol and starting to pile up rather nicely. Would go out and measure it but really can't be bothered As a rough guess, I'd say 5-6 cm of level snow and the best drift I saw earlier was where it had all blown inside the garage!
  7. If there wasn't all this snow forecast, I'd meet you in the Beaufort for a few!
  8. Guys & Gals, not exactly a regular poster but have been pretty much glued to all of your musings. I have to say, it's looking good, even overnight tonight in many places but still trying to contain my excitement and play it down in my very nearly 47 year old head as well as still not breaking the golden rule and letting the family know the potential of what the next couple of days or so may bring. I'm with you all of the way and let's hope we'll be raising a few pints of gin in the coming days, whatever it may bring.
  9. Second bout of snow currently from this little trough in NW Bristol. Wet snow variety so very unlikely to settle. Mesmerising as always to watch though I really should be getting on with some work crap photo but it's definitely white and fluffy. Wind quite gusty too. Temp 1.9
  10. .....and our Christmas present from the latest GFS run is"............. Yep, snow if you're north of the M4 corridor snowshield
  11. It's sunny and calm in NW Bristol - the temp shot up 1 degree to 3.8 in an instant. Is this the eye of it?
  12. Sorry, couldn't resist ECM member number 12! As if.......
  13. Thought the temperature was never going to drop having been a steady 5.2 for a couple of hours but dipped a degree in the past 30 minutes so now getting somewhere. These North-Westerlies do my bontz in watching all that lovely precip vanish time after time on radar-watch
  14. Please let someone be older than my 46 years! I've been lurking for many a year on here and even the BBC Snow watch days. Whatever happened to Mr Crazy Snowfan!! That band does look pretty organised if it could just hold together through those Welsh mounds.
  15. Sleet in NW Bristol. Mainly cold icy rain with a few flakes thrown in for good measure. Temp 3.1 and can now see a clearance to the cloud. Hopefully a couple of hours of clear skies to enjoy the hot tub after dark (before the sleet returns overnight from this secondary low!). Gert lush!