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  1. https://www.netweather.tv/live-weather/radar most def building up as time goes on ... run animation and can be seen more clearer ...
  2. Had to look twice at that fourth pic , thought it was someone riding a bike then realised I was looking at meat and 2 veg
  3. Well it’s still snowing here in galleywood all be it very light now , think that’s it for me now ... been a lovely day , been snowing majority of the day ... have a few cms can’t complain for the time of year ...
  4. I’m in galleywood , Chelmsford , am I in the firing line for a bit more ??
  5. Well my neighbour has no back window and I have no front window or bonnet
  6. Think I’m in between the 2 , think maybe a good idea to put your phone on charge Steve
  7. Really !! I have a friend in hemsby , I will see if I can get anymore info as he works at one of the parks there
  8. Well on 2 different radars one says the heavier stuff is on top of me the other says it’s just about to be ?? Hmmm
  9. This is my pic of snow ...... sorry couldn’t help myself .... it’s my German shepherd, snow .....
  10. Same here , (galleywood,Chelmsford ) it’s coming down thick and fast , even my dogs looking out the window watching it , oh and just coincidental her name is snow
  11. Ok well the pics are half hour apart , there was footprints in snow and hadn’t settled on road , the 1st was taken half hour ago , the next 2 just now , notice no footprints and snow not settling readily on the road , whilst waiting to upload pics it’s now got a lot heavier and large flakes .....
  12. Tried to take couple of pics of lampost but it’s coming down so fast it’s looking like blurrs on the pics I will post them anyways , coming down hard and fast , very windy and heaviest it’s been all day !! Galleywood , Chelmsford
  13. Couple of updates pics , def starting to settle on road even tho it was gritted 2/3 hours ago , my neighbour came home about 20/30 mins ago and his car is already covered , keep it coming !!!
  14. Same , even the unwell part .... but can only lamppost watch until midnight as they turn them off round here at that time ...
  15. You off to bed already?