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  1. 5.4C here with dew point at 3.7C temp has actually risen 0.6C in the last hour......I've feeling I may miss out here, expecting rain/sleet the next couple of days (as per most of the apps) .......anything else is a bonus!
  2. Heavy snow in Cheadle now.......very unexpected!
  3. If anyone has any clue what might be in store for Cheadle in Cheshire over the next 24hrs please let me know! I've given up trying to second guess it
  4. Most forecasts seem to be downgrading for the SK8 area since last night
  5. North West England - Weather Chat

    That's quite a claim!
  6. North West England - Weather Chat

    I'm thinking sleet in my location later more than snow......hope I'm wrong!
  7. North West England - Weather chat

    Snowing steadily in Cheadle......first proper snow of the day
  8. Is it winter again already?