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  1. the 39 steps. first version. great to watch with a fire and a glass of whisky - just one!
  2. much as i like our media, and have worked in it for years, it really doesnt get weather reporting right. the express is a joke and they know it.i think the independent seems the most measured. well done them
  3. hope: misty and frosty reality: drizzle
  4. as a pr bloke myself, this is a pr disaster for the bbc. i simply don't understand it. as ever it must be a financial decision. bad news either way
  5. i dont wish to dish on cilla, but i met her with a mutual friend several years ago. we went her london flat before the trip to the theatre. i found very bossy, quite rude maybe she was having a bad day anyway sad to lose her
  6. all of them,except one... the famous grouse at christmas
  7. i'm welsh/norwegian living in england. i want a scottish independence. you are such a rich beautiful country with a ton of luck. daffydd x
  8. sunny, warm and delicious in the east cotswolds. v little activity over 2 days. just light rain and a bit of electrics. this place is better for snow!
  9. i have to go to kiev next week for work. anyone know the city?
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