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  1. August 2003 most likely. I don't have any memories of it because I was really young but other than the incredible heatwave it looked to be high pressure dominated and very dry. I think the end of the month turned much cooler but stayed dry and fine, with northerly winds and maybe even a couple ground frosts.
  2. Would it be possible to change my guess? My final guess is 6.7 and 100mm.
  3. 8.0°C and 72mm. Starting cold but getting more springlike as the month goes on.
  4. I think for me in southeast it's been quite a good winter (especially compared with the borefest of 13/14-16/17), but certainly not a classic. I've certainly seen the snowiest February for quite a while. Overall quite good, but I think 18/19 can (and cross-fingers will) do better...
  5. Very cold with intermittent snow showers, at quite a chilly -1.1 and getting a bit colder right now with the current snow shower moving out. Despite the cold, in any sunny spells the sun is warm enough to melt much of the snow unfortunately, but much of the ground is sheltered and beginning to turn rather white.
  6. Colder here than predicted today, went for a high of about 3 but highest we got was about 1.7 today, now going down into the 0.0s already. And the cold hasn't even knocked on our door yet.
  7. I'm tempted to go against my instincts but no. I'll go 3.0°C and 79mm
  8. Fantasy Winter

    My fantasy winter pattern would start with a cold, dry and sunny October with the following November and December following suit, but with some snowy northerlies/easterlies. Christmas Day would be bitterly cold with sub-zero maxima, but beautiful clear blue skies with a deep sparkling cover of snow. Then January would be a bitterly cold and exceptionally snowy month, but with some drier, sunnier weather at times. February would be cold/very cold with further snow but towards the middle/end of the month there would be a sunny and mild period with temperatures nudging into the 10-12degC region for the first time, giving a little taste of spring before a mixed March like 1995, with a bit of everything. Snow, warmth, wet & windy etc.
  9. I don't mean to sound rude but I think it's a bit silly to write off the entire winter as early as January 18th. C'mon...
  10. 2018 Hopes & Predictions

    It's interesting to see mention of the '8 ending year curse' when it comes to summer. In older times we actually saw some pretty decent summers (or at least summer months). 1798, 1808 (very hot July), 1818 (June and July both pretty hot), 1858 (exceptionally warm June, up there with 1976) and 1868 where the warmth lasted through all three months (and preceded the mildest winter ever recorded!). Something happened from 1908 onwards and all the 20th century summers ending in 8 were very poor, I think the best of them was probably 1918 but even this wasn't that great. Anyway, I've gone on quite a tangent there but my point is, do I think 2018 will break the cycle? Personally, no. I did some predictions back in August, but if you don't mind I think I'll do my final thoughts here. January: A little bit colder than normal. Some decent cold attempts early and late, but spoiled by mild/very mild spell around mid-month, though never overly stormy, just mild and fine. 3.5-4.0°C,rainfall around 70-80mm. February: A very cold and dry month. Possibly short-lived mild spell early or late, but very cold middle with heavy snow at times, then high pressure building with severely low temperatures recorded by night. Around the 21st we see one of the coldest days of the 21st century. -1.0-0.5+°, rainfall around 30-40mm. March: A very wet and unsettled month, with average temperatures. Possibly very dull. Milder by night than day. 6.0-6.5°C, rainfall around 100-120mm. April: I've had a feeling we're due for a properly cold April, so that's what I'll go for. Plenty of blocking with northerly and easterly winds and snow at times. Exceptionally cold mid-month. 4.5-5.5°C, rainfall around 55-75mm. May: Atlantic dominated, very wet, and also dull. Similar to May, 1968. 9.5-10.5°C, with rainfall around 100-115mm. June: Possibly quite cold, especially in the first-half, but high pressure dominated so quite dry and sunny. A comfortable month. 12.5-13.0°C, with rainfall around 25-40mm. July: A classically poor British summer month; cold, wet, but the odd hot day can't be ruled out. 14.5-15.5°C, rainfall around 110-130mm. August: Things improving somewhat, with some fine and dry weather, but certainly no Aug, 1995. 16.0-16.5°C, rainfall around 55-70mm. September: An quite settled month. Sunny and dry at times with high pressure close by. 14.0-14.5°C, rainfall around 40-60mm. October: Our coldest October for quite some time, possibly an east/west split with rainfall with the east quite wet and the west quite dry. 9.0-10.0°C, rainfall 70-90mm. November: Unsettled with mild and cold snaps at times. Possibly some damaging gales at some point. 6.0-6.5°C, rainfall around 70-100mm. December: Quite an average month, quite westerly but some cold snaps at times. Nothing overtly mild. 4.0-4.5°C, rainfall around 90-100mm.
  11. I feel like this month will be either very cold or very mild, no inbetween. So... I am going to go with -3.3.
  12. Even if we do have a milder, more cyclonic spell in the latter part of December, that wouldn't necessarily be bad. A lot of famously (or infamously) cold winters have had milder, even stormy periods at some point during December. I'm staying hopeful and so should you lot!
  13. Can confirm a heavy snow shower in New Ash Green with massive flakes that are settling!
  14. I can confirm that I have had the first snowfall of the season! Barely anything, but it's nice to see. First time I'm seen any snow in November for quite a while. Autumn has ended on a good note!