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  1. March, 2018 was the last significantly cooler than average month. 4.9C, 0.9C below the 1901-2000 average, 1.7C below 1981-2010 average.
  2. Moderate shower of tiny hail as just turned everything rather white outside. Looks like a dusting of snow. Very lovely, but unable to take a picture sadly.
  3. Very last moment decision but I would like to go for 1.1 and 51mm if not too much trouble.
  4. Some very cold spells/months in there. Snowy ones include 1954 and 1955. More dry, anticyclonic type months are 1901 and 1986. Of course, February of 1986 was remarkably cold, whereas 1901 we failed to properly lock in to anything extreme. Some forgettable ones too, 1911, 1912, 1922 and 1972. 1912 and 1972 share a similarity in which there was a spell of severe cold near the opening of the month. 1972 just missed it, but 1912 had a brutal spell from the east with -21C recorded on the 4th. However, it all went horrifically wrong after the 6th, the winds turned to the south and the rest of the month was remarkably mild. It the cold had occured a little earlier February 1912 may have been remembered for being a remarkably warm February, but alas it was just 5.4. Don't wanna stray too off topic but hope it satifies your curiosity.
  5. Wasn't alive but data shows yes. Trevor Harley says about April 1997 "April. Very dry across much of the country (except for northern Scotland): across the country the driest since 1984, and the warmest since 1987. The Thames was at a very low level. 21.6C at Bristol on the 9th and Gatwick on the 10th. Some frosty nights though: -7C at Glenlivet on the 29th and Chesham (Bucks.) and Rickmansworth on the 21st. Some places had no rain until the 25th; Wales then received 58 mm on the 25th. It was very sunny in the south and east; 140% of expected sunshine in London." C.E.T. of 9.0
  6. Most lot of those years didn't have cold springs... 2013 and 1996 were no doubt chilly affairs, but a number of these springs were above average and many featured well above average months! Marches 1994, 1997 and 2002 were all well above average, particularly 1997 which is about 4th/5th warmest on record. Aprils 1996, 1997, 2002, 2006 and 2010 all were mild to warm. The years mentioned did have a lot cooler Mays, particularly 1994, 1996, 2010 and 2013. May 1997 had exceptionally late snows early in the month but overall was average. 2002 was rather warm, as was 2006. Didn't wanna come off as rude but just want to spread correct info
  7. Quite a wild feel out there. Torrential downpour moving over the area. Been a long time since I saw rain like that...
  8. What stood out to me was a spell of absolutely dire weather from around March 28th to April 10th-ish. In that period there was only one day that brought sunny spells, the rest was entirely dull. It was one of the most depressing spells of weather in recent memory, including a foul say on March 30th where it poured and poured and poured. Apart from that obviously the snows of late Feb/early-March which was the snowiest spell for years, as well as the further snow and cold in mid-March. I really liked March overall because despite the wet and cool theme it felt proper, mild Marches have been way to dominant since 1988. I said about the dull spell but just a week later we had that freak-April heatwave which I personally didn't like as it felt most unseasonable. May was a very pleasant month with one fond memory on the 20th which I set out early in the morning for a walk and there were clear blue skies and some truly mesmerizing views with temperatures rather chilly for the time of year. Just a week later it was very balmy with those exceptional thunderstorms. I remember late 26th looking up at the night sky and seeing these big towering thunderclouds build overhead. Also the 29th saw some very heavy rainfall here. After that there was no measurable rain to speak of in June which is probably the best summer month I can remember. Constantly fine, warm and dry. The spell from June 24th-30th was amazing under that high pressure. Hot by day but never all that humid. I enjoyed the first-half of July, too, but the second-half not so much. I remember the shocking switch on the July 29th after weeks of hot and dry weather it was cool, cloudy and windy, yet within a few days back to hot and dry. What also stands out is the period from August 7th to the 12th in which every day brought at least one torrential downpour/thunderstorm. Aug 10th saw an amazing shower around evening time. At one point one half of the sky was completely blue and the other half black, all while some of the heaviest rain I've seen. Poor neighbour was running in with Tesco bags and got drowned in it! After that there's not too much of note apart from the very chilly end to October, as well as some torrential downpours mid-November. The quicker I forget this December the better!
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