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  1. Even if we do have a milder, more cyclonic spell in the latter part of December, that wouldn't necessarily be bad. A lot of famously (or infamously) cold winters have had milder, even stormy periods at some point during December. I'm staying hopeful and so should you lot!
  2. Can confirm a heavy snow shower in New Ash Green with massive flakes that are settling!
  3. I can confirm that I have had the first snowfall of the season! Barely anything, but it's nice to see. First time I'm seen any snow in November for quite a while. Autumn has ended on a good note!
  4. 2011 - an uneventful year

    2011 an unremarkable year? I don't think so, personally. January wasn't very eventful, but then came a very mild February. Then a remarkably dry spring in the south including that freakishly warm April. While the drought continued across the south May brought unusually wet weather across Scotland, with some late-gales around the 23rd which brought quite a lot of disruption. After this the summer was mostly a damp squib but I do remember some very severe thunderstorms on the 5th of June which brought more rainfall across Kent than during the past month or two! There were more severe storms on the 28th June, 2011 across kent which were quite striking. Does anyone else remember these? Things turned unseasonably warm at the end of September which brought that record-breaking day on the 1st of October. Then came the second-mildest November on record which in parts was exceptionally dry, then December which was actually quite a mild month with a violent stormy spell across Scotland on the 8th with a gust of 165mph at Cairngorm. Then Christmas was one of the mildest on record with temperatures as high as 15.1 degrees. I believe it was one of the wettest years on record across Scotland, while across the Midlands it was very dry. A vile year for weather, apart from pleasantly cool summer.
  5. Hard frost this morning, the first one of the season here, too. Got down to almost -2 last night.
  6. November 2017 C.E.T. forecasts

    2.1 for me please.
  7. Can someone tell the Sahara to give their weather back!? Very dark brown/orange sky right now, very eerie. What a change from yesterday when there were beautiful blue skies.
  8. I remember this spell quite well. I remember being out shopping in H⚫mebase on the 23rd and the rain was absolutely pouring all day and evening with massive puddles and localised flooding on loads of the main roads. I also remember the sound of the rain on the corrugated roof being insanely loud. The 24th I don't remember any rain around so maybe it had cleared the SE but I could be wrong. I do remember it being overcast and I think quite breezy, though. Interesting spell of weather in what would of otherwise been a notably dry and anticyclonic September.
  9. October 2017 C.E.T. forecasts

    9.4 for me, please.
  10. Summer 2017: Your thoughts.

    Terrible June! Much better from around the 18th July onwards.
  11. Wow! this bugger is active, frequent lightning and now starting to rain very heavily. I got quite concerned for a minute because I genuinely started to think there was a tornado starting to develop to my north, but it seemed to flatten out.
  12. Great Fire of London

    I do know that the Summer of 1666 was hot and dry, with July and I think August both recording CETs of around 18C. IIRC there was a dry spell starting from late-1665 that persisted into the summer which played a big part in the fire.