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  1. Just found this old thread by accident. 2015 was no exception to the rule with the utterly remarkabke, bafflinf & disturbing warmth of Nov./Dec. 2015. The flooding of Dec. 5th tied to it. One of the sunniest Aprils on record, then extreme heat on the Jul. 1 only to be followed by an exceptionally cool second-half with the coldest end to July since 1920. Then the coldest September for 22 years, followed by a remarkably warm end to October which leads into the aforementioned... What will 2025 bring? Long way off yet, models struggling with the second half of June as it is! 😁
  2. Still thinking a much cooler second half of June is in order. Would take something pretty cold to get to my guess, but anyone who's in the low 15s I reckon could be in for a chance still. 15-17 the name of the game I feel. Of course it could go into a Jun. 1997/2004/2007 type pattern
  3. It appears that the highest was about 61F in Minehead on the 27th, so with room for error it probably reached 16-17C though perhaps an 18C would have been possible somewhere in the country, especially in any sunny spells (if there were any). Temperatures were widespread in the mid-teens on the 27th/28th. The night of the 22nd/23rd was remarkably mild with widespread minima of 10-12C. a 12C minimum was recorded at Ilfracombe. Not sure if this was a record at the time; if it was then it was easily beaten by Feb. 2004 with a minimum of 13.2C at Chivenor (Devon) the night of the 2nd/3rd. You can s
  4. There was a very short-lived but intense cold snap at during the first 6 days of Feb. 1912 Most of the winter had been mild, including the first-half of January, but there were signs of a change by the 15th with a big area of high pressure to our east. By the 18th, cold air across the north gave a foot of snow thanks to a SE wind A week of cold & frosty weather followed, but a very cold NE flow was beggining to establish by the 25th. Temperatures fell rapidly, with -3C daily C.E.T. values by months end. Notice the intense blocking across Iceland & Greenland.
  5. to a lesser extent the first half of 2008 seemed to yo-yo between warm and cold. generally very mild through january, then february cycled through warmth but also very cold and frosty weather. then march was generally chilly and stormy, april brought cold and snow, then may turned very warm before another flop to quite a chilly june. the second half of 2008 was more homogenised in that most months were average to quite cold.
  6. I think the C.E.T. for Jun. 2017 was also bolstered by its dullness, similarly to Jun. 2016. I remember the latter being remarkably dull. the cloud cover meant minima were generally well above average but maxima weren’t so impressive. that’s less so for 2017 because of the heatwave which boosted the C.E.T. into the 16s despite being poor. Jun. 2016 I remember virtually no warmth. Just dull, exceptionally thundery, exceptionally wet & never warm feeling.
  7. agreed , cannot be doing with another derailment & mass toy throwing event yet again. regardless of beliefs, keep it to the appropriate thread or shut up. 😂
  8. indeed, March really didn’t feel all that mild here. i remember March feeling seasonably chilly right up until the final week, and then was “let down” by the final two days. using the 1991-2020 it was only half a degree above average, so perhaps why it felt so normal to me. without that spell it probably would have come in below.
  9. there is a thread on THE ultimate flip flop year on this very site! the freakish year of 1817. have a read, it’s very interesting.
  10. I know some people might not like to hear it but the upcoming pattern just has a little feel of Jun. 2007 about it to me... Blocking has been so dominant this year and it wouldn't surprise me if the pattern may revert to a cooler one again after a brief spell of easterly sourced winds... that's just my opinion though.
  11. Indeed. Many parts of the country failed to exceed 70F in Jul. 1988.
  12. going to go for 14.4 & 84mm warm & humid looks the going rate for the first week or so but i don’t necessarily think the cold & blocked theme is completely done with us & think at least one cool & drab spell to bring the average down. wet & thundery too.
  13. 2005 11.4 - 15.5 +4.1 2007 11.9 - 15.1 +3.2 AVG 11.9 - 14.7 +2.8 2007 wasn't a pronounced increase compared to what you'd expect, but 2005 def. was. If you meant 2006 then the increase was +3.6 which is a little higher than average. Compare that to 2008 which was just a +0.5 difference!
  14. Sounds about right. A quick search for temperatures during this spell across Spain/Portugal indeed suggest temperatures were into the upper-thirties, even low-forties. I imagine that must be close to a record at least for September.
  15. without wanting to go off topic; at least the first week to ten days of June are looking warm, so it makes me wonder what the largest increases in temperature from May to June is in the C.E.T. would be interesting to see. can't imagine there have been many sub-10 Mays preceding 15+ Junes etc.
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