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  1. Quite a wild feel out there. Torrential downpour moving over the area. Been a long time since I saw rain like that...
  2. What stood out to me was a spell of absolutely dire weather from around March 28th to April 10th-ish. In that period there was only one day that brought sunny spells, the rest was entirely dull. It was one of the most depressing spells of weather in recent memory, including a foul say on March 30th where it poured and poured and poured. Apart from that obviously the snows of late Feb/early-March which was the snowiest spell for years, as well as the further snow and cold in mid-March. I really liked March overall because despite the wet and cool theme it felt proper, mild Marches have been way to dominant since 1988. I said about the dull spell but just a week later we had that freak-April heatwave which I personally didn't like as it felt most unseasonable. May was a very pleasant month with one fond memory on the 20th which I set out early in the morning for a walk and there were clear blue skies and some truly mesmerizing views with temperatures rather chilly for the time of year. Just a week later it was very balmy with those exceptional thunderstorms. I remember late 26th looking up at the night sky and seeing these big towering thunderclouds build overhead. Also the 29th saw some very heavy rainfall here. After that there was no measurable rain to speak of in June which is probably the best summer month I can remember. Constantly fine, warm and dry. The spell from June 24th-30th was amazing under that high pressure. Hot by day but never all that humid. I enjoyed the first-half of July, too, but the second-half not so much. I remember the shocking switch on the July 29th after weeks of hot and dry weather it was cool, cloudy and windy, yet within a few days back to hot and dry. What also stands out is the period from August 7th to the 12th in which every day brought at least one torrential downpour/thunderstorm. Aug 10th saw an amazing shower around evening time. At one point one half of the sky was completely blue and the other half black, all while some of the heaviest rain I've seen. Poor neighbour was running in with Tesco bags and got drowned in it! After that there's not too much of note apart from the very chilly end to October, as well as some torrential downpours mid-November. The quicker I forget this December the better!
  3. I'd like to add a precip guess with 27mm, thank you
  4. LetItSnow!

    Predictions for 2019?

    Let's see, let me polish my crystal ball... January: A cold/very cold month with a spell of bitterly cold easterlies around mid-month.Less cold second-half and very unsettled. An rare month that's wet but also cold. 1.0-2.5 February: Another spell of severe cold in the first-half with heavy snow and sub-zero daytime maxima...lovely! Less cold second-half similar to January. 2.0-3.0 March: Changeable. A mild first-half but then turning much colder later. 5.5-6.0 April: Warm but unusually also wet and unsettled. Notable warm spell around the 17th. 9.0-10.0 May: In contrast a very dull, cool and wet May. Coldest since 1996. 9.5-10.0 June: Mostly anticyclonic and pleasantly warm but not exceptionally so. 14.0-14.5 July: Exceptionally wet and dull month but perhaps saved by a heatwave later on. 14.0-15.0 August: The warmest month of the summer but still changeable and wet at times. Some widespread thundery spells. 15.5-16.0 September: Warm but unsettled. 14.0-15.0 October: Very mild October but still unsettled at times. 11.5-12.0 November: A very changeable November with spells of both cold and mild. Seasonable. 6.0-6.5 December: Mild, wet and windy. 5.5-6.0
  5. To answer your burning question I scoured through Wetterzentrale to find dates that may have given snow during the 20th and 21st century (so far). Bear in mind this isn't entirely definitive but hopefully should interest you. (Also, I'm not an expert at chart reading but I do know quite a bit) 1901would-be christmas 1900 I reckon these cold southeasterly winds would have brought snow showers to some places. 1918would-be christmas 1917 Very cold air plunges into Scotland as the winds turn to the north. Perhaps wintry showers and severe frosts. 1945would-be christmas 1944 Strong northerly winds pack a punch across Scotland. I imagine there could have been whiteout conditions in any snow showers where we had those tightly-packed isobars. 1947would-be christmas 1946 A battlefront scenario with a big ole area of HP spread over Scandinavia and weather fronts from the west. This may have gave snow. 1956would-be christmas 1955 A rather more relaxed chart but it would have given some snow showers across the north. Probably would have given a bright and cold Christmas for much of England though. 1959would-be christmas 1958 Wintry showers tracking southwards with some very chilly air moving down into Scotland. 1967would-be christmas 1966 Low pressure is quite close to the south so this may have threatened outbreaks of snow more towards the southwest. That little wedge to the SE may have kept things drier there. 1982would-be christmas 1981 Now this would have been one memorable Christmas period! The 7th of January, 1982 saw temperatures fall to -26.8 under that little ridge. And as that low pressure in the Atlantic it caused some very heavy snow into the 8th and 9th (which would be an almightly Boxing Day blizzard). Technically not a white Christmas, but I have to mention it because, hey, who wouldn't mind 20 foot drifts on Boxing Day? 1985would-be christmas 1984 A very cold Christmas Day would be had if this had fallen then. That's not the only thing that would be falling as I think SE parts would of managed a white Chrismas. 2010would-be christmas 2009 And finally, the only modern year I could find is 2010. Who could forget the spell of cold weather in early-January, 2010. This certainly would have given a White Christmas for eastern areas. Perhaps you were not expecting this much of an answer but I hope you found it interesting. And to anyone, if you remember the weather on this day and I got it wrong, sorry! I wasn't alive for quite a lot o' these.
  6. The C.E.T. for December, 1986 up to the 13th was 7.2. There were a few exceptionally mild 10+ days around December 4th but it never got as mild as that there on. As you mentioned the second-half was cooler but then dragged up by some very mild days from December 28th onward.
  7. LetItSnow!

    Winter 2018/19

    Going by knowledge I've racked up over the years and the charts the winter of 1971 was almost entirely forgettable bar an impressive cold spell with snow over Christmas 1970. By the 6th of January mild southwesterly winds ploughed in and on the 10th it got 18.3 degrees C at Aber, North Wales. Talk about a pattern flip! February was non-descript.
  8. LetItSnow!

    Winter 2018/19

    Here's my unscientific forecast for each month. I think that December will start mild or even very mild with SWerlies but from around the 12th-ish onwards cold and blocked weather will dominate with (hopefully) some snowy and frosty easterlies in the run-up to Christmas before Christmas itself sees heights hold over the U.K. giving a beautifully sunny and quiet Christmas period... 3.2-4.1 ...however in January I predict that things will go awry and the heights slip south and we get a blowtorch mild January with raging zonality, stormy and mild. 5.5-6.5 February will be a more anticyclonic month and cold at times (especially toward the end of the month) but to balance this there will be a spring/summer like spell sometime around the 16th with sunny skies and temperatures into the mid-to-upper teens, something like 1998 or 2012. 4.4-5.6
  9. BIG flakes now falling here! Two consecutive years with snow in November here (as well as 2015 too),
  10. I would like to change my original guess and go for 7.8 and 90mm as my ultimate guess.
  11. Coldest October since 2012/2003. I'll go for 9.4 please.