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  1. is it? we know that during the period from 1989 to 2006, summer rainfall drastically decreased, but look at the figures of summers since 2007. doesn’t look like a drying trend to me. of course there is monthly variation at play, but the trend doesn’t lie. summer rainfall percentages of average since 2007: 2007 — 177% 2008 — 148% 2009 — 134% 2010 — 112% 2011 — 123% 2012 — 194% 2013 — 81% 2014 — 115% 2015 — 124% 2016 — 116% 2017 — 146% 2018 — 69% 2019 — 142% 1981-2010 averages; info sourced from hadley ukp
  2. sorry to be a pain but i’d like to change my guess to 10.9 and 47mm
  3. a cold, dull and damp april me thinks. i’ll go 6.9 and 102mm
  4. I’d like to update my estimates to 4.7 and 94.4mm, please.
  5. well, my predictions may not be as in-depth as the first but here’s my gatherings from my crystal ball: rest of winter: i think a mild & stormy start to the year with flooding yet again being in the news. perhaps january or february being a top ten record wet month. spring: a very wet spring with further flooding misery. quite cold, too, with some places seeing more snow in april than all of winter. summer: a mixed bag; probably quite hot at times but plenty of unsettled, thundery breakdowns. another wetter than average season. autumn: very mild. unseasonable warmth in september and/or october. another wet season, particularly later on. the year overall: a warm year, though not record breaking; c.e.t. between 10.10-10.40. an exceptionally wet year, perhaps top ten or top five.
  6. Absolutely pouring it down, biblical amounts of rain here in Maidstone in the past half hour. Have to change my location to Maidstone as I'd forgotten to do it until now! Back to the rain, this is on a par with June 25th, 2016, May 31st, 2016 and August 9th, 2017 in terms of prolonged intense rainfall. Street is a river and I'm at the bottom of it! Water close to my front door.
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