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  1. Last May had a CET of 13.2 and May of 2016 12.5, plus 12.2 in 2011 and 2014. I'd call them quite warm overall.
  2. Looks like some thundery showers are slowly moving toward the S and SE. Apparently there was a strike near off the coast of Hastings way, can anyone confirm or is it false
  3. Wow, absolutely amazing pictures.
  4. Pretty amazing view from my bedroom window of the storm. Frequent lightning and (as said above) some bright planet above. I'm concerned for areas stuck underneath those purple colours, though, that's got to be some serious rainfall accumulation. Could be a fauly station, but a station in Wendover said precip accumaltion is 18.8cm (188mm!). Hope everyone is safe and no damage occurs, but I would of thought roads are submerged right now.
  5. I usually don't post in the storms section, and for good reason. As a child I had a paralyzing fear of storms, and as silly as it sounds a part of my brain still reacts with anxiety over storms so I dread unstable set ups like this... However, even I must admit how beautiful the lightning has been. So intense, I can't think of many events like this one. It's a shame I don't have anything (decent) to take pictures with. Very happy for everyone who got their fix tonight, now let's hope for a thunderless summer...
  6. 16.2 and 23mm please! Also, I think this might be the first time I've ever guessed a well-above-average month. I guess that means we'll have the coldest June on record.
  7. I'd like to change my CET guess to 12.4 but my rainfall guess stays the same.
  8. Met Office and BBC seem to be going for highs of 14/15 today but my WS is saying it's 20.1 and rising. I don't know if it's faulty but it does feel pretty warm out there. Wasn't expecting it to be.
  9. LetItSnow!

    First 30c of 2018?

    25th December when we reach highs of 30 degrees widely across the country... Farenheight that is For real, I'll go June 13th around south/southwest London breaking the illusive record of no 30 degree weather ever recorded on that specific date. Then cold northelies for the rest of summer and raging blizzards during the 3rd week of August.
  10. 11.3°C and 71.5mm. Average start, quite warm/very warm spell around the middle then very cool close to the end.
  11. It's way too early to tell if the weather pattern will stay the same into the second-half of the year. Although, if I were to guess I would say no as unusual weather patterns have been with us for quite a few months now and it can't last forever. But time will tell.
  12. Grey old morning here, with some extremely light rain, currently near 9 degrees. You can call me crazy, but sometimes I like grey and cloudy days, I find them relaxing (of course I still like the sunshine though!)
  13. According to Trevor Harley that would be 1993, which only reached 29.7 on 4th July, and before that 1981 which reached 29.5 on 5th Aug. Also I thought I'd add all the years that failed to reach 30 during the 20th century. Notice how more frequently we didn't manage to reach it apart from a very long stretch throughout 1931-1958. 1980, 1978, 1974, 1971, 1966, 1963, 1962, 1958, 1931, 1927, 1920, 1913, 1910.
  14. My completely random guess, somewhere around Hampshire on the 3rd of May.