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  1. I would like to change my original guess and go for 7.8 and 90mm as my ultimate guess.
  2. Coldest October since 2012/2003. I'll go for 9.4 please.
  3. Here's two examples of this, both occuring within 5 years of eachother... First off September, 1890 which with a CET of 14.6 became the warmest month of the year! The summer had been a very cool one with August especially so (14.1), largely down to an exceptionally cold final week with an average CET around 10.5. However, just in time for (meterological) summers end warm high pressure returned in style . Still going up until mid-month, though low pressure would quickly become more dominant.. . ...but not for long The next example is September, 1895 which occurred after a pretty unremarkable summer, while average then would be considered pretty cool by modern standards. Already hot early on in the month with upper-air temperatures getting close to 20 in the southeast An unsettled spell before this soon proved to be short-lived Still going! Sorry for the long post, hopefully people enjoyed looking at the charts. What I find interesting about September, 1895 is that it is the second-warmest on record in terms of maximum temperatures with only 2006 marginally hotter, but nighttime temperatures were only slightly above normal giving the month a CET of 15.4. I'm sure people must've really been enjoying the Indian summer, so it must of felt quite a shock to get an October with a CET of 7.1 straight after!
  4. LetItSnow!

    2002 worst year for weather?

    Looking at wetterzentrale it looks likely to have been either the 2nd or 9th of August this looks like it could have been potentially a very wet or even quite thundery day for many this one looks pretty grim
  5. 14.3 and 62mm. CET dragged up due to 1985/2011 heatwave style end.
  6. Some very bright colours starting to bubble up south of the M20.
  7. some showers starting to pop up in the channel, don't know if anything will come of it though...
  8. currently no storms in the immediate area but heard a deep rumble
  9. and as i said that a cell has appeared on the radar to my west out of nowhere!
  10. skies suddenly turning dark and a littlepatch of precipitation has formed on the radar. looks like somethings brewing around tonbridge
  11. I'd like to change mine, my ultimate final guess is 18.9 and 85mm