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  1. Literally was going to say that. The last couple of storms the rings representing the sound wave is pretty much spot on! Really amazing watching them and the rumble is right on cue!
  2. Some really angry sounding rumbles and distant flashes to the NNE here in southampton. Seem to have missed out of most the of the action. I have pointed our camera at the skies so will hopefully have some footage for you guys tomorrow! Stay safe all.
  3. Just pulled over when driving from back from Work (Salisbury to Southampton) to observe some fantastic IC lightning. Literally non stop!
  4. I am also thinking about taking out the street light the council installed recently - completely "white washing" the sky! Grr!
  5. Harry - thanks for the information! I was questioning myself when I typed that You have confirmed what I was sort of thinking.
  6. Just seen a single flash to my south! fingers crossed! Cant see anything on sferics in the vicinity??
  7. Fingers crossed for a good import in close to me tonight! Looks promising on the radar
  8. Seeing some huge cloud development just north of me here in Southampton. Really towering in places!
  9. I hope it does it my last day of holiday, back work on Tuesday Booked the wrong week off!
  10. Cakie - of course! Profile updated
  11. Hi All - Finally signed up to the forum. Been visiting Net weather for a while for charts and data - but have finally decided to join in the discussions here! Hello! Chris
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