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  1. Very mild day in West Drayton high temperature today 23.6°C. Now had 5 days in a row over 20°C. Don't expect that to happen tomorrow.
  2. Most clear night, quite dewy no frost last night's low was 6.6°C in West London.
  3. I understand the fun of looking at Day 10 but 9 and 10 really come off, i think the fact there was so much consistency. Now i'm back in the real world might not come off.
  4. I do recall before the cold started in December 2009 it being very mild though the day and then the cold front came through we had back edge snow and it was cold for a few weeks. That stands out in my mind clearly.
  5. Temperatures very steady last night under the thick cloud in West Drayton low 6.5°C it didn't chance more than 1°C all night.
  6. Notice Thursday is looking like the mildest day of the week down in London.
  7. Cloudy start in London today right now temperature in West Drayton is 8.8°C last night's low 8.0°C.
  8. Cloudy start to the day in London 7°C right now.
  9. Temperature very unchanged today low 9.5 high 11.4°C in West Drayton, London.
  10. I'm enjoying this January a lot sunny not much rain and the crunchy frosty ground. It's been fun and hopefully something we see more off in January's to come. I like snow but I'll take this.
  11. The kind of set up above has been very common through this winter.
  12. I wonder how much all those cold NW winds out of Canada will be effecting the colder water in the north Atlantic it was a constant theme in December, again now. Interesting to see if it stays cold thought this spring into next winter also?
  13. It's interesting the angle of the ecliptic means that the sunrise time continues to get lighter later even after the winter solstice and the earliest sunset time is actually just before the solstice sometime around Dec 15th. Certainly seems to take mornings a long time to get lighter.
  14. Seems the Daily Express in predicting both a cold snowy winter and a stormy wet one they have covered themselves for both scenarios sadly Madden has looked himself again in the cold corner I guess because it pulls in more subscribers.
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