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    Barometers and forecasting , doing it the old way.

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  1. Steven Allen

    High Peak 2014

    Interesting weather in the high peak area of derbyshire. I always drive across it at 7:30 AM and see some fantastic sights. I keep track of the weather and how my Woodford barometer correlates. Any one interest in barometer seater prediction then check out my website.
  2. Steven Allen

    Lake District Weather -

    My heart always has a pull to the homeland of the English Lakes. The weather in some areas like the wonderful Eden valley is mild. Move outside of this and anything goes.
  3. With not only winter tyres but Canadian snow tyres fitted to the 4x4, out in the high peak area of Derbyshire, I was prepared for as much snow as could be thrown at me. Well not me personally. With very little in the way of snow this year am I out of the woods yet in terms of snowfall? If I get through the rest of this month it may be time to put normal tyres back on. Anyone got any thoughts? Steve. Buxton. UK. https://forum.netweather.tv/gallery/image/19605-march-snow-13/
  4. In the High Peak of Derbyshire England, like may places in the UK, snow fell deep. It stayed for a couple of months. Travel was adventurous, and Canadian Snow tyres were fitted in order to traverse the peaks to get to the city where I work. I have one of the most adventurous and beautiful commutes in England
  5. Hi, Yes I really like them and have ended up selling barometers as part of my living. I added the images just to try and get the hang of adding images to the site. We have incredible weather here in the high peaks of Derbyshire in the England that I will upload a collection of them too. But what i lover personally is predicting local weather with a barometer, just brass and wood, no electrics or satellites.
  6. Steven Allen

    Barometer Images

    Barometers…. accurate information to predict your impending local weather. Using brass & wood. No battery or satellite link required. :)
  7. How many times have you been able to predict the change weather by the twitching of your nose?

    1. Steven Allen

      Steven Allen

      Well not just the twitching of your nose, but really by your body telling you it's going to change, and by years of experience telling you what's coming. Our bodies can feel the change of air pressure, a drop in temperature, the behaviour of the birds in the trees, maybe even scent in the air, thats before we have even glanced at the sky or remembered the colour of it from the last evening. These skill fascinate me. My gardener grandfather always new what the weather was going to do...

    2. Bobby


      I think there could be an inherited instinct in us that can predict the weather, seasons even, might have helped our ancestors survive. Also experience gained by observing the weather daily over a lifetime could give an unconscious understanding of what may come, shorter and even longer term

    3. Steven Allen

      Steven Allen

      That's a fair point Bobby, certainly we have forgotten much. Reading the landscape and animals goes a long way, especially what the birds are doing, and cows, the cows certainly do go lay down a few hours before the weather hits, and sheep they go in the corners of the fields. So those creatures know which way the weather is going without the help of the weather channel. :)

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