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  1. First time today - definitely a chill in the house. Good test of the new boiler...
  2. A low of 2.8 C here, and that's on the coast. The coldest temp here since 14 April according to my records.
  3. 23.1c max here today in unbroken sunshine. Cut the grass and was enveloped in a dust cloud, it's so very brown and dry. Although it would be great if this weather could continue, we are really in need of some rain...
  4. We've had a max of 24.2 on the coast today, at 13.15.
  5. Just 1.2mm of rain overnight. Blue sky and sunshine now, but feeling really warm and humid - 23.8 C and 72% humidity.
  6. We hit our max temp of 31C at 18.42 this evening. I don't think I've ever seen a max temp that late in the day before. Still at 29.8 now. over an hour later...
  7. That's because of very thick mist lying over the River Adur this morning, including the Airport...
  8. Heavy rain here now with lightning. 16.6mm so far, currently raining at a rate of 32mm/hour..
  9. 29.1c here in Sussex at 14.30 - just short of the magical 30c. 26.4c currently.
  10. Sounds about right to me. We maxed out at 26.9c today, at around 12.30.
  11. Multiple, and continuous lightning now South East of us - Brighton direction. Quite a light show!
  12. We're at 81% humidity here just along the coast, 17.5 degrees C.
  13. 14.2mm here now - a brief respite for about an hour, and now it's started again!
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