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  1. 8.4mm so far - rain has just stopped...
  2. Thunder, lightning and heavy rain in the last hour or so, but clearer skies with the stars showing now. Still a lot of electrical activity to the East over Brighton at the moment.
  3. Spot on - they have just arrived! Heavy rain, lightning and thunder here in West Sussex at the moment.
  4. We've just hit 15.0C here...
  5. Yes - 19.7 degrees here at 21.00!
  6. Yes - the temperature has risen steadily, and has only just started to drop off slightly now. 18 degrees currently - not bad for 21.30 in mid-October!
  7. Another really warm evening. Gone 22.00 and still 18 degrees outside.
  8. Once again, a very warm evening - currently still 19.2 degrees outside. Wonder what sort of temperature drop we will see once the squall line has cleared through?
  9. Temperature still rising - now at 18.9 degrees.
  10. Amazing afternoon on the beach, with blue sky and uninterrupted sunshine. Past 21.00 now, and temperature still up at 18.7 degrees.
  11. That's exactly right re. rainfall. I'm at 90% of the July total after 3 wet days, so purely on rainfall records it will look like an average month!.
  12. Steady rain along the coast in Shoreham, but no thunder...
  13. Yes - just staying away to the East of us. Quite dark, and although it's only 19 degrees, humidity is at 83%, so feeling fairly uncomfortable.
  14. Quite a change, leaving the house this morning - 10/10 cloud cover and 15 degrees C.
  15. Warmest day of the month now - 25.6C and still climbing. And 0 mm of rain for the whole month.