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  1. Now it's just reached Lancing on the coast - temperature dropping away although still just above 0 C. Dew point much lower than at any time yesterday at -2.4 C.
  2. Temperature falling quite quickly here on the coast now - down from 3 degrees earlier to 1.7 now.
  3. Steady at 3 degrees just to the west in Lancing, but dew point has just gone negative at -0.4.
  4. 1.5 C and raining steadily. Washing the snow away...
  5. Nothing just along the coast in Shoreham. Temperature slightly on the rise again: -0.8 C. Dew point -3.5 C
  6. Temperature on the way down again now on the Sussex coast, -1 C and still falling.
  7. Temperature on the coast now 0.6. Still dry...
  8. Temperature has been rising slowly on the West Sussex coast all day - up to -0.7 C now, DP -5. Bitter wind and getting dark, but nothing from the sky!
  9. Light snow blowing in the strong wind on the coast at Lancing...
  10. Yes - just the same here - no ice on the windscreen under the snow. Although when you open the driver's door it all falls in on the seat
  11. Well, it's arrived in Lancing! After about an hour of very light powdery grains, it's now snowing properly. Cars and road covered already.
  12. 4.6 just along the coast in Shoreham. 1,0. Temp is dropping quite quickly now.
  13. Calm before the storm I think - dry and quiet here at the moment, but the main rain band is not far off.
  14. Up to 9C here, and a big improvement with a cloudless blue sky and (in a sheltered spot) some warmth in the sun. Weather warning for fog tomorrow, I see...
  15. We had a couple of hours of near-torrential rain here on the coast 07.30-09-30. Cleared away now, and the sun is out!