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  1. Quite a change, leaving the house this morning - 10/10 cloud cover and 15 degrees C.
  2. Warmest day of the month now - 25.6C and still climbing. And 0 mm of rain for the whole month.
  3. Down to 10 degrees last night, but temperature climbing steadily now - 18 degrees at the moment.
  4. Certainly fresher. Humidity has gone from 96% at midnight to 49% now...
  5. 23.5 C and feeling very warm in the sun. No rain so far this month, and the lawn is just starting to show signs of distress...
  6. Whereas on the South Coast we've had mist/low cloud all day. The Downs are shrouded in mist, and even the top floors of flats on the seafront are lost in the murk. Max today 17.1 C. Humidity currently 96%...
  7. Oops. Just to clarify - 99% was the max humidity since midnight. Currently ay 78%...
  8. Temperature rising sharply now, but still just under 20 degrees. 99% humidity!.
  9. Yes - very heavy rain just started here on the coast.
  10. Precipitation - 21mm now since midnight.
  11. Heavy rain in Littlehampton earlier - nothing further east in Shoreham...
  12. 23.7 the max here just after 3pm.
  13. We hit an early peak of 20.7 quite early on at 08.20. Dropped off a little bit from there and currently at 18.9 but climbing slowly.
  14. 21.4 the max for us today - slight breeze here on the coast, just taking the edge off the highest temperatures.
  15. And the rain just keeps on coming. Heavy bursts all evening - looks like more to come yet as well. Up to 25mm now since midnight.