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  1. Well, it's just started to rain here in West Sussex. A rather more intense band is a little way behind - approaching Southampton.
  2. A max of 17.6C today on the coast - a couple of degrees cooler than yesterday's record (for here) of 19.1C
  3. Temp climbing - up to 3.1c now and everything dripping in the thaw!
  4. Exactly the same along the coast in Shoreham. Temp has plateaued and has been unchanged for 2-3 hours. DP here is exactly 0c.
  5. Temp has dropped to 3.6c but is now holding steady. DP is exactly 0! Wind picking up from the East, but still some blue sky visible amongst the cloud cover.
  6. Still just heavy rain on the South Coast - 6.8mm so far today. Temp has fallen to 2.2c.
  7. Yes - rain started here about 30 mins ago. Temp is currently 5.3c but is starting to drop quite quickly. Barometer at 997.7 and still falling quickly.
  8. 6.4c on the coast. Temp has risen rapidly this morning, but has now levelled out. Maybe this is the max for the day? BP at 999.4 and falling rapidly.
  9. A total of 16.4mm of rain today - nearly all of it in the form of very heavy showers.
  10. Heavy rain all afternoon - 21mm so far today. Temp now on the rise - up to 6.3 degrees here on the South Coast...
  11. Thunder, lightning and heavy rain in the last hour or so, but clearer skies with the stars showing now. Still a lot of electrical activity to the East over Brighton at the moment.
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