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  1. Skies clear now, and temperature dropping. 38mm of rain in the last 48 hours...
  2. It's a mix of sleet and snow in Shoreham at he moment. Looking on the bright side, after some below-average months for rainfall, yesterday and today are redressing things somewhat!
  3. 25mm of rain overnight so far. 71mph gust at Worthing pier earlier this morning...
  4. That was a very wet night. The rain started about 18.30 - not sure what time it finished, but 12 hours later we have 20mm in the rain gauge,,,
  5. Yes, down to 5 degrees C on the South Coast last night, and a very red, autumn/winter sunrise this morning!
  6. According to this, we maxed out with a 59mph gust just after 01.00. https://www.channelcoast.org/data_management/real_time_data/charts/?chart=101&tab=met&start=1505199000&end=1505285400&disp_option=1&datum=chart
  7. Marked increase in wind strength in the last hour or so, and driving (light) rain.
  8. The wind has ramped up significantly in the last hour or so - 52mph gust at Worthing Pier.
  9. We've had radar echoes over us all morning but have stayed completely dry - odd. Wind feels cold though!
  10. 25mm of rain in the gauge this morning - almost exactly 50% of the average August rainfall in one day...
  11. 20mm in the rain gauge this morning - it all fell in about 40 minutes.
  12. Just clearing northwards from here now. An insane 90 minutes of continuous lightning and thunder followed by torrential rain. If you're north of here - watch out, this is very intense!
  13. Incredible - 1.5 hours in now, and continuous lightning and thunder, and intensified rainfall for the last 30 minutes. The biggest storm here for years.
  14. Hmmm.... 6 drops of rain on the table in the garden. Brighter now and the sun's coming out again...
  15. Clouded over completely now - milky sky but still 26 degrees. Feels like someone opened the oven door...