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  1. 25.6mm of rain now since midnight, and heavy rain again now for the past hour.
  2. Just 0.8mm of rain the total from last night. And another tropical night with the min 20.3C Feeling hot again this morning now, already at 26.4C, but more cloud around, and a breeze from the NE.
  3. Just gone past 26C in Lancing and climbing steadily. There's an E/SE breeze today - it comes and goes, but any sort of air movement is welcome!
  4. I remember it very well. I was working in London at the time in Artillery Row, off Victoria Street. It was the extraordinary darkness at midday that was so memorable. As it was lunchtime, there were many people out on the street just standing looking at the sky, before the storm broke. The resulting rain lifted a drain cover in the floor of the Library I was working in and partially flooded the place!
  5. To be fair, I think our garden is a bit of a hot spot, in spite of it being a reasonable size. I've got a Davis weather station though, so I'm fairly confident of the value, even if it's a bit 'local' to here!
  6. New record for me here on the south coast - 33.8C just before 13.00.
  7. 32.7c the max (hopefully) today, just after midday. But still at 31c now. any breeze we had has now died away and its very still.
  8. 29.6 the max so far and on the way down now. Cloud building in from the south, over the sea.
  9. 26.1 the max here today, but this was reached quite late, at nearly 6.30pm.
  10. Down to 16.9C now. Amazing contrast to this time last night when it was 26.5. A much fresher feel which is great!
  11. Just .4mm of rain here last night - the storm skirted to the East of us. Rather more hazy at he moment, and the temp is down compared to this time yesterday - 21C.
  12. 30.1C at just before 15.00. Look like that is going to be the max as it's just dropping off slightly now. It's a fairly lively easterly breeze!
  13. Although the rain seemed heavy, it was short-lived, and has only amounted to 0.2mm - the minimum my weather station can measure.
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