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  1. Those are some cracking pics- wouldn't look out of place in the US Midwest, especially that second one; looks like an updraft!
  2. This shot feels a bit like those storm SFX from an 80s film!
  3. Little thunderstorm passing west of me- spotted it intially on my walk in, and it's been rumbling away since I got to work. Also added a pretty pic of the convective clouds, just because
  4. Woah! That was a biblical downpour- there's bound to be flash flooding in Brum tonight. Had a constant roar as the rain pummeled the city centre, with strong gusts too.
  5. Glimpsed a flash of lightning, followed by a good rumble of thunder just as I got home about 15 minutes ago from that storm to the SW, but I'm too exhausted after working in 30+ heat all day and the two mile walk home to go back outside! Can't hear anything over the aircon!
  6. I'm assuming this is from the Coventry storm, as it roughly east.
  7. Unfortunately so. It's a plastics factory on fire. Been going for hours now.
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