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  1. Hirudine

    Noctilucent Clouds Season 2018

    Spotted the magnificent display over Brum this Friday morning too. Quite something! Sadly my phone camera couldn't capture the beauty anywhere as well as Arnie's did (plus my view was blocked by buildings).
  2. Had a short sharp shower about 10 mins ago. Just seen a flash of lightning and faint rumble of thunder.
  3. It's calmed down in Brum, with some blue sky making an appearance, but can also see towers going up on the south East horizon. Will have to see if it comes our way or skirts more northward.
  4. Wow, just had a huge lightning strike close by! Sounded like a cannon going off and vibrate our building. Set all the car alarms going!
  5. It's going to be interesting to see how much rain gets recorded falling in Brum. Just torrential downpour after another, with the horizon disappearing each time.
  6. I suspect the road out the front of the Mailbox will be flooded, as it's prone to doing that in any heavy rain.
  7. This thunderstorm is not stopping. Constant strobe lightning and the amount of rain is just incredible!
  8. Loving it! Feeling spoilt here in Brum, it's definitely making up for the poor showing last year!
  9. Oh God yes, so depressing. I've had a major case of the cantbearseditis and have done nothing productive all week. Going to the cinema tomorrow to watch Ghost Stories to cheer myself up.
  10. Wet snow (decent size flakes) falling in Brum city centre right now alongside rain. Don't expect it to settle as it's too warm and wet.
  11. I'm pretty sure that the winds we've had tonight were much stronger than the 34mph gusts predicted by MetO. Strong enough to vibrate the walls of the flat.
  12. Man, temperature has really dropped noticeably in the last hour or two.
  13. Snowing heavily in Brum city centre. Wind is so strong outside the flat it's just blowing horizontally past the window!
  14. Is a secondary cold pool still on the cards at this point? I seem to remember it being mentioned in the MOD thread in relation to another (smaller?) SSW?
  15. You're not alone! Have posted on FB a couple of times to give friends a heads up, so it's up to them now. Even the Lodger has been a bit sceptical about how bad it could be as I passed him the fifth can of tomato soup