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  1. This is probably fairly stupid, but I do wonder if the northerly direction of the wind (at lower levels) inhibited the progression of things tonight? A kinda push back- I know it was mentioned that these were likely to be elevated, so effected more by wind direction higher up, but this noob does muse.
  2. Well, we might not be getting any thunderstorms here in Brum, but at least it's just started raining, so I'm hoping my hayfever will abate a bit!
  3. I know the feeling! I did um and ah about whether to include my pic, as the cloud cover made it almost impossible to see any detail to absolutely confirm it was NLC, but it was taken over an hour before sunrise- you wouldn't normally see the lightening sky through clouds at that point from my experience. Another thing which might have been an influence was the position of the setting moon, possibly helping to illuminate a larger extent of NLC?
  4. Bright display this morning.......scuppered by cloud! Did anyone manage a clear view?
  5. Beautiful display tonight, never seen them so early before.
  6. Amazing pics and vids posted, thank you! Still thunderless here in Brum this year, but it's enjoyable to get a taste of what's happening down south. Edit to add: That's quite an impressive spread of cloud from that MCS. I've actually been looking outside to see if it's visible from here!
  7. Caught the tail end of these in the wee small hours of Monday too, @Arnie Pie Not sure we'll be so lucky tonight with all the rain clouds!
  8. I was actually looking forward to some more torrential rain (probably the hope of some thunder was in vain!).
  9. Jealous of everyone who had an interesting day, weather wise. Although we've had rain on and off most of the day, it's not actually been that heavy- more like a typical wet Autumn day. Very surprising considering all the forecasts.
  10. Several hours of very heavy rain today from late morning into afternoon. Currently though this is parked to the south west of us, but it's looking increasingly ragged, so dunno if we'll get much from it.
  11. I hope it doesn't get quite as blisteringly hot as it did last summer- I like it warm but not furnace hot! And, of course, I'd love more epic thunderstorms plz
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