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  1. Power cut in Romiley, dunno if it has anything to do with the weather
  2. Some of the remnants of the snow this morning on my drive to work.
  3. Now driving to Stockport, it's crazy how little snow there is here compared to Hyde.
  4. Just walked up the werneth low with my boys. Lots of drifting. At the very top there is hardly any snow, as it's all been blown away.
  5. Just a cm to two less than the last beast imby, but this was dropped in just 1 night so impressive.
  6. Really heavy shower here! Sticking to roofs and cars.
  7. Moderate snow showers and sun shining. Surfaces all wet here in romiley.
  8. snow has been blowing about all morning. Not sticking though.
  9. I really don't rate the new BBC app. It has me as 1% chance of precipitation tomorrow and Sunday, wheras the Met have me for heavy snow showers tomorrow. I noticed it wasn't very good the other week either.
  10. As a fan of weather extremes, on a weather forum. I for one am hoping for some sharp frosts and some more snow.
  11. Yeah! Apart from last week, the snow never really lasted on the ground longer than a day around here. But I was just looking through my Instagram and it's just snow fotos from the past few months haha.
  12. In terms of snow falling....This has most definitely been the snowiest winter I've ever known.
  13. robbo88

    North west regional discussion

    Meteoradar has it hitting Liverpool and south Manchester at 7pm.