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  1. Finally some beautiful weather. Looking forward to the sunny days ahead. I have friends in Madrid and they are saying it is snowing in the city centre today. Just goes to show that if In late march it can snow there, and in the middle of winter we get rain. Just how unlucky we can be with our weather. But for now it looks like we are indeed in for some lucky sunny days
  2. Non taken, I won't hold my breath then haha. Thank you for taking the time to reply to my question.
  3. Ian fergusson tweeted an hour ago that snow may fall (but not stick) down to 100m tonight in the West Country. Anybody with knowledge reckon that will help our region as they are further south?
  4. Heavy sleet at 290m up werneth low, tameside.
  5. well there is still a few cms of snow on the ground, but it is like slush. Not nice.
  6. Brightest orange sky ever! Sleety snow outside now though here.
  7. This is the Current situation here. Really hoping it will still be there when I wake up.
  8. It's like a blizzard hah. Cars covered outside!
  9. Really heavy wet snow here at 150m, however I Won't get my hopes on it sticking till @WillinGlossop reports it's sticking up there.
  10. It's absolutely pouring down, there is the odd bit of snow mixed in now with the heavier bursts. Does look like above 200m will get pasted with snow tonight.
  11. coming down heavy here, but still just sleet so far. Come on change damn it. Ha
  12. You two must both be under this green blob lol.
  13. On the edge of the band here. Rain looks like abit of sleet is mixed in.
  14. Clear sky slowly clouding up from west. 5c
  15. Sorry I know some people don't like tweets being shared on the forums. However this has relevance to our region tonight. So we shall see later, if it is just a 250m + event or if we get the right side of marginal and have low levels getting in on the action too.