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  1. Just landed in Manchester, sun shining through clouds and snow still on the ground.
  2. Weather has been so wet and windy in Rome, gutted I missed the cold weather. Oh well I had 2 days of snow before I left. So at least I saw some.
  3. Snowing at home, funny what there weather does to us. I am sat in raining Rome wishing I was back home in the snow
  4. East Manchester still has cover, but I doubt there will be any in the city centre.
  5. Current conditions in romiley, although I can see a lot of drip drip going on
  6. Just wet snow in romiley for the past 2 hours. Not sticking at all.
  7. Woke up to no snow, what fell lastnight has melted. Checked the radar and it's snowing down south again.
  8. Just moved here from Hyde, I still work that way and there was snow there this morning and nothing here. So this has cheered me up ha.
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