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  1. Raining since 9:30ish here. This really has been a crappy cold spell. And this winter has been bizarre. Imby at 150m east Manchester. I have seen quite a lot of snow falling but not lasting/ sticking. However the past two winters I didn't have as much falling snow, but both I had lying snow on the ground for a few days at a time.
  2. Radar says it's above me, but nothing is falling from the sky. Non event here I think. And my car thermostat was reading 2c. oh well, off to work I go. Spoke to soon, I now have very light rain too.
  3. If it reaches greater Manchester....it's taking its time
  4. Raining On and off all day. I am fed up of this dark grey damp and bone chilling cold weather. If it isn't gunna be snowy, I'd just rather a sunny high pressure sat over us. So I can take my dogs out without getting wet and muddy.
  5. Died down now, and back to sleet. I heaviest has whizzed past me now.
  6. Gritter has just drove past again lol. moderate wet snow. So not gunna stick, and shame it won't last. But still, nice to see it fall.
  7. I have flakes of wet snow now... getting heavier
  8. Haha honest to god it drove past, but being at about 150m my road is on route 2 of Tameside councils priority gritting list. I geekily stumbled across that fact in December haha.
  9. Since it started radar has had it as sleet over me. Looking out the window it just looks like rain. Gritter has just drove past my house though.
  10. Gritter just drove past. past few showers where of snow. But they are not lasting long enough. do I think I will see more snow tonight, yes. do I think when I wake up at 7am there will be any on the ground...probably not.
  11. BIg flash of lightening to my north
  12. It doesn't even make sense though cos yr.no which as far as I am aware,just has me down for mostly rain and some sleet.
  13. JFF.... ecm fallen snow for tomorrow evening...
  14. I think everyone needs to take a step back and breathe. We have a weather warning. if it isn't snowing in your back yard tomorrow moan then. Just try to think positive right now.