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  1. It wasn't easy moving to Norway like what I did but I was fed up with the constant hunt for snow in the winter time. Okay, I live in the most snowless location in Norway but I still enjoy a winter that stretches from end of October til about the end of March/ beginning of April. How long does your winter last? As a result of the move I'm living in a detatched 3/4 bedroomed, 2 lounges, 2 baths( without baths), double garaged property with car and boat. I doubt I would be living in such splendour in the UK!
  2. Isn't life grand? Here are some life events that I use to measure the passage of time ; the first cuckoo of spring, the first roar of a chainsaw as Norwegians start to cut down next winter's wood and the first one - the chorus of posters on Netweather saying "Winter's over". I really don't understand some folks attitude to winter in the UK. Surely they don't expect a "once in 30 years" event to happen every year? If so, perhaps they need to move to somewhere where it's the climatic norm. End of...
  3. That's fine for me here in Norway! Still outside the reliable (T72) but one lives in hope.
  4. I'm confused ( that's easy I hear you say). I was taught that if there were three major ice sheets then it was an ice age and we are living in an interglacial that's due to end shortly. We've been in the current ice age for the last 2.4 million years give or take. Little Ice Ages, as the paper points out, are little blips on the way. Has the definition of an ice age changed whilst I wasn't looking?
  5. I'm sorry in advance if I upset anyone on this thread but I've just about have had enough of the constant moans and bickering in the MOD thread. There seems to be 3 groups of people in that thread who are very active. First group, mild rampers who latch onto any whiff of zonal activity and take great joy in parading their doomsday reading of the models under the noses of the other groups. Second group, cold fanactics - very similar in action to the first group but for cold instead of mild. Third group, donkeys out of "Winnie the Pooh". These are the most pathetic of the groups. Unless the models are showing 40 day blizzards then everything is just pants. What I say to these folk? Move to Siberia, you'll get your wish to come true there. There are only a few posters in that thread that try to be as objecttive as possible and even fewer that offer up opinions on what the models will show next. They know they are. There's only a handful that actually try to forecast the weather, the rest just interpret the models' outputs. One last thing. What's the fascination in looking for the breakdown of a cold/hot spell of weather before that spell of weather has even begun? I'd appreciate an answer to that one as it really makes no sense to me.
  6. Ha! I've already had snow and more sleet and snow is forecast tonight.
  7. Well, our snow season started today with a brief half an hour shower! Yes I live in Norway ( near Bergen) but I live on an island abutting the North Sea so snow is much rarer here than elsewhere in Norway
  8. Umm, I heard it was a good match for, I think, Solar cycle 12 or 6 or even 5. "In terms of overall solar cycles we continue to trend very closely to the weaker soar cycles of 5, 6, 12, 14 and 16. Out of all these cycles SC12 has and remains the closest to SC24." http://www.gavsweathervids.com/sc24-25.html
  9. He represented the anti-establishment in the vote as did the leave campaign in Britain. Folks will stand for so much before something gives. In the USA case it was the aptly named "rust belt" that did for Hilary.
  10. Remember reading a book in mid 80's that quite specifically said when the sunspot numbers go above 150 ( this is the old method of counting sunspots) or go below 50, then cold winters generally dominate. Does this help your analysis? The books title was "Future Weather" but I can't remember the author.
  11. You must have been a mathematician in a previous life Roger, I was a radio/radar engineer and wannabe radio ham. Sunspot cycles start and finish on specific dates. The peaks, double peaks or plateau generally do not align to the absolute centre of the sunspot cycle. So you already know that sunspots vary on an 11 year cycle very roughly speaking. I forget the actual range over which the basic 11 year cycle fluctuates but believe me it does. Next in frequency comes the 22 year Solar Polarity change. This is just the Sun flipping the North seeking pole for the South seeking pole and vice versa, so one could argue that the time it takes for the Sun to be in one orientation i.e. North Pole "up" and sunspots at a minimum until the next time is in the same configuration is the true length of the Solar cycle. This may or may not have an effect on your calculations. Be aware also that one cycle can start while the previous cycle is still ongoing ( the Sun produces sunspots with opposite polarity around the time of the start of every second cycle) but we are just given one number. By the way, there are also longer time scale cycles in operation. There is a 79 or 80 year cycle of low sunspot peaks, a 100 or 101 year cycle of high sunspot peaks and this forms a 179/180 year cycle ( one cycle of low peaks followed by a high peak cycle). I think the scientists have recently reported that there might be a 360/400 year cycle too. Happy Correlating!
  12. Hi John, I think you have hit the nail on the head by saying that weather forecasting is an"ART based on science" . Mind you, that takes nothing away from people who make an attempt to forecast. It takes knowledge and guts to attempt one - even a broad brush one. Perhaps what we need on this site is an ongoing competition whereby a date is selected at a months distance and all forecasts ( temp and wind vector) for a specific weather station ( for confirmation purposes) need to be in at least 3 weeks before the date selected. I doubt many would attempt it though. There are no weather gods or weather prophets on this site - only forecasters and others.
  13. 'Tis ironic really about the snow starved UK when you consider that here in coastal Norway ( just across the North Sea and south of Bergen and on a smallish island to boot) we're just finishing our 3rd or maybe fourth lot of snow. My missus just loves waking up to "Narnia" on the occasion of overnight snow - it's not so much fun clearing the !!!!!!! stuff! We normally get 1 or 2 coverings, so this year we've had a 50% or 100% bonus already. Is anyone keeping tabs on the Far East weather ( Vietnam ,Laos and Taiwan) where they've had snow for the first time in donkeys years or ever? And what about Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia? It's remarkable that snow has been recorded at less than 20 degrees N but not in lowland Britain. "Oh to be in Blighty when snow is falling in what seems to be the rest of the World!" P.s I did spend 2 weeks tending bar!
  14. ..... and we are still in active phase of the current Sunspot Cycle (Schwabe Cycle number 24, I do believe). Ian, Can you explain the phrase " active phase" in the above please? Yes, we are in Cycle number 24 and heading towards a solar minimum in 2019. Cheers
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