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  1. Nw1 from 8 just rain and mix with heavy ppn !!!hopefully will be snow next week with the -8 , this City is like an oven
  2. I hope i m not asking to much but can you explane what is the last map and how you read it??
  3. Do you think with an event like this even in london is possible to accumolate something??
  4. We might start to check the first week of february but you need someonr with more knowledge than , i m more close to guessing ehehe
  5. Are you including even nw1 ??or with north west you mean out of the center??
  6. Anyone can help me to post pic from and android smartphone??
  7. With gfs 06z look much better for tue/wed/thu it looks like all the precipitation can reach london...
  8. I m totally agree with you , the tomorrow gfs 0z will be fondamental!
  9. The 06z seems already a bit nicer than the 0z , let s wait the 12z
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