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  1. Coastal storms are forming in Ireland as I predicted , mostly southwest of Ireland Co.Cork area.
  2. I am receiving information from a friend in Co.Cork of Lightning strikes but yet none show up on detectors, maybe the UK storms are interfering lol, I'll wait for more info.
  3. I edited my post sorry I was quick to post lol, interesting video, it was nice how the rain calmed then the rumbles kicked in, thanks for sharing .
  4. The squall line does rather look tornadic, I can see some tails/hooks, pity its not daytime viewing I'm sure there are one or two funnels hiding in the darkness ,
  5. I don't mind missing a few storms, come to think of it the UK has infact ten times more the amount of Thunderstorms that Ireland ever receives per year lol nothing new, now if you take a look at the radar you can see the left section of the trough has not yet hit the east coast of Ireland, so I'm thinking coastal storms . I had a good run two nights ago forecasting a Typhoon over the Philippines (Typhoon Glenda), what a day and night, and to tell you the truth the speed to how a storm can change is rather surprising, even people here now enjoying tonight are surprised by tonights event, bu
  6. It is calming down over here in Dublin, mostly moderate gales and the odd gust, no rain. I have to say today was a good day because I like storms, but I do feel sorry for the ones been affected by this storm and the coming bad weather ahead. I would like to say thanks to all here for your stories and reports it has been worth reading every post. Be safe stay safe and think safe, be weather smart. Over and out. .................................................................................... RTE News Update Wednesday 12 February 2014 19.21pm ESB Networks has said 260,000 customer
  7. Hi there bud and welcome. This might help I'm not sure IOMToday , it states in the evening so I'm guessing now. Gusts of wind to hit 80mph tonight The spate of bad weather that’s hit the island hard over the last few weeks is continuing. Further spells of rain or showers are forecast today. They will be heavy at times leading to further standing water on the roads and the risk of localised flooding. The strong or gale force southeasterly winds will swing southwest or west towards and during the evening, increasing to severe gale or storm force with gusts 70 to 80mph, causing some damage
  8. RTE News 260,000 homes without power; state of emergency in Kilkenny as storm batters country A major emergency plan has been activated in Co Kilkenny due to damage caused by high winds. Gardaí, the HSE, local authorities and other groups were immediately informed and are working off the major emergency plan, which details a co-ordinated response to such incidents, and outlines areas of responsibility for each agency. There are no specific reports of any injuries. In a statement gardaí said a local co-ordination group has strategically assessed the situation and identified a list of road
  9. Ah thanks very much . oop's wrong smiley face sorry about that, yeah I can see the same for Dublin city Council, they took the warnings from Met Eireann.
  10. You guys have any links for more information please, thanks.
  11. Another record wave height set in South of Co.Cork Kinsale Energy Gas Platform recorded a maximum wave height of 25 metres this afternoon (Wednesday 12th February).Apart from being a record at that location, it is also the highest maximum wave height recorded in Irish coastal waters (the previous record being 23.4 metres at the M4 buoy off the Northwest coast). Met Eireann
  12. After all these years I finally figured out how he does this, he waited for a gust. Anyways back to the weather still strong gales and gusts here, birds are having difficulty flying (seagulls) people are finding it hard to walk/cycle. 16:19 12th feb 2014 LATEST IRISH WEATHER REPORTS Dublin Airport: main wind speed 29kts Gust 41kts Pressure 960hpa RTE News Storm knocks out power and tears down trees ESB Networks has said 260,000 customers are without power due to storm damage caused by winds of up to 160km/h. Most of the customers without power are in west Cork and Kerry
  13. Finally it has arrived the trees are howling as the gusts/gales pass through them, some moderate rains now. (Dublin)
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