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  1. Well, it seems what did arrive was extrmemely elevated. Despite being nearly under it, all I could hear were distant rumbles almost drowned out by the sound of morning traffic. No flashes. Then just as it seemed it was going to come completely overhead, it suddenly died.
  2. So, it looks like I may get some dreggs, as that thing off the east coast seems to be kinda heading sorta my way, maybe at least enough to get a little action. Unless it dies on the way, wouldn't suprise me.
  3. And I'm just sat here in Norwich with a sweltering evening. Though I could see the top of the midlands cell earlier, it's shadow was cast across all of East Anglia. Even though I haven't had so much as a distant rumble here, I've been impressed by the sheer size of the storms going on at the moment, I don't remember seeing such big and long-lasting ones, just too bad they're all on the wrong side of the country for me.
  4. Gone on a little bit of a hopeful chase. Headed from Norwich to Peterborough, currently sat just to the west of RAF Wittering looking SSE over fields at some towers trying really hard to get going. They keep recycling but always collapse, just bubbling away. Hopefully it'll eventually get going.
  5. This week has been really frustrating for me. I've been just east of every main warning area every day this week and it looks like I wil be again tomorrow. ?
  6. That shower still back-building on top of me. Every time the rain seems like it's calming down, it just starts back up again. Still no lightning though....
  7. There's been a shower just to my east that's barely moved and been back-building for the last hour or so. Slowly growing in intensity, but hasn't electrified. I'll consider myself quite lucky if it does tbf.
  8. I'm in Norwich and I love my new flat but I knew this would become an issue when storms were due. My view to the west and south are somewhat restricted, plus I'm working from home and can't venture out ? at least not till after 4pm. From what I can see though, it just looks like a hazy sky. But at least the sun is out ?
  9. Lots of convective looking cumulus all around from where I am. Some looking like they want to turn into something bigger. One can only hope ?
  10. This is the most electically active storm I've seen since 2006 - this is nuts! and it's not even over me yet. The thunder isn't especilly loud yet though, but the light show is amazing!
  11. Oh my god it's heading right for me! This looks nuts! The sky is black and it should hit just as the sun is going down. Can see flashing in the distance to my south, looks like it's going to be increadible. Can't hear any rumbles yet though.
  12. I'm in Norwich and there's been ACCAS about all day. Most plumes seem to drag the storms either up the east coast, so I'm too far west, or up the Midlands and the wash, then I'm too far east. Or they don't make it this far north at all. Been a while since I've taken a direct hit from a decent storm, rather than getting the dreggs from the peripheries. Here's hoping.
  13. They're getting much bigger - I've never seen a cauliflower top look so crisp. The signs are good
  14. Explosive convection to my west in Norwich. I can see it growing, its immense! Not seen anything like it before except on Storm Chasers on the TV
  15. On my way to work and there's accas everywhere. Seems like it's in all directions.
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