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  1. Seems the storm that was heading past Ely and roughly in my direction is dying - seems to be turning messy on the radar and lightning has slowed right down, just as it reached the cusp of Norfolk.
  2. I'm praying the storms in the Peterborough/Cambridge area head this way. It's gonna be close - or they'll die long before reaching here.
  3. We had a little one yesterday, but the bulk of the activity was just to the north. Definitely feel short-changed this year, though. Finders crossed
  4. Under the SVR here, but does not seem or feel thundery this morning in the slightest
  5. Well, the line of storms stretches to within touching distance of Norwich and then stops. Couldn't make it up. I see London and Kent getting loads of action, yet again.
  6. Sun starting to break through here - slightly hazy but some big cumulus around me. I'm not especially confident, Norwich hasn't been great for storms this year so far. I expect a good show for some of the usual places. The vital stats aren't looking terrible though
  7. Moan alert: Looks like my area is gonna miss out again, whilst all the usual places get their 100th storm day of the year. I have half a mind to write to my MP! Who's bitter? I'm not bitter
  8. That cell west of Dereham is just back-building and remaining mostly stationary.
  9. Looks like Norfolk gets to miss out on everything yet again. Funny how the convective forecasts are super accurate when it shows thunder for elsewhere, but when the risk is here it's always a bust. Had one rumble this year so far and it wasn't even forecast.
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