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  1. This is the most electically active storm I've seen since 2006 - this is nuts! and it's not even over me yet. The thunder isn't especilly loud yet though, but the light show is amazing!
  2. Oh my god it's heading right for me! This looks nuts! The sky is black and it should hit just as the sun is going down. Can see flashing in the distance to my south, looks like it's going to be increadible. Can't hear any rumbles yet though.
  3. I'm in Norwich and there's been ACCAS about all day. Most plumes seem to drag the storms either up the east coast, so I'm too far west, or up the Midlands and the wash, then I'm too far east. Or they don't make it this far north at all. Been a while since I've taken a direct hit from a decent storm, rather than getting the dreggs from the peripheries. Here's hoping.
  4. They're getting much bigger - I've never seen a cauliflower top look so crisp. The signs are good
  5. Explosive convection to my west in Norwich. I can see it growing, its immense! Not seen anything like it before except on Storm Chasers on the TV
  6. On my way to work and there's accas everywhere. Seems like it's in all directions.
  7. That band looks like it'll sail right past us in Norwich - it did look we might *just* get clipped by it at one point because of its very slight NNE track, but alas, no such luck. I can even see the clouds from my bus stop. Maybe we might have some better luck later.
  8. Getting turkey towers in the distance to my west in Norwich. Thunder would be a bonus - I'd just like some rain please The petrichor is going to be epic when it finally does rain
  9. Not a storm, I am in Dereham, Norfolk and was never really in with a shout of anything happening today, but it has been glorious and warm. Then about 15 mins ago things got cloudy, then suddenly very hazy - almost misty. Most peculiar for the end of a hot day. You could see the mist drifting like fog through the trees not too far away. Not seen that before.
  10. The radar showing just a big hole over Norwich. Snow to to the north, south and west. Typical
  11. Let's not forget, the GFS has a nasty habit of massively over-egging the CAPE values. I'm going to stay sceptical for the moment so my little heart doesn't get broken again Too many times I've seen great storm potential on the GFS evaporate in the 24 hours before the event.
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