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  1. I've got two flying stink bugs. Mylo's scared and I can't catch them. I can't spray as we're allergic..

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    2. Snipper


      Halyomorpha halys? Something else that is nasty that came out of China (Asia).  Even if you vacuum them up they make your vacuum stink for a while. 

    3. Spikecollie


      I got both in a dog poo bag and released them outside. I was really panicking as Mylo was freaking out and I was going to go and get our neighbour to come in. Seems silly now but when you're by yourself and these bloody things activate and orbit the house like out of control helicopters...

      Have named them Bonson and *unt and consigned them to the nether never to return - I hope...

    4. Spikecollie


      Yes, Snipper! They hibernate/go dormant in windows, doors etc. and then reactivate when it warms up a bit. Even a bagless vac takes time to clear the smell which ranges from really bad, cheap perfume, to an overdose of grass clippings,

      I just got freaked out when they were flying and crashing around and pup was so scared. I guess I'm a bit delicate at the moment as I'm never flipped out by wildlife...

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