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  1. Still harvesting and preserving fruit - it just keeps coming! Some nice convection clouds developing here this afternoon where it's still over 30c and has been for days 😁 A little warm for bottling juice and preserving pears!

    1. Katrine Basso

      Katrine Basso

      I remember making blackcurrant jam in the 80's and sometimes it was success and the other times it was a total failure. My Dad made quince jelly.   Congratulations on your bumper harvest and your great successin harvesting and preserving fruit.👏😊

    2. lassie23


      hi spikecollie

  2. I'm nearly up to 100 jars of preserved fruit since the beginning of the week. Last night's storm brought down a lot of pears and applesso in addition to what we had picked there was a serious amount of fruit to get to work on. Lots more on the way too. The peaches are amazing, but they never see the inside of a jar!

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    2. Snipper


      Love the harvest but not the frustrations. Freeze some, bottle others and eat a lot. 

      Got a lot of plums. A few with Mr Maggot in but not too many. 

      Nice easy recipe

      Clean and halve plums. Gently fry with butter. Turn gently.  Quite a lot of liquid comes out. Sweeten to taste with a brown sugar. Fry so that liquid thickens. Then shove a slug of brandy in. Stir and eat with cream or ice cream. Yum!

    3. karyo


      Preserved figs and fig jam are the best! 

    4. Snipper


      So when do you start eating your preserves?  Can’t eat them right away but do you end up with 99 just as the new crop is ripening next year. 

      I give a lot away. 

  3. An excellent little storm here just now. We all stood out in the garden and got soaked to the skin. Now we're taking turns at inside showers!

  4. Back in Yorkshire for 2 weeks and it looks like we picked a fine time to be here. I'm enjoying the building convection clouds and the humidity is just like home! A nice evening/night time storm would be nice...

  5. Thunderstorms forecast here for this afternoon/evening - could be an interesting backdrop to the WC Final party. Loads of fireworks last night after a beautiful afternoon walk in the hills with OH and Mylo.

    Mylo and I love our runs in the warm rain, so bring it on...

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    2. lassie23


      you won spikey:shok:

    3. NUT


      How spot on was spikey!

    4. Spikecollie


      We're all sharing a big BBQ with the neighbours - I've provided the courgettes! Could be a long night 😁

      No storms yet, but nice Cumulonimbus backdrop...deadly hot today, too hot to run so we took a nice shady walk instead 😊

  6. Nothing nicer than to to wait until it cools down a little bit and go out for a run with Mylo dog. A nice stream half way round that he can go into and probably drag me in as well.

    The slightly blustery wind is actually quite welcome but I guess this is what we are sharing with the UK and what is such a factor in the Saddleworth Moor fire.

  7. Better late than never, as many others are saying, but we got our first 30c here today in Limousin. Happy days, still sitting outside watching the sun gently setting. The mosquitoes are being a literal pain though 😬

    1. lassie23


      hi spikey, hope you are well

  8. A nice thunderstorm here yesterday afternoon just to start the season off. The non-electrified showers are annoying me, though, as they're stopping me getting on with the gardening - I tried continuing in a wet t-shirt and shorts job but I just ended up looking like mud woman and had to go into the shower 😁

  9. Nice and warm and humid here in Haute Vienne, 26c the maximum today. Just wondering whether we'll see any storms this evening/tonight. On with the gardening for now...☺️

  10. Mylo dog and I have just come back in from a run - the lad is showing quite a talent for Canicross and we're entering our first little event in a short while. We got soaked and hailed on but it was good as it was our first run after me (and hubby) having just got over a flu which rather ruined our Easter. Still, storm and warm season is upon us even if no T&L yet and that Limousin sunshine is waiting for us in May - by then we'll have finally got the rendering done on the house over here and the new kitchen in and it'll be ready to let :)

    1. lassie23


      get well soon

    2. Ed Stone

      Ed Stone

      Welcome back, Spike!:good:

    3. Mokidugway


      Hellooooo spike :)

  11. Other Half stranded in Bradford as the trains have all been cancelled! He's had to walk to Shipley and wait for a bus - may see him at some stage this evening, Drifts up to my shoulders up the moors this afternoon and we had to abandon our walk as all the stiles and gates were blocked.



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    2. Spikecollie


      Evening Lassie! How are you? I hope you are enjoying the snow...

    3. lassie23


      i'm good thanks and i am, makes a change from rain and 9c, hope you are well

    4. mike57


      Trains have been a total mess yesterday and today around Yorkshire. The hourly Scarborough - Liverpool that I use a lot has turned into a 2 hourly ish Scarborough - York. Weather yesterday was bad had to visit Preston, improved around our way today, and at no point as bad as 2010 here. Train companies have lost the plot today. Sent in a delay repay for 3 journeys today, by my calculation £59, better than nothing, but I would rather get where I want to go on time.

  12. This is brilliant! Thick snow swirling around. Incredibly quiet outside. Snoozing dog on the sofa - dreaming of the next snow walk. Toasty warm fire. Looking forward to yet another said snow walk up the moor this afternoon...

  13. Graupel, thunder and a good day's classes here in Dijon. What more can I ask for other than to get out on my bike?

    A crazy few days ahead. I'm going down to Aude (South of France) to sign up with an Estate Agent to sell our apartment down there - we haven't been able to use it anywhere near enough to justify the mounting service charges and taxes and the money needs to go elsewhere. Then from there to Limousin and then back to the UK! All between tomorrow afternoon and Sunday. Good job I love my trains and planes! I can't wait just to get back to Limousin and not have to go anywhere except work, occasional shopping trips, the lake and on cycle rides!

    The exam papers that needed to be marked by yesterday still remain unmarked - a job for the trains tomorrow...

    1. lassie23


      give them all a pass

  14. Nothing even remotely snowy here in Dijon. An 8c max day with the dreaded thundery showers which were all shower and no thunder. I did see some lightning on approach to Paris yesterday but intercloud. Whoever suggested midnight sledging in the NW forum - GO! I look forward to snow, wind and other reports...

  15. Hi folks

    I haven't disappeared (again) just very, very busy conducting my two lives between France and the UK. I've had quite a bit of contract work in the UK over the last few weeks, happily paying for the house renovation mentioned below. In Dijon at the moment. Had the "Euro-commute" to Paris yesterday - a better rollercoaster ride than most of the hen party I was sitting next to would get at Disneyland. We think we'll be like this until April or so as there are a lot of issues to sort out on the house in the UK before it can be let. Weather watching with interest - actually relatively mild here but big showers and strong winds.

    1. lassie23


      happy new year hun and welcome back

    2. Spikecollie


      HNY to you too, lassie! Lots of weather to Watch, that's for sure...

  16. Absolutely freaking down with snow here in Dijon. MAN tomorrow je ne sais pas.BTW Do you guys know about Johnny Hallyday? Big state funeral tomorrow in Paris -Look him up you'll be amazed. Going to bed.

    1. snefnug


      Golly,  I remember listening to Johnny and sylvie Vartan and Joe Dassin and others when I was on a school  exchange in Bourge En Bresse in the ‘70s, and then trying to hear French radio when I got back to derbyshire.

      hope your trip back ok.

  17. snowing heaviy here in Dijon. Starting to doubt ability to get back. Will keep you updated. Internet crap at moment...

    1. lassie23


      get a lot of weather in dijon, hope you are feeling better

  18. There has been thundersnow here in Dijon! Flashing away in the distance until about half an hour ago. Beautiful to see, especially as it got dark. Who knows what my trip back to MAN will bring tomorrow...looking forward to some nice cloudscapes...

  19. Holy super duper! I must have needed sleep, as I sleptt until now! Doctor's orders! No missing Caroline and the ehnsuig snow though...

    1. lassie23


      best thing is to sleep as much as you can

  20. Be patent, snow watchers! Temps progged 15c along the Bretagne coast for today!

  21. http://www.bbc.com/news/health-42250152


    Society falling apart by defaiult?

    1. Daniel*


      Obesity epidemic, it’s all down to the parents really..

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    2. lassie23


      same goes for tweeting, 90 percent of tweets are mind numbing and pointless

    3. Ed Stone

      Ed Stone

      90%? That's a bit low, innit!:D

    4. lassie23


      :rofl: i was being generous and then there are those who should be banned from tweeting because they are irresponsible, childish and moronic... Donald Dump head

  22. The odd few sferics showing up now

     I'm confined to my hotel room with Noro - throwing up all night and worse - classes deferred to tomorrow when I hope I will be better. Mmllaaghgh

    0c here in Dijon,  but the sun has come out for the first time in days, so it might warm up a bit! Could be an interesting trip back to MAN on Saturday...

    1. lassie23


      are they looking after you spikey, get well soon, 48 hours but you feel washed out for another week after noro has gone.

    2. Spikecollie


      Yep! Uni. doctor diagnosed Noro! Yep! feeling crap but have rearranged classes missed today for tomorrow. Will I be still standing at 18h00 tomorrow, then that's another question! Imodium and anti-pukes prescribed, Rife here...and I have got it!

  23. Anyone else have a crap night's sleep? Had to get up this morning at 06h15, felt like the middle of the night. Kept waking up...too cold too warm...finished work at 13h00 and crashed for 3 hours!

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    2. Spikecollie


      Still feeling sleepy, too! Like a hangover with no alcohol. Hate it. Going to the hotel pool to gently swim it off...

    3. Sparkiee storm

      Sparkiee storm

      Yeah, been having it for about 2 weeks now.

    4. Nick L

      Nick L

      I hate the "hungover" feeling despite the fact you never drank a drop, I always feel cheated. Might as well have just got plastered!