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  1. Observations Of Nature Through The Seasons.

    Our little eco-network over here is doing everything it can for Fraxinus (Ash). We've got lots of saplings that are thriving so far and leaving the self-seeded ones to do their own thing for the moment. No evidence of ash die-back (chalara) so far, but it is around.
  2. Heavy rain and distant thunder here in Dijon. I haven't heard thunder for weeks, so it's a nice "fix", especially for somewhere, just like my home valley, that usually has a very firm storm shield :yahoo:

    1. lassie23


      had thunder yesterday

  3. Show us your pet

    Mylo is growing up. He's 8 months now and he's so beautiful. A challenging lad, life is still play to him, so he has trouble discerning when to stop. He is gradually learning the gentle art of relaxation. He loves the dog TV that these little ones provide (dormice). Although they are on the skylight of the caravan in the photo, they actually live in the now disused gas fire, providing a perfect viewing gallery (see the badly unedited video!)MVI_2933.AVI And we have babies!MVI_293MVI_2933.AVI3.AVI
  4. Trump and Pence currently serving food to hurricane victims in Florida - mmllaahh!

    1. Nick L

      Nick L

      Good of them, but perhaps he could reverse his decision to pull out of the Paris agreement, that might be more of a help in the long run...

    2. lassie23


      think his advisors told him it would be a good photo opportunity:whistling:

    3. Mokidugway


      Bit of golf too once his minions clear the corpses debris and sand ..

  5. What Was The Last Song You Listened To? Part 4

    You're not going bonkers! I re-read SK books too. But back on topic, I've had a long day of 8 hours of intensive teaching and I'm currently listening (sad I know to some) to the soundtrack of Abba's Mama Mia! Mama Mia here we go again...
  6. Meet a new meat

    I've had a couple of good sightings of Leprechauns too, but they're hard to catch - hiya Frogesque... I think you'd love a good bit of "ragondin"! (Coypu in French!)
  7. Meet a new meat

    Let me start by saying that I eat very little meat and I am against gratuitous and wasteful hunting. BUT - we have Coypu at our lake (we have a little one hectare lake and two hectares of land around it here in France which is our wildlife and human haven). If you don't know Coypu look them up! They are classed as nuisance animals in France, so far as anything is a nuisance rather than just being in the wrong place - in this case in Europe rather than South America, from where they were introduced for their fur. They are very destructive to land and native species, animals and plants, and they have to go. We bought a humane trap (leave a trail of homegrown carrot and apple and they are rapt!) and hubby is legally allowed to shoot, so we have been trapping them and shooting them. Never one to allow good meat to go to waste and having been well taught how to skin, gut etc. by my Dad (we ate many of our previous dog's rabbits which he caught), I prepared my first one and Mylo and I pronounced the rather small pickings delicious. Then came the first 10kg one. A battle to prepare, but with it properly done and cooked to perfection, OH joined in the feast and the substantial remainder was frozen. Then another of similar size, and another...lots in the freezer, and what I am now calling "ragspaggbol" is a real treat. As is a homegrown vegetable stew with it. The meat is served in some very good restaurants too and there are makers of paté etc. The recipes will expand as the freezer fills... Once you get over the long yellow teeth and "ratty" tail it is a delicious meat that is nutritionally excellent. In Australia there are calls for folks to eat more Kangaroo meat (I've been there, eaten that - yummy)! Has anyone else eaten any unusual meat etc.?
  8. Hi all! I haven't disappeared, we've just been spending a lot of time at our little haven where the internet rarely reaches and isn't missed so much either - I've been travelling to work from there too. I'm working in Dijon this week leaving hubs and pup to fend for themselves which they will do admirably. It's been a very mixed August into September weather-wise, but fine to be outside. Garden produce has been amazing - potatoes now and sumptuous green beans! Will catch up on various threads over the next few days...

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    2. Allseasons-si


      Hi Spikecollie,it is nice to here from you again,sorry to here about your mum though:sorry:

      i lost my gran not long ago,she had a stroke then pneumonia six months later,she was 79.

    3. Spikecollie


      'Tis hubby's Mum Si, but she's the same as my own, I love her so much!

      My folks never reached their 80s, Dad died at 64 from cancer and Mum from the same at 74. A while ago now, but I always wonder "what if" they had lived longer...

      Luna's beautiful, BTW, and so is our Mylo. I'll post photos later and catch up in the thread

    4. Allseasons-si


      Thanks spike,i will catch up with you later,give her my regards:smile:

  9. Don't worry about your disappearance of summer, it's done a runner here too! A glorious day yesterday during which we were working at the lake in baking sun gave way to big thunderstorms inside about half an hour. We had about 5 in total including three during the night and the first one yesterday evening delayed our return home as we couldn't go out to pack up the car!

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    2. karyo


      A break from the oppressive heat is always good especially when thunderstorms are involved.

    3. Alice1991


      Summer has left us in the middle of July. We are now in autumn.

    4. matt111


      You should've said back to the everlasting autumn. :nonono:

  10. Wow! Sounds like what we had over here in Limousin last Monday night - some folks here still haven't got their landlines back on...
  11. A very gentle day for August here. Nice and hot when the sun comes out, but with a breeze. We're doing lots of jobs at the lake and Mylo's dozing in an enormous dog hole that he has dug under the deck! Fresh damsons from the trees every evening for dessert and veggies and salad from the garden with our mains...bliss.

    1. matt111


      Sounds similar to the weather here, just warm here rather than hot. Certainly the warmest day for a while. 

  12. Having one of the most amazing lightning displays that I have witnessed for a very long time...utterly beautiful and getting closer by the minute!

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    2. Dami



    3. Nouska


      It must have been spectacular for you!

      I was wakened by loud thunder and then spent two hours watching the light show to the north.

      Last 24 hours GIF .... the gif that keeps on giving.:D



    4. Spikecollie


      It was amazing. We had a second round at about 04h00. Again constant lightning, but very little loud thunder as the storms seemed very elevated. 33,000 homes without electricity this morning too and lots of repair work going on as I was driving into work. An amazing night...

  13. We were woken up at 03h00 or so this morning at the lake by lightning flashing from a distance accompanied by some deep rumbles, but nothing came overhead. Maybe more tonight...

    Even here summer's having a bit of a blip! Still warm but not in a stable way.

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    2. matt111


      Had a rumble here last night along with very heavy rain. It's been a typically wet first week of the school holidays.

    3. Mokidugway


      Same here but I blame the Guinness....

    4. mike57


      Looking at the radar just about the whole of the UK has been in the 'Showers and Sunny Intervals' regime. We had a couple of rumbles yesterday and two very heavy showers, and it looks like more of the same. Actually not a bad weekend if you dodged the showers, on the East Coast most of the rain has been overnight.

  14. We had a great time in Aude (Languedoc Roussillon) by the Med. Lovely sunshine and two great thunderstorms. For the last two days the very strong Tramontane was a bit of a nuisance, especially with blowing sand and on our bikes...

    Not so warm here in Limousin and it was very wet when we got back last night, but the sun is back now and it's getting nice and hot for the weekend.

    1. karyo


      I am going to Carcassone, Perpignan, Pyrenees Orientales and the Montagne Noire in September. Mostly staying in relative high altitude and not going to bother much with the sea. I hope to get some thunder and not so high temperatures.

      Ariege was a right treat last May and there was still plenty of snow at the time above 2000 metres. I saw more snow then than the entire winter in England.

    2. Mokidugway


      I'm going to Blackpool great for vomiting hen parties :sorry:

  15. 35c here again today. Maybe some thunderstorms tonight. Working hard, but having some great cycle rides together now that Mylo pup is happy being left by himself for a few hours. He's getting some great walks too and has some best doggy friends in the neighbourhood.

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    2. Spikecollie


      Hi Lass! How's life?

    3. lassie23


      okay thanks, how is the pup

    4. Spikecollie


      Pup is excellent, learning fast and making loads of friends, human and dog. We've just made a last minute decision to drive to the south of France tomorrow for a week or so.Beach beckons - Mylo will be ecstatic and we'll be pretty happy too!