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  1. Hurricane Ophelia

    Just catching up with all of this. It's bizarre enough having 27c in October (though this has been a pattern over here in France for the last couple of years - we had the same temps in November last year and the year before! We had to put the blinds down in the classroom this afternoon as we were baking) but a "hurricane" is truly amazing. Glad I'm flying back tomorrow and not Monday though - I was originally going to until I realised tomorrow was our wedding anniversary and those two folks going down to Cork need to be careful on the coast. Certainly watching with interest now that I am back on the dreaded island for a little while.
  2. Medical issues

    WP Crikey, a really close moment. She must be really shaken up. Can't identify with the "God" bit, but probability was certainly on her side. It makes my problems seem very small!
  3. Medical issues

    Spike is not strange - ever, just distraught at the moment! My dentist in the UK fixed my bridge, temporarily, but it came loose today in class. It literally fell out. I coped, told the students, but right now I feel pretty grim for tomorrow's work with a new group.
  4. Medical issues

    In floods of tears just contemplating the whole ghastly scenario. I just want to stay here, in Limousin, where I belong...
  5. Medical issues

    Did consider, but I need to go back to the dentist who knows me and my history.
  6. Medical issues

    Snipper, so sorry for your burden. Me, having seen (and I'll be brutally honest here) both of my parents die from cancer, and MIL endure chemo.. I'd rather die on my bike, pushing up a hill at who knows what age. I am not "religious" and do not believe in an afterlife. This is all we have and we should make the best of it...
  7. Medical issues

    The second reason we have come back to the UK for a few months (first - renovate house for letting) is my dental problem! My bridge broke. Three front teeth absent! Not simple - retaining teeth for bridge have to be removed, along with a cracked molar. Great, as I am a dental phobic but I have had Neurolinguistic Programming treatment which should work. Despite that, I am scared merde-less for next Wednesday! I had to come back to the UK for treatment as my insurance over here wouldn't cover it and the bill was very very big. I'll let you know how it goes...
  8. Hi folks

    In Dijon at the moment, but (ironically) back in the UK for a while. We're sorting out our house for letting and a lot of work needs to be done. Basically we couldn't leave it over the winter. I've got some work to tide us through and I'll be resuming my work over here after Christmas as well as commuting once a month to do ongoing work. Feeling a bit c*ap about it all, but it has to be done.

    Summer conditions here for this week - I'm working all day so why not - mid to high 20s!

    I'll try to update when I can. Mylo pup is thriving, despite being denied access to the UK by Eurotunnel who found and anomaly in his passport - that's an explanation for later and his UK vet is footing the bill! Good job as we ended up on the ferry in a storm!

    A bientot

  9. Observations Of Nature Through The Seasons.

    Our little eco-network over here is doing everything it can for Fraxinus (Ash). We've got lots of saplings that are thriving so far and leaving the self-seeded ones to do their own thing for the moment. No evidence of ash die-back (chalara) so far, but it is around.
  10. Heavy rain and distant thunder here in Dijon. I haven't heard thunder for weeks, so it's a nice "fix", especially for somewhere, just like my home valley, that usually has a very firm storm shield :yahoo:

    1. lassie23


      had thunder yesterday

  11. Show us your pet

    Mylo is growing up. He's 8 months now and he's so beautiful. A challenging lad, life is still play to him, so he has trouble discerning when to stop. He is gradually learning the gentle art of relaxation. He loves the dog TV that these little ones provide (dormice). Although they are on the skylight of the caravan in the photo, they actually live in the now disused gas fire, providing a perfect viewing gallery (see the badly unedited video!)MVI_2933.AVI And we have babies!MVI_293MVI_2933.AVI3.AVI
  12. Trump and Pence currently serving food to hurricane victims in Florida - mmllaahh!

    1. Nick L

      Nick L

      Good of them, but perhaps he could reverse his decision to pull out of the Paris agreement, that might be more of a help in the long run...

    2. lassie23


      think his advisors told him it would be a good photo opportunity:whistling:

    3. Mokidugway


      Bit of golf too once his minions clear the corpses debris and sand ..

  13. What Was The Last Song You Listened To? Part 4

    You're not going bonkers! I re-read SK books too. But back on topic, I've had a long day of 8 hours of intensive teaching and I'm currently listening (sad I know to some) to the soundtrack of Abba's Mama Mia! Mama Mia here we go again...
  14. Meet a new meat

    I've had a couple of good sightings of Leprechauns too, but they're hard to catch - hiya Frogesque... I think you'd love a good bit of "ragondin"! (Coypu in French!)
  15. Meet a new meat

    Let me start by saying that I eat very little meat and I am against gratuitous and wasteful hunting. BUT - we have Coypu at our lake (we have a little one hectare lake and two hectares of land around it here in France which is our wildlife and human haven). If you don't know Coypu look them up! They are classed as nuisance animals in France, so far as anything is a nuisance rather than just being in the wrong place - in this case in Europe rather than South America, from where they were introduced for their fur. They are very destructive to land and native species, animals and plants, and they have to go. We bought a humane trap (leave a trail of homegrown carrot and apple and they are rapt!) and hubby is legally allowed to shoot, so we have been trapping them and shooting them. Never one to allow good meat to go to waste and having been well taught how to skin, gut etc. by my Dad (we ate many of our previous dog's rabbits which he caught), I prepared my first one and Mylo and I pronounced the rather small pickings delicious. Then came the first 10kg one. A battle to prepare, but with it properly done and cooked to perfection, OH joined in the feast and the substantial remainder was frozen. Then another of similar size, and another...lots in the freezer, and what I am now calling "ragspaggbol" is a real treat. As is a homegrown vegetable stew with it. The meat is served in some very good restaurants too and there are makers of paté etc. The recipes will expand as the freezer fills... Once you get over the long yellow teeth and "ratty" tail it is a delicious meat that is nutritionally excellent. In Australia there are calls for folks to eat more Kangaroo meat (I've been there, eaten that - yummy)! Has anyone else eaten any unusual meat etc.?