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  1. Some nice little cluster of storms breaking out in northern France at the moment...
  2. Just tracking OH's flight from MAN on Flightradar24. I'm heading off to LIG to meet him in half an hour - whooppee!

    1. Nouska


      A new chapter - enjoy!

      I'll be tracking my hubby tomorrow. He's going Bergerac - Stansted and a quick airport change for Gatwick - Faro. Hoping no weather probs or it will be a long drive, from here, down to the Algarve for him!

  3. Another stunning afternoon in the hills. I went off road into the forest for a while on my circuit. The temperature got to 17c. The last settled day for a while, I think, as the sky is full of Cirrus heralding a change from tomorrow onward to a more showery weather type. The contrails have their little "bobbles" appearing...



  4. Now here's a way to start and end your day with some delightful viewing...


  5. I'm pretty happy with some rain. Our totals are very low here going into Spring/Summer. Some provisos: warm, dry days in between the rain; no deluges to wash out the plants/seeds; some T&L to make the rain worth it!
  6. I guess he just went into their world and one of them defended itself... The anti-venom programme seems very effective, but I don't particularly like the idea of one of those being stuck on my finger and then feeling the nip! http://www.bbc.com/news/world-australia-39075961
  7. OH's last day at work in the UK has now finished :yahoo:His leaving "do" went well yesterday evening, and we will be together again on Sunday. Tomorrow week, we get "the pup". I celebrated with a late afternoon cycle ride at the end of what has been a very busy day. It is a beautiful evening here, and all is right with the world :)


  8. Forgive the intrusion into your thread, but I am looking at them all at the moment to see what has been happening. Leaky "man caves" are not allowed. Get that roof fixed!
  9. The woman who died in Wolverhampton was only 29. RIP, poor lass... http://www.bbc.com/news/live/uk-39068972 40,000 without power in East Anglia, 12,000 in Suffolk. Doris hit very far south...
  10. All this talk of flying wheeled bins just made me realise that it's bin day tomorrow. Out into the foggy drizzle now to put the bin out...:rofl:

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    2. Nouska


      In our local experience it was more a case of people dumping stuff that should have gone to the déchetterie and not sorting recyclables. They probably felt that if the appropriate bins were all in one place there would be more incentive to use the correct ones.

    3. Dangerous55019


      Only foggy drizzle???? Lol
      We've got full on convective hail showers here :D

    4. matt111


      Don't have any bins here so glad the rubbish didn't go out today. Would've ended up with the road being decorated with everyone's rubbish.

  11. Our refuse collectors over here are faultless, they leave your bin right where you left it. I've only had one instance of a disappearing bin in wind, it was last year, and a kindly neighbour who was up early put everyone's errant bins outside his house for "retrieval"!
  12. Don't go checking! Unless you believe someone was sitting on it at the time...
  13. Micro-chipping the bin is one answer, but that doesn't take account of the annoying refuse people who leave the damn things half way off the pavement and into the road when they could have tucked them well in...
  14. As with our recent storm, a lot of the trees that fell looked quite diseased, and weren't actually uprooted, but broke away at ground level. Shallow-rooted, weak specimens also tend to succumb The same with weak or diseased branches, the wind is nature's pruning tool for trees.
  15. Someone else hit by debris in London and taken to hospital... http://www.bbc.com/news/live/uk-39068972