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  1. Well, we're forecast 35c-40c for next week in what are being described by Météo France as remarkable temperatures for the month of June.

    1. karyo


      Horrid temperatures! I feel sorry for people with respiratory problems

    2. Spikecollie


      Many kinds of weather can be uncomfortable and/or dangerous for people who are unwell or infirm. I've cycled in 40c before and you do stay cooler when you're moving through the air and on hot days I leave my running until the later in the evening and do a lovely shady forest run where both dog and I often run through the streams.

      No shortage of a good pre-heatwave watering today, though. 25mm here today and it's still going out there. I've just been out on our evening dog walk (too slippery and muddy for running) through floods on the paths - third set of clothes today.

      Not looking too much forward to having to work through the heat next week but we'll probably spend the week camping at the lake.

    3. karyo


      25c would be a lot more comfortable and far less dangerous than 40c. Also still good for enjoying the outdoors and working. 

      I don't think people can be particularly productive in extreme heat hence the need for siestas.

  2. Most often it's the phone zombie effect. I cycled yesterday evening to the local shop (a five minute ride but I needed to check something on my bike) nearly hit a stupid bugger of a kid who was so zombified by his phone that he neither noticed me nor the car that was heading straight for him. Called out, just in time in very rude French...
  3. Good Lord you should take up creative writing! You even have me drooling at those last few words...
  4. Just been listening to this which I heard a couple of times on France Bleu driving into work. It's a sea shanty but very emotive about how hard life is out there for the folks who haul in our fish!
  5. Love them all! I want to know what a W(w)ammell is...
  6. Crikey you'll think I read crap but currently reading Days 109-116 of Mass Extinction Event by Amy Cross.
  7. Nothing significant progged for Toulouse next week other than scorching heat although that can change quickly and locally. http://www.meteofrance.com/previsions-meteo-france/toulouse/31000 Whatever happens you'll be well looked after and any delay/cancellation is for your safety. As they say - sit back, relax and enjoy your short flight...
  8. Well it's another beautiful clear blue sky day here. Mylo and I didn't emerge from our beds until 09h00 (we're normally up at 06h00) as we were storm watching so late. We didn't get anything directly over head, but the strobe effects in the distance were, as usual, stunning. We also got some useful rain which made my decision last night not to water the crops a good one. Looking at Lightning Maps it seems, as usual again, that flatland (as we call the plateau that descends to the sea between here and the Charente coast) got most of the activity. Some super photos.
  9. But wouldn't you love our storms! Now - all that will stop after Brexit you know. Now more Channel storm crossings free of charge and since I'm the first to have thought of it, that's my business - storm imports! Sod that - free of charge for the fun of it.
  10. The only time I've had a supercell smash job was in the Aire Valley, Yorkshir,e in 2015. I always thought it would be here in France, but no...
  11. The little crop that's of interest to me is just coming in from Golfe de Gascoigne. Maybe something, maybe nothing for us.I just had a last,before bed walk with Mylo and the backlit upper level convection cloud was amazing against the sunset. Nice and cool too, a mere 24c. Looks like those little storms are just about making it across the channel...
  12. Why are there some people's status messages that I can respomd to and other ones I can't?

    1. Dami


      hey spike. I had this and people had me blocked i believe. :(

    2. Paul


      It was locked, as political debate isn't allowed on here any longer. 

    3. Spikecollie


      Thanks Paul - at least I know now.

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