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  1. Hi spike hows things? x

  2. We have one metre lignes of gaffer tape now in all the supermarkets at the checkouts and everyone is respecting them. This supermarket business has to stop and it will only stop with action first from the supermarkets and if that doesn't work from the law.
  3. Didn't even bother looking tonight. I knew it would be like that. They are only the "measured" cases, remember. This ghastly thing is rampant among us.
  4. Chill for the moment Matty. My OH got a really horrible, normal cold last week which I knew was a horrible, normal cold by way of the symptoms. He got himself into an awful state, as I have done before, convincing himself he was short of breath. It was all down to anxiety and panic as he was much calmer when we talked on the phone. He is now fine and looking forward (hopefully) to being back with us here in France on Sunday.
  5. Matty, the non-verbal treatment of your Fiancée is utterly disgusting. This has been happening all over Europe and is a manifestation of the society of cultural ignorance in which we live. Sadly, it is also, along with the other abnormal behaviours we are seeing, a manifestation of fear. Forgive them, for they know not what they do...
  6. Agreed, Matty, if they won't behave in a socially responsible manner they are going to have to made to behave. How much bloody fresh produce can you hoard for sense's sake?
  7. They do eat a lot of meat over there, especially processed meats, although that is changing as I have found on my work visits in recent years. It is now possible to get very good veggie/fish based meals compared to 10/20 years ago.
  8. Crikey, I have only just looked at the currency exchange numbers. The € is 1.08 to the £ - the lowest I have seen it in a very long time and $1.18 to the £.
  9. "A small number of staff at the UK prime minister's office are self isolating due to symptoms of the coronavirus, the BBC's political editor Laura Kuenssberg reports. She understands none of those isolating have been in close proximity to Boris Johnson. People with symptoms are advised to isolate for seven days if they live alone or 14 days if they live with others. It comes as one of the UK's leading epidemiologists, Prof Neil Ferguson, said he developed symptoms of the virus after spending time in Downing Street on Monday. He described Westminster and central London as a
  10. I went to Carrefour in Bénévant l'Abbeye on the way home from work this lunchtime (slight deviation but I have an attestation) to get some extra dog food that Mylo really likes. Plenty of dog food. Little soap, no toilet roll and meats and cheeses very low. Some pasta but only the more expensive brands. Chilled foods like ham and yoghurts seem to be disappearing too. One thing people sem to be ignoring regarding stocking up is laundry products - I have made sure I have enough to wash clothes for a month but haven't hoarded. Cashiers were wearing plastic gloves but not changing them after each
  11. I'll share this story with you as it has really hit home with me. I went to visit one of my few remaining clients this morning - a man in his 70s with advanced Parkison's disease who finds it difficult to communicate, feed himself and manage his home. His house was once beautiful but is now delapidated. When I arrived, there were flies absolutely all over the kitchen and the floor was filthy along with a smell of rotting food. He was wearing Crocs covered in mud from having been in the garden and the mud was all over the floors and the on the coffee table where he rests his feet while wat
  12. They'll have to be kept in, like the kids are being kept in here in France. No youngsters wandering around but plenty playing in the sunshine in gardens. No footbalL games happening, no gathering in play areas. I guess there will be a real upsurge in technology addiction and dependence. I do feel sorry for parents.
  13. I'm going to bed to snuggle up with doglet and dream of happy things. Hope you all can dream of happy things too...
  14. Yes, I'm pretty proud of my body for a 54 year old! I have used the hills around here as my "green gym" for running and cycling and they provide perfect interval training. I wasn't always like this but now I respect my body and love how it feels to be fit and healthy. No one knows though, what this affliction could do to them. Keep up the good work for your body, our health and fitness is all we have got against this (as I keep saying) "thing that has come among us". Stocks of toilet paper won't hack it! BTW: unlike two days go, OH reports that the local Sainsbury's was totally devoi
  15. I'm always a bit wary of people who are obviously cold infected but never bother about an odd cough or sneeze. Now, I turn away immediately and wait for the culprit to depart!
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