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  1. Mylo dog and I have just come back in from a run - the lad is showing quite a talent for Canicross and we're entering our first little event in a short while. We got soaked and hailed on but it was good as it was our first run after me (and hubby) having just got over a flu which rather ruined our Easter. Still, storm and warm season is upon us even if no T&L yet and that Limousin sunshine is waiting for us in May - by then we'll have finally got the rendering done on the house over here and the new kitchen in and it'll be ready to let :)

    1. lassie23


      get well soon

    2. Ed Stone

      Ed Stone

      Welcome back, Spike!:good:

    3. Mokidugway


      Hellooooo spike :)

  2. Look North forecast just said there is potential for further significant snow tomorrow evening...
  3. Spikecollie

    Show us your pet

    Here's my little man who's now a year and two months - this is taken on Ilkley Moor last weekend. He's becoming a beautiful dog and a delightful companion. A sweet natured, sensitive, perceptive little fellow who evokes a smile from everyone who meets him. He's great with people and other dogs and gets even the most timid canine into play. He still has a naughty puppy streak but you can't stay cross with him for long - even when he steals your toilet paper!
  4. Other Half stranded in Bradford as the trains have all been cancelled! He's had to walk to Shipley and wait for a bus - may see him at some stage this evening, Drifts up to my shoulders up the moors this afternoon and we had to abandon our walk as all the stiles and gates were blocked.



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    2. Spikecollie


      Evening Lassie! How are you? I hope you are enjoying the snow...

    3. lassie23


      i'm good thanks and i am, makes a change from rain and 9c, hope you are well

    4. mike57


      Trains have been a total mess yesterday and today around Yorkshire. The hourly Scarborough - Liverpool that I use a lot has turned into a 2 hourly ish Scarborough - York. Weather yesterday was bad had to visit Preston, improved around our way today, and at no point as bad as 2010 here. Train companies have lost the plot today. Sent in a delay repay for 3 journeys today, by my calculation £59, better than nothing, but I would rather get where I want to go on time.

  5. This is brilliant! Thick snow swirling around. Incredibly quiet outside. Snoozing dog on the sofa - dreaming of the next snow walk. Toasty warm fire. Looking forward to yet another said snow walk up the moor this afternoon...

  6. Yep! Road outside, which is a bus route, is now covered. Gritters seem to have gone AWOL now most of the schools are closed.
  7. Great - isn't it? Harden Moor beckons this afternoon
  8. Hi all Enjoying this while back in the UK for a few weeks. Some glorious late afternoon snow walks with Mylo. Snowing well here at the moment
  9. Nice to see someone who enjoys weather for what it is, like me. I do like the analyses and looking at models and charts, but the real experience is best. Do come back...
  10. Graupel, thunder and a good day's classes here in Dijon. What more can I ask for other than to get out on my bike?

    A crazy few days ahead. I'm going down to Aude (South of France) to sign up with an Estate Agent to sell our apartment down there - we haven't been able to use it anywhere near enough to justify the mounting service charges and taxes and the money needs to go elsewhere. Then from there to Limousin and then back to the UK! All between tomorrow afternoon and Sunday. Good job I love my trains and planes! I can't wait just to get back to Limousin and not have to go anywhere except work, occasional shopping trips, the lake and on cycle rides!

    The exam papers that needed to be marked by yesterday still remain unmarked - a job for the trains tomorrow...

    1. lassie23


      give them all a pass

  11. Nothing even remotely snowy here in Dijon. An 8c max day with the dreaded thundery showers which were all shower and no thunder. I did see some lightning on approach to Paris yesterday but intercloud. Whoever suggested midnight sledging in the NW forum - GO! I look forward to snow, wind and other reports...

  12. Hi folks

    I haven't disappeared (again) just very, very busy conducting my two lives between France and the UK. I've had quite a bit of contract work in the UK over the last few weeks, happily paying for the house renovation mentioned below. In Dijon at the moment. Had the "Euro-commute" to Paris yesterday - a better rollercoaster ride than most of the hen party I was sitting next to would get at Disneyland. We think we'll be like this until April or so as there are a lot of issues to sort out on the house in the UK before it can be let. Weather watching with interest - actually relatively mild here but big showers and strong winds.

    1. lassie23


      happy new year hun and welcome back

    2. Spikecollie


      HNY to you too, lassie! Lots of weather to Watch, that's for sure...

  13. Flying into MAN in a couple of hours. Metar says CBs and snow showers - happy for some good cloud spotting and maybe seeing lying snow from aloft! Not too many bumps though, I'm still recovering from my Noro bout!
  14. Absolutely freaking down with snow here in Dijon. MAN tomorrow je ne sais pas.BTW Do you guys know about Johnny Hallyday? Big state funeral tomorrow in Paris -Look him up you'll be amazed. Going to bed.

    1. snefnug


      Golly,  I remember listening to Johnny and sylvie Vartan and Joe Dassin and others when I was on a school  exchange in Bourge En Bresse in the ‘70s, and then trying to hear French radio when I got back to derbyshire.

      hope your trip back ok.