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  1. Pavements and roads look OK here so far in Keighley. Freezing rain has made our driveway treacherous though. I wouldn't go out unless you have to.
  2. Spikecollie

    Storm Deirdre Atlantic storm 4

    It is sleeting here in Keighley. The pavements and roads are clear but our driveway is impassable without ice grippers due to the freezing rain. Far colder than Limousin but Mylo loved the ice this morning!
  3. Still harvesting and preserving fruit - it just keeps coming! Some nice convection clouds developing here this afternoon where it's still over 30c and has been for days 😁 A little warm for bottling juice and preserving pears!

    1. Katrine Basso

      Katrine Basso

      I remember making blackcurrant jam in the 80's and sometimes it was success and the other times it was a total failure. My Dad made quince jelly.   Congratulations on your bumper harvest and your great successin harvesting and preserving fruit.👏😊

    2. lassie23


      hi spikecollie

  4. I'm nearly up to 100 jars of preserved fruit since the beginning of the week. Last night's storm brought down a lot of pears and applesso in addition to what we had picked there was a serious amount of fruit to get to work on. Lots more on the way too. The peaches are amazing, but they never see the inside of a jar!

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    2. Snipper


      Love the harvest but not the frustrations. Freeze some, bottle others and eat a lot. 

      Got a lot of plums. A few with Mr Maggot in but not too many. 

      Nice easy recipe

      Clean and halve plums. Gently fry with butter. Turn gently.  Quite a lot of liquid comes out. Sweeten to taste with a brown sugar. Fry so that liquid thickens. Then shove a slug of brandy in. Stir and eat with cream or ice cream. Yum!

    3. karyo


      Preserved figs and fig jam are the best! 

    4. Snipper


      So when do you start eating your preserves?  Can’t eat them right away but do you end up with 99 just as the new crop is ripening next year. 

      I give a lot away. 

  5. Spikecollie

    European Storm & Convective Discussion

    The electrical activity here in Haute Vienne was distant but intense and very lovely to watch - Mylo and I took a walk at about 2230 and there was 360 flashing over the hills and some great CGs in the distance. It had been an exceptional day, one of those with a hot breeze and teperatures well into the mid-30s and we'd been out for a long and lovely cycle ride late afternoon and we could see the CBs building when we were on our way back. The main event for us was around midnight, just after we had gone to bed. The wind started getting really strong and it sounded like the closed shutters were going to get ripped off the walls - then came an almighty whooshing sound followed by an equally almighty crash. We raced downstairs and then went carefully out the basement doors to find our porch roof lying in the back garden having been literally sucked off by the wind. It is/was a completely enclosed porch so there is no other explanation we can think of. Further down the road there were two or three bins in the fields which would have had to jump hedges and gates to get there!
  6. Spikecollie

    Spain weather

    Exactly! We've had 40c during August in Limousin (France) for the last 3 summers at times. We work, garden, cycle etc. and it's nothing special. The BBC report from Montpellier, where it was 37c, had people saying it was just normal. Hype and silly season as you say, but it's still important for vulnerable people to take care...
  7. An excellent little storm here just now. We all stood out in the garden and got soaked to the skin. Now we're taking turns at inside showers!

  8. Back in Yorkshire for 2 weeks and it looks like we picked a fine time to be here. I'm enjoying the building convection clouds and the humidity is just like home! A nice evening/night time storm would be nice...

  9. Spikecollie


    I would always recommend the Promenade Plantée: https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2017/jun/07/paris-promenade-plantee-free-elevated-park-walkway-bastille-bois-de-vincennes and the Petite Ceinture (Little Belt) which is less well known than the above but utterly beguiling: https://worldinparis.com/walking-on-railroad-tracks-la-petite-ceinture-paris On a hot day, the Grand Mosquée de Paris is also very well worth a visit. It is in the lovely 5th arrondissement and offers a chance for a nice refreshment break. The surrounding streets are fascinating also. Again one for the heat, which you will almost certainly have - take a Bateau Bus ride along the Seine. This is a scheduled bus service, not one of the touristy ones, and you can pop on and off when you like with a day ticket visiting most of the main attractions, but also with the ability to get off the beaten track if you want to. Oops - forgot about the "basic French" question you asked. You'll get around just fine, but do try to use your basic French. People really appreciate it. Whatever you do, have a wonderful time - it's difficult not to
  10. Thunderstorms forecast here for this afternoon/evening - could be an interesting backdrop to the WC Final party. Loads of fireworks last night after a beautiful afternoon walk in the hills with OH and Mylo.

    Mylo and I love our runs in the warm rain, so bring it on...

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    2. lassie23


      you won spikey:shok:

    3. NUT


      How spot on was spikey!

    4. Spikecollie


      We're all sharing a big BBQ with the neighbours - I've provided the courgettes! Could be a long night 😁

      No storms yet, but nice Cumulonimbus backdrop...deadly hot today, too hot to run so we took a nice shady walk instead 😊

  11. Spikecollie

    World Cup 2018

    As some of you know I'm not a big football fan, but whatever way this goes there's going to be one heck of a party in our village on Sunday I'm staying entirely neutral after tonight but here's hoping for a final
  12. Spikecollie

    France weather

    We've just had a cracker with marble sized hail, incredibly gusty winds and some great CG strikes. Sunday night was amazing too, constant flickering lightning from the storms in Charente. Say safe out there, Our next batch is on approach!
  13. Spikecollie

    France weather

    Hi Ed Right now he's helping my other half pull some cut branches out of the lake. He's very wise and cools off in the shade and the water. We run together almost every day and provided he has a good soak down before we go it's always me who's flagging and never him! He's maturing very nicely and is very bonded to us now - a lovely little 18 month bundle of love and joy. He loves his storms too, he just watches quietly with me.
  14. Spikecollie

    France weather

    You've picked a great time to come to France. I'm by our lake and it's mid 30s, very humid with rapidly developing TCU now. It's progged to kick off after 2300 here, so a great night in prospect camping under the stars (or rather lightning flashes!). Enjoy any storms you might get, you seem to be well placed in the Loire valley...
  15. Nothing nicer than to to wait until it cools down a little bit and go out for a run with Mylo dog. A nice stream half way round that he can go into and probably drag me in as well.

    The slightly blustery wind is actually quite welcome but I guess this is what we are sharing with the UK and what is such a factor in the Saddleworth Moor fire.