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  1. What is a Pembroke Dangler? My mind is boggling...
  2. 20c progged for the weekend, thundersnow a possibility for early next week here in Limousin. What is April doing to us?

    1. matt111


      Sounds like the typical UK variation:rofl:Probably less typical day where you are mind. 

    2. Spikecollie


      Here it's called "Saints de Glaces". Traditionally in May, but maybe like a lot of meteorological events, it has got displaced. Maybe it's just Spring! A bit of thundersnow would be interesting. Imagine if it was the most snow we have seen all year - in April...


    3. mike57


      Until we moved to the east coast I had only seen thundersnow once in my previous 40++ years. Since we have moved here I have experienced it quite a few times, not every winter, but whenever we get snow showers off the North Sea its always a possibility, local topography also assists. Its an eerie experience, relatively quiet thunder and a different colour to the lightning caused by the reflection off the snow.


  3. OK folks...here's me with Mylo! Hair's a mess, clothes are scruffy (we were camping over Easter) - but that's me at my best...
  4. Anyone for the chat this evening/tonight?

    1. Mokidugway


      All ready there spike

  5. I haven't disappeared, we've just been very busy with work, play and puppy Mylo! I'm staying over in Poitiers until Friday, working, so I should have some time tonight and tomorrow for catching up with you all. It's been interesting weather-wise these past few days - warm sunny days but very cold nights and an ice-covered car this morning. The north-north-easterly wind is cold and taking the edge of the sun, but we camped over Easter at the lake and the weekend before which was really warm.

    Back later...

    Here's a couple of Mylo photos to make you smile...



  6. Lots of thundery showers here today but we got out for a great walk in the hills. OH and I can't go out cycling together for the moment as we can't leave Mylo alone for long enough just yet, but we're getting there. The lad is thriving on life here in Haute Vienne and so are we...


  7. Another beautiful low-20s day. I'm starting to look gently bronzed after being in the garden after work. Maybe some storms to look forward to with Mylo later in the week too...

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    2. matt111


      Not bad here either over the last few days. Got up to 16c here today which isn't bad for the time of year. 

    3. cheeky_monkey


      Jealous im not... its a scorching +1c here :help:

    4. 95 Degrees

      95 Degrees

      Up to 24C this Thursday!

  8. We've been in our shorts and t-shirts all day fencing the garden in unbroken sunshine and 22c. Mylo's been playing and snoozing in the shade...bliss!

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    2. lassie23


      going to rain here next week

    3. Mokidugway


      19.7c here earlier ,great day :D

    4. Dami


      yep lovely day here :)

  9. We had one lovely, loud rumble of thunder in the Aire Valley on Monday evening and pea sized hail both then and Tuesday morning before we left. The storm season is approaching...
  10. We're back in France now and I'm back at work this morning. A long trip back on Tuesday/Wednesday but Mylo was a great little traveller! Looking forward to it warming up over here over the weekend - we had sleet yesterday and a hard frost this morning. I'll update later when I can, but we have a lot of sorting out to do at home!

  11. Just been allowed back into Terminal 3 at CDG after an evacuation due to a suspect package! All is normal again now.

    1. Nouska


      The turn of Orly today .. and airport currently closed.


  12. Anyone for the chat?

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    2. Dami


      no not really, spike.  but thx :)

    3. Mokidugway


      Chats gone off the boil lately 

    4. lassie23


      bingo nights in chat on fridays:yahoo:

  13. OH experienced Mylo's first totally submissive puppy moment today. With a Bedlington Terrier of the gentlest kind - but the little lad went upside-down, legs in the air on the pavement. A growth and development moment, if a bit undignified!

    Currently watching Noel Fitzpatrick's "Supervet" prog. in French...

  14. Flying back to my babes tomorrow! Hopefully not too nasty landing conditions at LBA in the wind and rain. All the family dogs are getting together on Saturday, then our little pack is France bound on Monday...

  15. Same for here in France...giboulées de mars en program, temps up and down and round about!