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  1. I've just been out for a walk with Mylo and I just had to come on to say that the temperature on the Pharmacie thermometer was 18.5c. Probably more like 16c in the garden but it's bizarrely warm nonetheless. Insects have been flying. The last two days have been really mild but it's not going to stay like this.

  2. We're ready for Tempête Amélie tonight into tomorrow morning. Thunderstorms, 120 km/h winds all possible. Just been out walking with Mylo and it's bad enough already.

  3. We were woken up by what became big storms at 0400 this morning. They went on for nearly two hours - great excuse for a Sunday lie in!
  4. We had some great storms yesterday morning here in Creuse, round about 07h30! We decided to camp for what will probably be our last weekend of the season. Excellent choice as after the storms cleared it was nearly 30c yesterday and Friday was similar. Just the very strong winds that are a bit annoying. Looks like more flashes and bangs this afternoon to round things off..
  5. Some pretty intense rainfall over the IOM and the north of Eire. Some strikes showing up in the south of the UK.
    1. Yarmy


      Reading that, it looks like Harrow are only selling their brand to Pearson so the latter can charge a ludicrous amount of money for some online courses.

    2. weirpig


      Seems like a good idea to me.  Wont affect this country  as they will not be available.  But for those abroad wishing to seek a quality English Education sounds perfect. 

    3. Spikecollie


      It is about educational ethics not finance! I'm horrified and wouldn't take the money if it was fed to me in a year's worth of healthy food...

  6. The golden bog poo hunt goes on - in more ways than one but corporate finance silences me...

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    2. Seasonality


      Surely it's been melted down by now. I heard they got a lemon price for it though.

    3. Spikecollie


      No idea. Could have been merdé price...

    4. Seasonality


      Oh my, I forgot the filter. Yeah, it was S::H::I::T price 💩

  7. You know some people believe in a "deity" of some sort. I don't but can the universe bestow on the 11 making their minds up in London and make them see sense...

  8. Sorry! I have family and friends down there and we get the same here. Love you...I hope you do too. Mylo and me do....
  9. I love these cool mornings. Get up at 07h30 to take Mylo for a nice cool walk - I'm on sick leave for a week with a merdy virus so able to appreciate it all - then 34c for the afternoon and we hide inside and/or go to the stream (what's left of it as no rain here for weeks) or use the watering can!
  10. Physically could probably do it. All that salt water - blahh! Some courage - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-kent-49724851

  11. This deserves to be heard - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cambridgeshire-49693934
  12. It's so hot in here even with windows open and shutters closed. Mylo has had cold shower. Me next....

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