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  1. For comparison, this is the graph of zonal wind against time for 18z. Needs to dip under 0 m/s for an SSW i think
  2. Zonal winds at 10hPa 60N dropping to 14.6 m/s at T384
  3. Nice retrogression of high in FI, hopefully this shows in the morning
  4. https://ozonewatch.gsfc.nasa.gov/meteorology/wind_2015_MERRA_NH.html Last technical SSW in mid winter was Jan 2013:
  5. Record breaking in terms of zonal winds but too late in the season to have much impact
  6. Quite strong Greenland blocking at the end of the run
  7. I would have thought the differences are due to the use of different climatologies / analysis data. I doubt it would be down to earlier ice cover as Unisys should be showing roughly the same as NOAA
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