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  1. For comparison, this is the graph of zonal wind against time for 18z. Needs to dip under 0 m/s for an SSW i think
  2. Zonal winds at 10hPa 60N dropping to 14.6 m/s at T384
  3. Heights lowering in the Med, decent cold to tap into
  4. Nice retrogression of high in FI, hopefully this shows in the morning
  5. That low near Cornwall edging slightly closer i think
  6. nice wedge of high pressure near Greenland in FI
  7. https://ozonewatch.gsfc.nasa.gov/meteorology/wind_2015_MERRA_NH.html Last technical SSW in mid winter was Jan 2013:
  8. Record breaking in terms of zonal winds but too late in the season to have much impact
  9. The higher the number the better
  10. Quite strong Greenland blocking at the end of the run
  11. This fix was to remove the anomalous cold pool in the western Atlantic at initialization I believe, so it shouldn't impact future forecasts