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  1. oh well im off to play in my freezer least ill find some ice and snow in there
  2. heavy rain hear all snow melted any chance of it freezing tonight and loads of snow coming in
  3. i live in telscombe cliffs, its lovely layer hear hope we get more got to do school run and drive to woodingdean in a min bet theres more up there.are we due more today tonight and tomorrow... hears hoping
  4. close to the coast just of the sea not this 1 but there is footage of others like it on you tube we may have a big storm coming cos its been non stop lightning inside this 1 cloud for coming on an hour im about 8 miles away from brighton if thats any help right on the coast. ill be honest its scarig me abit cos not seen anything like it ever before
  5. hi just seen something very very odd and was wondering if sny of you have seen the same, i live in peacehaven but looking towards newhaven there is a cloud, just 1 cloud that is full of lightning, no thunder and no lightning anywhere els other then inside this cloud any ideas
  6. im in telscombe cliffs aswell and yes pretty scarey im sure my windows are going to blow in must admit i am pooping it some what
  7. pouring down in peacehaven im sure there is bits of wet snow in it aswell, just got drenched going up shop now got to go out again to get littlen from playgroup,hears the question do i take the car or boat
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