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  1. Ah here is the rain, really fine fluffy stuff. Not the sort of rain linked with a storm. It has got very muggy since the rain started.
  2. All we have had here is about 10 mins of light rain. Some through the night too. I think the storms are going round me again. It is very weird that we are often forecast rain and have warnings out, but it rarely hits us, very dry part of the country. But I like a bit of torrential rain now and again. Perhaps Bertha will bring some?
  3. Cannot believe it has missed us again. Bertha better bring me some storms!
  4. Great pics Greenday! I will have to look at the video at home later.
  5. What???? KL is missing all the storms this year. I saw this one build up right outside my window, then float off. Did absolutley nothing here.
  6. Thank you for that I am on Talk Talk at the mo, so I couldn't use the phone checker, I thought they might take a postcode. We are fairly close to the centre, in North Lynn. But about a year ago we left BT because the speeds were pants and it was about £20 more expensive than Talk Talk. Really want better BB though, shame Virgin will never be available.
  7. Hope it reaches me!!! Just cloudy here at the mo, nothing threatening..
  8. Hiya, Is that just for the BT business? This site you are talking about. Is King's Lynn one of the towns on the list? I was on 50Mbps when I lived in Bristol 5 years ago, mainly had speeds averaging at 42. That was Virgin, I highly rate them as a company. The reason I am bothered is because I have cancelled Netflix, because our BB speed is too crap for it.
  9. Another site I use believes that Thursday and Friday will bring thunder storms It actually has the icon, which is a very rare sight!
  10. I've noticed that on my Tesco delivery lorry. I assumed it was because they deliver late at night, quite courteous of them really
  11. People who think it's ok to use the supermarket like an all you can eat buffet. The cashier's really should tell them when they get to the till with an empty wrapper, 'no, it's not ok, that IS stealing' I don't care if the only way your kids will be quiet is to stuff food in their face. (an awful excuse someone has told me). I would love to be a chasier for the day, to tell them off!!
  12. Apparently we finally had a thunder storm about 4am this morning (I was told, I slept through it!!!) The rest of the day has been very warm and cloudy.Clouds look white, not at all angry...
  13. Hard to say, it looked like it was definately going to hit Great Yarmouth, now it has spread out a bit and dropped. So probably yeah you London and South East are gonna nick it again!
  14. Favs have to be Husky/Newfoundland/pyrenean mountain dog and Golden Retrievers, since I have grown up with Retrievers since I was born. But if I'm honest I'm a sucker for almost any dog
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