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  1. This last weeks cold spell has only being marginally disappointing. We have had mainly ice days where we are at 800ft and above 1000ft it's been 2 or 3 below at least nearly all the time. We had snow mainly from the Saturday rain-snow event and then several days of showers but not much accumulation from them really, this was the disappointing part! The drifting above 1000ft has been impressive. What surprised me is how green it is away from the hills, I drove to Worsbrough near Barnsley to collect some flour for our bakery and there nothing but a dusting....had it melted? o
  2. Better shower activity already today here, it seems north and west yorks are getting some bigger heavier showers this morning. As of now, most showers seem to be north of Sheffield...but mainly further north than that even. A big gap in Lincolnshire and parts of south yorks and derbyshire this morning so far.
  3. I'd disagree, Leeds is alright! Much better than it was. Bradford is awful, you're correct ! 😂
  4. Hang about, you're from Leeds/Bradford, two very depressing parts of the world! You'll have to be more specific with your location i'm afraid 😆
  5. Some photos from a walk up a very snowy Manshead Hill (Soyland moor) in Calderdale.
  6. I've seen that streamer, it'll either hit us directly or stay behind the hill towards Cragg/Mytholmroyd. Some proper stuff on the moors above Cragg, amazing drifting....wrap up if you're gonna walk in it. It's grand.
  7. Speak for yourself fella, Calderdale has a good covering of snow especially above 250m (which is a fair chunk of Calderdale) and we headed over to Bingley first thing and they have a covering North Halifax/Queensbury/Allerton end. It is however v localised, some big showers heading in which i expect will keep their intensity. 🙂
  8. There are some big old showers heading in now, covering a good chunk of Yorks/Lincs/Derbyshire 😄
  9. The best beefiest showers are running in a line from Bradford/just north of and Wetherby and the North York Moors. Not S.Yorks as expected (yet!) Lincs and Derbyshire look to be getting some good showers as well 🙂
  10. This is why frontal snow is better 😉 Especially for more widespread consistent snow falls. A good day ahead I feel 😉
  11. They must be incompetent, Norfolk is pretty much flat isn't it? We drive up and down 1/4's in Yorkshire. I'm glad you guys are getting snow!
  12. The wind is a bit much up here for anything to try and settle, lots of showers out there. It looks much more promising for something heavier than it did yesterday.
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