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  1. We use a log burner (or two) all winter. It's our only source of heat in our main living space. Our stove is also Defra approved, this new leglisation is more of a curb on folk who live in Cities and towns where there really is no reason to have a log burner other than for aesthetic reasons. Also it is to curb the log sellers who sell wet wood which is a bigger contributor to pollution. The wetter the wood the bigger the particle matter being released!
  2. A light covering of snow here in between Sowerby and Ripponden....Nothing at similar elevations further east. It's very Pennine based at the moment
  3. What about the mega snow in the Pyrenees? over a metre and still falling in Bareges.
  4. Oh i remember our last polar low, it was like a wall of snow, it dropped about 4inches of snow in fewer hours.
  5. Well it snowed somewhere near here in border parts of west yorks, I can see through towards the hills above todmorden and it looks white over, just a sprinkling here on a couple of occasions this past week. Obviously it has gone with today's rain !
  6. A very very heavy snow shower in Sowerby bridge earlier, a thin covering of snow up here but down in Sowerby bridge itself it was just wet snow.
  7. Just to give you all some hope we have just had a light sleety snow shower.
  8. The wind has been pretty relentless since yesterday up here. And then the rain came and has been even more relentless since! All it means is i can't do outdoor jobs and my wife has me painting the kitchen and waxing all the cupboards instead. So win win for her.
  9. In Halifax yesterday there was wet snow in the heavier bursts. You had to go 350m and above to see some briefly settling snow. That was up withens.
  10. J lang i must be up the hill from you. Everything is melting slowly now it is too wet and a tad too mild, not really doing much out atm. Drizzling even. I'm in between Sowerby and soyland up on a hill somewhere. Approx 250m.
  11. Finally snowing, it's been a long wait for snow this winter. Nothing heavy but snow at least.
  12. A lot of hefty hail showers up here, it's all white over at least!
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