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  1. Well. Just when i was ready to start 'patting myself on the back' wrt to understanding things over on the strat thread.....im really hoping that i can stop patting after all and get told ive got it all wrong!
  2. Winter 2017/18 personal thoughts.

    Hi justin. Well every year i have my "if only" personal thoughts that winters going to start early (like mid november!) And continue til march! This year im missing out the "if only" bit and trying to be more realistic. So far so good this winter. I do believe, we will get a milder outbreaks b4 christmas, but i think weve got a few stormy episodes to get through between now and new year. After that i really think this is the winter to change the rulebook! I think snow for january and more snow for February. Im sure by March we'll all be sick of the sight of it! Oh well! Thats me just ruined it for everyone!
  3. Just got back from a lovely walk with the granddaughter. We were lucky enough for her to see her first flakes ( well, tiny tiny flakes) of snow. Then logged into my facebook account to see a memory from 7 years ago today....me and her big brother building a snowmam in a garden knee deep in the white stuff! I still believe it will be another white out cone boxing day!!
  4. I dont think theres been one single post in the model thread i havent read since the day i joined. (Yes, i need to get out more.) Every spring i await the obvious start of summer 1976. Every autumn i await the obvious start of winter 1963. I tell anyone who will listen that the said event is on the way. Im keeping quiet this year as i await the arrival ( on boxing day!)of what will eventually come to be known simply as the "winter of 2018".
  5. Thank you knocker. Very nice clear explanation in terms very easy to understand
  6. Hi . What is a rex block please? Dont think ive come across that one before (though saying that the memory is not what it once was sadly) thank you
  7. Hurricane Ophelia

    Thurrock essex. Ive seen some dark skies in my time, but this is weird. Yes. Its like a storm approaching sky, but its just not right somehow. Cant stay aeay from the window. Not done a bit of work for the last hour! Most fascinating day of weather watching .
  8. Hurricane Ophelia

    Agree Surrey. Just been out to shop and the wind has picked up (obviously sjould really say breeze lol) but it feels wrong. Not like a typical warm day. Very strange
  9. Hurricane Ophelia

    No. Theyre busy printing off the usual story for this time of year...abiet with a slightly different headline. " Britain to have coldest wintet for 100 years due to the effects of hurricane "
  10. Hurricane Maria

    Cat 1. And looking likely to be cat.3 by tuesday. Worrying times for those already struggling after Irma.
  11. Hurricane Irma

    What can i say? Thanks to CNN , the storm chasers and Netweather, its been a fascinating and emotional few weeks (harvey first). Now its kind of like ive just walked out the cinema and........ (dont get me wrong though, loss of life and livelihood still foremost in my mind pf course)
  12. Hurricane Irma

    Back up to cat 4
  13. Hurricane Irma

    Where do i find this please? Can you put a link up? Thanks