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  1. With all due respect Steve, im sure im not alone in not knowing what day it is,let alone what month! At least the weather is giving us else something to occupy our minds
  2. Nice clear skies for the meteor shower tonight. Temps not too low either ( although i have just took a rather heavy quilt out to the garden!)
  3. Sorry. But i think its time to stop all this now. None of us know what weather the virus prefers. Its new. I come on here to escape the 'expert opinion " on Covid 19, please can we just continue with the weather and leave all else out of it? Its going to be a long 12 weeks as it is
  4. Im going for 23rd jan. 24th the easterly. 25th the snow starts. 30th the cobra meeting. 31st everyone on here wonders where steve murr is. 1st feb there's nobody on here towonder where steve murr is cos all the powers hone down due to the 30ft high snowdrifts
  5. I remember back in the 80's during one snowy spell my young son asking if we would ever be able to christmas on the beach like they did in Australia. Sadly hes no longer here to carry on that discussion, but i wonder somedays if my grandson will really get to do that. Its a strange world now, and nothing would shock me.
  6. Scotland had a lot of sun, while here in the south east it was pretty drab. Temps hit 14 before the big cool down. I believe the 9th/10th turned a bit colder ( well ok, its only gonna drop down to 9 on friday but im straw clutching anyway so....)Before warming slightly again. Was also an unsettled 1st half of January . Anyone else wanna put their straws on the table too?
  7. July eh? Not too long to wait then!
  8. You and me both fh! 20 years ago maybe. But the lungs are bad now at only 50%, and my daughter has heart disease. From a weather geeks pov its fascinating to watch. From our health pov got to admit I'm more than a little worried! ( least I have a 2 hour driving lesson on wed so can escape with the aircon!)
  9. ECM showing a lovely rainfest for my break at centre parcs next weekend. 3rd attempt at a 'summer break' this year. Looks like 3rd washout in a row.
  10. I cant hibernate, im off to bognor regis on monday for a week.. Nice looking charts coming into play the week after my holiday though.
  11. Trying to post on here, keeps saying hidden and coming up in pink??? Cant even send message to mods to find out why? Any help please. Oh its working now!
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