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  1. You and me both fh! 20 years ago maybe. But the lungs are bad now at only 50%, and my daughter has heart disease. From a weather geeks pov its fascinating to watch. From our health pov got to admit I'm more than a little worried! ( least I have a 2 hour driving lesson on wed so can escape with the aircon!)
  2. ECM showing a lovely rainfest for my break at centre parcs next weekend. 3rd attempt at a 'summer break' this year. Looks like 3rd washout in a row.
  3. I cant hibernate, im off to bognor regis on monday for a week.. Nice looking charts coming into play the week after my holiday though.
  4. Trying to post on here, keeps saying hidden and coming up in pink??? Cant even send message to mods to find out why? Any help please. Oh its working now!
  5. Cant believe its settling on the roads here in grays. Daughter and the kiddies are leaving here 3am to catch flight from luton to Slovakia. To see the heavy snow thats now melting out there. 12 degrees and raining awaits them!
  6. Thats a long long winter then. Is that like a double leap year?!
  7. Anyone tell me where i can post banter thats only loosely model related please? Thought it was here judging by the other posts, but i must have got it wrong as my post was deleted almost instantly. Genuine question, sarcasm not intended. Thanks
  8. Oops. Not in brentwood now. Must change that...snowy blackshots tonight. Hopefully good for us in erm.....sshhh...dare i say..10 days!!
  9. Well, i was so busy reading 'hunt for cold' came on here and saw your post , ran to the window just in time to see my 1st flakes of the year! Now i know why sometimes its best to give the models a break and just step outside!! Thanks katrine
  10. Alice is my daughter. The one born in 1991. The one who has a birthday this thursday. Also the one, who made me jinx everything, when i told her i didnt want her going to london at the weekend because of the snow! Sorry . Not had chance to even look at models yet, but im hoping by the first comments ive just read, its not over yet.
  11. Not sure im 100% right, but think it was the gfs picked up on this 2nd warning around christmas. Remember seeing it on here whilst enjoying the exceptionally mild weather on linconshire's lakes
  12. Happy New Year John. And to all on this brilliant forum. May you all be healthy and happy . May the snow lay everywhere, (except near knockers woodshed, where may the sun shine brightly and the daffs be in full bloom!)
  13. 33andrain. Brilliant site. No bickering. (Most of what i read goes over my head, but great place to learn).
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