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  1. Good morning everyone! Now. Having spent 3 years of my life reading EVERY SINGLE comment/chart/moan/ramp over on the mod thread, i just wondered if i jump ship, would you all accept me on here please? I wasted many a good day getting out enjoying the weather we had whilst constantly looking to see what was offered next. Ive put on 2 stone through sitting in an armchair, and developed insomnia through the 'green light' on my phone!!! Some fantastic posters on that thread, but honestly, i cant do the rollercoaster anymore.
  2. Thanks summer sun. All working fine now
  3. Mines been like it since went down for maintenance earlier. Totally lost...made me realise just how much time i spend on here!
  4. Yeah. Wont refresh. On mobile and if i log out I'll never get back in. Can never remember passwords username etc. Used to be wishful. Then i got new phone and ended up back as snowsummer somehow. Hopefully it all still looking good for winter
  5. Hi. Is anyone else having problems with mod thread. Ive been stuck on this mornings posts for hours. Not like it's a really important time for model watching or anything.......
  6. Right. Staying up lampost watching for snow is one thing. But is there anyone else on here who stays up "mod thread watching" to check how near the lampost watching is getting?!!
  7. Could it be because i told my family ? I'll get my coat....
  8. Beautiful scenes for sure. sunrise out of this world in brentwood. Unfortunately my phone picture won't capture the beautiful dark Orange colour
  9. Im thinking the same thing. Though Its been freezing in my little corner for near on 2 weeks now,( still got the remains od the snowman from 11 nights ago!)so i just want some warmth now. If the ssw does occur and does what most hope for then how long would the effects last? Could we be looking at a march 2013 repeat?
  10. Best keep it indoors until next week...apparently it could possibly be the coldest weekend of the winter according to john hammond. I so hope hes right!
  11. Im sure you are right, but as im still very much learning could you please explain to me how to spot that from the current charts available. Thank you
  12. Wherry hotel is flooded i just read jenny Jane
  13. Hope it doesnt effect you. Or anyone else for that matter. My son lives on canvey island. Wonder it it will effect there? Hope not.
  14. West mersea has red warning. Dont know if thats near you. My geography isnt my strong point:)