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  1. Once again the weather watching is put into perspective. Hope youre well and truly on your way to recovery, and looks like the weather may recover too giving you the chance to rest and recuperate in the sun
  2. All the best for the new chapter of your life. Will miss your postings. Enjoy the sun
  3. Maybe that little feature that's formed somewhat early in the Atlantic may be our saviour in the not to distant future? Either that, or the weather will finally sort it's self out and that little feature will be the thing that knocks us back to square one! ( Ignore me if I'm talking rubbish, far too much time, and wine, on my hands!!)
  4. And just when i thought it was all over..... finally slept for 6 hours without lamp post watching and wake up to find what i definitely wasnt expecting! Do you wanna biuld a snowman?
  5. So its not just my fault then lol i sent my daughter out yesterday to find a sledge ( not that i can join in the fun, im shielding) but we both broke the rules when we told friends and family.....
  6. Someone pass me a pram please. ( she says, head down and slightly red faced!)
  7. Well. I have no technical way of checking whats happening here but...my washing line has stopped swaying, ive just kicked the extra throw off my bed, i cant see an orange sky and my cats want to go out ( always a bad sign when hoping for snow). Ive also nearly ran out of coffee and smoked to much while ive been " hanging on for just 10 more minutes" for the last 4 hours. So im going to sleep in hope i wake up to a whiteout in a few more hours!
  8. Yes. Sorry. Saw on your other post after i asked. Hope it reaches me soon i can barely keep my eyes open!
  9. Im just round the corner in Araglen. Yes, 09 made it pretty difficult aroud lakeside. I remember my younger kids walking back to grays as it was quicker than taking a bus! One of the elder ones drove into a tree as our road was a sheet of ice, and i fell over countless times just trying to get out of my driveway! I think a good few toys will be thrown in 15 days time if we dont match the 87/91 year. I think a fair few are honestly expecting a 1947 re run! ( not sure id actually want that..ssshhh!)
  10. Yep! All the prams from the mod thread have found their way here. Toys on route as i type!
  11. Think the models are like my head....all over the place! Do we want "nailed on" big freeze ( not that my humble understandings see that yet) or do we want a boring mild fest which will at least allow as many vulnerable people as possible to get out there and get their vaccine?
  12. I know 2020 was a year we all want to forget, but it did exist . Honestly. And no we didnt have a ssw last year. So 3 out of 4.
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