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  1. Lovely photo knocker, but how long til you start putting up some pictures with the red crayons?
  2. Not sure if im posting in correct thread here; ive been learning so much this winter, ssw, fax charts (ouch!) Ninos, ninas. Why only yesterday i even ventured into the world of skew-t charts ( even bigger ouch!). But one thing im really really eager to learn about. Everyone on here seems to know about it bar me. So sorry if i appear dumb, but what exactly is this thing called SNOW? thanks in advance for your replies
  3. Hi katrine. I really hope youre right. Ive let the last few weeks pass me by reading everything thats been printed everywhere waiting for this. Even dreamt one night that i was pilling up my jumpers into shapes of omega blocks!!! ( look, you cant help what you dream can you? Lol) oh well. Another night of no sleep and watching the street lamp it is then!
  4. Hello everyone. Just walked through the door so not had time to read any of the posts yet. Stocked up on the tomato soup and part baked rolls. Plenty of meat and veg for the slow cooker. Bit of a browse over lakeside, and im ready for the lock in! But hold on! Have i missed something? Sunny, not overly cold, and not a settled spot of snow in sight in sunny grays thurrock! Whats happened? Someone tell me it is coming. Ive had £20 riding on this since 7th february. And promised the youngest that school will be shut!
  5. Talking of sea temperatures, lots of fun on the mod thread at the moment. In fact id go as far to say the sea temps discussion has overtook the 'will it snow imby debate'. Im tempted to message knocker see if he'll pop down and dip he's toes in for us and settle the arguments once and for all!!
  6. Any chance of booking a home delivery please
  7. Dont matter how you put in the blanks thats still not a word i want to see. I'll keep to myself what id like to call you. And hit the ignore button.
  8. Of course we'll get a cold spring. Ive booked me and the daughter a lovely little cliff top caravan holiday in Cornwall for 20th april. Wanted her to see the beautiful beaches........ ( and perhaps catch a glimpse of sydney of course!)
  9. Well apparently theres absolutely anything of value to predict. Why? Because as one particular poster tells us on a weeky (sorry daily.....no hold on i mean hourly basis) that we are just a small island surrounded by water, so therefore we cant have " any weather!". The things i learn on the mod thread are truley amazing. Wouldnt surprise me if next he told me the world was round, not flat!!!!
  10. Oh but they do alexisj9, they do! 10% of people KNOW it will be warm ( yes really!) 40% know it will be just an average january, and 50% are certain that before this weekend is out the British isles is being transported across the pond....... as for the models, they dont have a clue which group of 'experts' to obey yet
  11. Actually... I'll just put my coat back on the peg. Just in case.......
  12. Hello everyone! And sincere apologies to you all. Yes! Its all my fault. Got too clever for my own good over on the mad thread. I just KNEW the snowmaggedon to end all snowmaggeddons was coming. They all told me so. But alas! I committed the cardinal sin....i told not only my family, but my friends, my neighbours, the old ladies at the bus stop, well, everyone really. I'll get mt coat.....
  13. Model output discussion - into 2018

    Whatever your weather prefences may you all have a healthy happy new year! (Cant post a chart as on my mobile )