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  1. We had 28C here in Leeds for the last day of August that year The average was just 21C
  2. April 2011 was ceratinly the best month for sun and lack of rain for as long as I can remember. Ther was an average temperature of 19.2C, which is 6 degrees up on the 30 year average, and less than 1mm of rain in the whole month. I wonder if we will ever have another month like Aprill of 2011.
  3. Weather Forecast last night at 8pm by Nina Ridge on BBC News24 Did anyone else notice that she constantly talked about what was coming in the South Eastern counties for today.. As the time was progressing over the British Isles, you could see that the cloud cover for today in and around Yorkshire and Humber was patchy at times, as well as some brief sunny intervals. Alas though, we never got a mention. It was all about the South Eastern counties etc. We have had a top temperature of 21C at 2.30pm, and a very light overnight shower. We did see thye sun briefly at times throught the day.
  4. Monday and Tuesday here are forecasted to be mostly cloudy with possible showers, and the temperature at around 20C. Maybe it will only be snowing darn sarf!
  5. Its been quiet windy here as well today with gusts up to 26.5 MPH around mid day. The sun was out as well earlier and it looked quiet nice outdoors, till the wind hit you!
  6. Showers on/off through the late morning into the afternoon with some being heavy.
  7. It was wet and windy here this morning, just a typical autumn day I'd say.
  8. We had 19.2mm of rain for September, on 12 days, with 4.6mm being the most recorded on both the 6th and 20th of the said month.
  9. Coldest here was this morning with a temperature of 6.7C at 4.50AM. Strangley enough even though the Max temperature was lower today than Sunday and Monday, it felt a lot warmer with the abscence of any wind.
  10. Just a couple of squally showers here today, with some sunshine, particularly in the afternoon. The wind speed maxed out at 21mph at 11:19 am, and now is mostly light winds of upto 9 or 10mph.
  11. It felt a bit wamer today with 21.7C earlier this afternoon. The lack of the NE wind made all the difference.
  12. It has been the coldest day of the month here at a max temp of 19.2C at 10.15am, then went down to about 17C late am to recover up to 18.3C at 17.35.
  13. A warmer day than was forecast with the top temperature of 24.6C, and humidity at 55%
  14. After some quiet heavy rain last night, today has been a few degrees cooler than of late, and felt fresher outside. It was still quite warm in the sun during the afternoon. The top temperature was 23.1C at 15.31 hrs and humidity at 54%
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