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  1. Storm here in Stevenage was epic, thunder like cannons going off! 🌩️💥 Still some distant rumbles now
  2. Looks like typical Wimbledon weather is on the way, the irony its not even on this year ?
  3. Any thoughts on how Hertfordshire will fair? BBC forecast seems to show it fizzling out north of London... ?
  4. Biblical downpour in Radlett just now, our office roof couldnt handle it... ??️
  5. Currently no mans land here in Welwyn Garden City. Storms to the south, to the north, stuck in the middle with constant flashes!
  6. Fingers crossed my office will shut down early tomo, want to avoid the moronic driving that inevitably occurs! Some very nervous drivers here in the home counties!
  7. Yep similar in welwyn, wet snow for the last hour, just cold and wet out there :-(
  8. Hi all, still relatively new to this model reading malarkey, just want to ask where you get those charts from that have french text on?? Cheers
  9. John hammond on the beeb just mentioned boxing day possible snow, not sure which regions will get it?
  10. Hello! My first post after being an avid reader of this forum for some time, and being a fan of late summers Im very much looking forward to this upcoming settled spell. STUPID QUESTION ALERT - At what point does pressure become low pressure in terms of millibars? Around 1000? Ive never been sure of the exact figure, if there is one? Leigh
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