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  1. Just below the sweet spot for me. Slight shift here or there and us central people could well be rewarded. Fingers crossed! (been a long time coming!)
  2. Don't think it'll be cold enough for snow in our region, particuarly the further west you go. Looks like best chance this week is overnight Tuesday into Wednesday but looking at the GFS in terms of temp, the warmer air that comes in with the Atlantic precip will more than likely mean rain/sleet unless the cold air shifts further west before then.
  3. BBC WeatherView at 12.15am says that a brief cold spell will occur at the end of this week but normality will return this weekend onwards with fronts moving in from the Atlantic. Sigh. Very hard to get motivated for anything at the moment. Is it too much to ask for us to have one significant snow event this winter?
  4. GEM and JMA looking very similar for +192: Apologies if I'm a bit behind, been out all day.
  5. BBC predicting snow tomorrow night: http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/2636333?day=1
  6. I think America's being greedy now. Sounds like more snow on the way for the NE coast.
  7. Thanks. Sorry, didn't notice that post. I'm trying to keep up with it all the moment!
  8. First post so please don't shoot me down - I'm new to all this Seen this JMA +192, is it any good cold wise? What's the JMA like for reliability?
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