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  1. Although most of the models have some sort of tropical maritime solution in the medium term, looking at the overall Northern Hemisphere profile we are nowhere near so many November's I have observed with a pattern established that can often ruin the first half of winter for cold prospects. It would be no surprise to me if another potential cold spell comes into view as early as the end of next week.
  2. Must be unusual for the low point in October to occur on the 1st (9.8C) Probably hasn't happened too much in the series.
  3. Epic storm in Orpington right now. Not sure I have seen anything like it before - especially the rain intensity
  4. Snow has pepped up where I am in Sevenoaks - not really settling yet however, looks like it will get heavier over the next couple of hours
  5. Not really downbeat. Most of the action was always going to be tomorrow.
  6. Not sure - there was an amber warning for up north too so it wasn’t unexpected. The radar doesn’t look that great for our region for tonight but it could change
  7. Wunderground now reporting Orpington as 5.9c so dropping off quickly.
  8. Reckon it will be fine, but a bit of a nowcast situation. The more disruptive stuff should be a bit south of your daughters route
  9. The original band of ppn looks like it’s breaking up with a secondary band incoming that is all snow. Maybe the first band will pick up some convection over land as it sinks south west. None of this stuff looks particularly exciting yet, although north midlands and Yorkshire doing nicely tonight
  10. I would imagine a Thames streamer would be great for your location Daniel. I lived in Greenwich for 2 years and it was generally rubbish for snow. Although they were rubbish winters generally (2014/5 & 2015/6)
  11. That was a concern of mine. I’ve seen heavy snow accumulate before and then thaw for the ground upwards. Hopefully the air temps of around freezing will temper that a little bit.
  12. Light drizzle in Orpington now. Wet surfaces aren’t going to help snow accumulation
  13. Orpington up to 6.8c according to Wunderland!
  14. Yes. I’m not far from you in Orpington. We did slightly better on Wednesday than Friday. Up towards Chelsfield did ok,on the golf course there was still snow in the gullies last weekend despite a few days of double digit temps.