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  1. And one of the back garden from still snowing in Exeter...taken at 8:30pm. With another 5 hours or so in the red zone.
  2. Hi all amazing snow day....this picture taken just now and it's still snowing....can't wait till the morning should be some incredible photos. ?
  3. Give it a couple of hours I'll be off out....."I might be sometime". Can't remember for the life of me...didn't someone famous say that?
  4. I remember 1978 well i was 9 years old...that was the year that made my love for snow. I remember digging the snow from our back kitchen door leading into the garden 8 feet incredible... absolutely loved it at the time.
  5. Hi I'm in Exeter and waiting for the weather to unfold could be interesting times later...
  6. Really looking forward to the snow it's been a longtime...especially for Exeter and of course the whole of the SW. ?
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