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  1. Since we are seeing some thunder potential in the SW this morning, it reminded me of a weather event on 25 January 2014. This was the day that a very vigorous winter squall line crossed the UK. Over the course of the morning, a thundestorm developed over Wales. As it moved gradually eastwards, it began to turn into a line of storms, resulting in a violent winter squall line by the early afternoon. This line of storms then progressed SE over the country throughout the rest of the afternoon, producing lots of thunder and lightning.
  2. We've already seen three named storms of the so-called "2015-16 UK and Ireland windstorm season", that was trialled this year by the Met Office and the Met Eireann. With some more to come over the next few weeks and months, we can look forward top some more named storms. So what are your thoughts on it so far? Has it been a nice addition, or have you generally considered it to be rather pointless? Should we keep using it from here-on in? I personally think we should keep it. It kind of makes them seem a bit more exciting when we give them a name, and adds a new talking point to the weather.
  3. The autumn of 1993 was a very cold autumn with some notable wintry blasts. There was a very postent northerly during mid-October that brought heavy snow to Scotand and Northern England and an easterly in late November, which also brought snow. My historic video for it:
  4. I know cold weather is very popular on here and that many members would happily take a year like 1878-79, but I have to say that it would be my absolute worst nightmare of a year. Every month of the year significantly below average, with cold and snow lasting all the way from October to March, with further snow in April and May, followed by an awful summer. I would tolerate a cold winter if a hot summer was to follow, but not this, that's for sure.
  5. I was more looking at the charts for that to be honest, and from the face of it, the 19-25 November looked like a milder pattern etc. I guess the weather can be very decieving, huh? Anyway, thanks for the heads up!
  6. Cheers WH. That will help a lot when I get round to my video, if you don't mind me using that information of course?
  7. I have just been looking through the CET records and I can't help but notice the long and severe winter of 1878-79. This is one winter I will definately make one of my historic videos on at some point in time. October 1878 (CET: 10.2°C) Despite the CET, the severe winter actually began at the end of October, can you believe! From the 25 October, a northerly flow established, bringing the -5C isotherm into all of the UK. November 1878 (CET: 3.5°C) November was much colder than average. The northerly at the end of October persisted well into the third week of the month bringing frost and snow to much of the country. The only milder period was from the 19-25 November, before a cold north-easterly wind arrived to see out the month. December 1878 (CET: -0.3°C) December was then a severe month, with a sub-zero CET. It was again, a very northerly month with high pressure in the mid-Atlantic and low pressure over Scandinavia. Only the Christmas to New Year period was mild. January 1879 (CET: -0.7°C) January was another severe month. It was also the coldest month of the winter. The mild weather at the end of December continued into the first few days of the month. However, high pressure quickly built of Scandinavia shifting the winds into the east, from the 7 January onwards. There was also a major blizzard on the 18 January. February 1879 (CET: 3.1°C) February was then a little bit milder, but was still a colder than average month overall. The easterly winds which prevailed through much of January continued into early February, before the Atlantic gradually started to take control for the mid-month period. However, northerly winds returned for the end of the month. March 1879 (4.7°C) March again was also fairly chilly, though not extremely so. The month featured alternating short-lived cold easterlies and mild Atlantic spells. It would have been quite a seasonable March, to be honest.
  8. I remember when we finally got an area of high pressure in early March and it felt like an absolute Godsend after this winter. I don't even think many were too bothered about it not bringing snow, but were just happy that the storms had finally subsided.
  9. Not yet, but I certainly will do. I have done one of December 2010 though. Thanks.
  10. Can you imagine if winter 2013-14 swapped places with winter 2012-13? We would have had very autumnal conditions from the start of April right through to the end of February... an 11 month autumn!
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