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  1. Yes as others have alluded too, front is decaying rapidly, slight dusting so far but not expecting much more and in fact places like Swansea with a little height could do better than the valleys. I have been watching the front decay about 20 miles south of me all day, which is surprising given some of the models wanted to take the percipitation towards Manchester. Awh well onto the next one.
  2. Not so much but means more in the chance of snow for low lying areas as flow changes from SE to NE.
  3. Was just about to post. Steady as she goes. Very Interesting, wouldn't be surprised to see Amber warning area increase.
  4. Could increase snow amounts for us, watch the radar to see if it begins to wrap and form.
  5. Could really improve snow amounts in SW if this comes to pass. Watching the radar with Interest to see if the low begins to wrap.
  6. T+96 and the low has separated into two. Looking much better.
  7. GFSP has the snow event still for southern England maybe glancing blow for South Wales on Tuesday. Before another band of snow for Wales and Southern England again on Thursday as the cold never really goes anywhere.
  8. You couldn't ask for better on either update tbh. Lows scirting into biscay with hopefully cold air entrenched.
  9. Feels like the longest chase in history waiting for the reversal to appear. But here it is. What is evident as was pointed out earlier in the year is there is going to be enough energy left in the PV to have low pressure systems sliding under the block. Win win? Also prevents the dreaded West based NAO
  10. Definer signs of the downwelling by 240 as low pressure begins to meander around.
  11. Not a bad little educated guess. I wonder if as Blue stated earlier we are staring down the barrel of a scandi high with lows scooting under. Imagine spending all winter chasing a greenie high to get a scandi one instead.
  12. Scandi? GFSP remains cold throughout. Plenty of snow chances for everyone. As Slack troughs traverse on a NW to Se axis. The azores high isn't aloud to nudge in and this means any warm sector's are kept at bay. At 240 there's a hint that the ridge will head to scandi. But who knows.
  13. Im waiting for the 192 to say boom. But its taking ages, Slack flow.. Minus 8 uppers. Plenty of percipitation. But it stays out in the channel. Haha.
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