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  1. Theoretically speaking.. The longer the strat vortex remains at record strength.. The more cold is bottled up over the artic.. Allows more ice to refreeze for longer? Its a shame we can't access data from the last ice age to see wether a well organised strat actually increases sea ice growth and thus bigger freezes.
  2. 12z GFS at 144.... No low and uppers look to be slightly lower.....
  3. Massive shift post 240 with regards to the PV reforming as per GFS 12z.
  4. How much elevation we thinking that we're going need for these incoming northwesterlies?? Cant remember ever getting a snow shower from one but I'm only a young un.
  5. If you had to draw a shocking winter chart for the start of February I think it would look somthing like this.. Have I travelled back in time to december??
  6. Absoluetly insane nick. Not to say it will come off mind you, but flicking through the GFS the PV is a monster. Low solar activity and above average sea ice the main factors ?
  7. Yes it's truly remarkable that even when we have the big 3 on board at a reasonable timescale it still goes tits up. Horrible winter with the jet once again riding over the top... The long wait for a decent ridge bypasses us again.
  8. Is there anyway you can compare the noaa ice and snow cover charts from this year compared to years from 2000's? Just want to see the difference visually as opposed to the graphs posted by MIA MIA great post BTW, love coming on here to read them.
  9. Wasn't quite the battleground I was referring to. Yes indeed a good spell that occurred due to the SSW, but even then the low pressure migrated north through France. As appose to sliding against an already in situ block.
  10. Ready to start chasing some warmth now.. Its been an abismal winter apart from the suprise snowfall I had back in November. Were going through a period where northern blocking is becoming harder and harder to establish.. I can't remember the last time we had a proper battleground scenario, its been to long. Low solar activity affecting our weather is another one off the list of positives in regards to promoting colder UK weather.
  11. Great Post MIA Can we have the data in a table graph so I can nose at please. Kind regards
  12. Imagine how frustrating it would be that even with all our limited understanding there could be a driver out there that we have not yet discovered.
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