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  1. Yes i agree often always a day behind in my opinion. Poor charts from where we were yesterday as they say another one bites the dust. That's not to say it won't be chilly with snow/hail rain showers but not to the extend of yesterday. ECM is becoming poorer as the years go on for me not as reliable as it used to be. Time for an upgrade? Winter 1 - Me - 0. Onto the next one I'll be here till March.
  2. Definetly.. We wait and see. The only thing I would say is the GFS has a habit as we all know of blowing up the lows.. If that low remains shallow we get a better slider and a better ridge. If not we go again for the next chance
  3. Yes hopefully trends the other way in the morning.. Still gets there in the end... Twitchy twitchy time..
  4. All hypothetical at that range but at 240hrs I don't see the pattern collapsing, there's to much troughing and cold air into Europe. The next low would just slide with an already meandering jet displaced further south.
  5. Even at 312 there's only one way that low is going slideeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  6. Zonal train full steam ahead 8-) Its the same old story as so far this autumn/winter... The models wanting to revert to a standard set up but it has to be the solar activity causing small areas of higher pressure to our north and pushing the jet stream further south. awesome chart for the 10th December
  7. Much more evident at 126 … Ridging further west and north
  8. Even at this early stage id say slightly better ridging at 114 and better heights assimilating ??
  9. For all the talk of 'zonal' it's the same old story of the last few months as the time ticks down to t+0 little wedges of heights appearing and bowling ball lows a lot less round than we've become accustomed too? How long can it last?
  10. Is there a thread for people who aren't sure about 'climate change'?
  11. Shows easterly winds right from the trop into the strat as dipicted by the blue colours
  12. If that was the case doubt they'd have worded the end of the extended forecast like that
  13. When I click on the picture I get a different chart as to when I'm viewing it Normal without expanding it. One shows the mean going for a SSW the other the mean bottoming out around 10m/s??
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