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  1. Yes much better blizzards for all in the south.
  2. Maybe we can have one more upgrade for longevity before bed. I give you the control.
  3. Its about to drop another lobe of the PV into europe .
  4. Icon poor compared to earlier run. To much forcing from the PV sinking the high. Please dont start.
  5. Yes have to say it has trumped both ECM and GFS for consistency over the last few days?
  6. Weve gone into the freezer and started a new ice age across europe.
  7. Just to clarify BBC week ahead forecast is derived solely from ECM.
  8. Icon sticks to its guns. Yes a given its not held in as high regard as other models but whats striking is that over the last few days it hasnt deviated and that is somthing you would expect from a so called less accurate model.
  9. How we go from this To this Given the major warming and reversal in winds is beyond me? ECM just wants to keep the PV angry where as all other models at least attempt to put it under pressure... Even by 240 its gaining in strength ;s