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  1. Could it be possible that this current run of non Atlantic systems be with us the rest of the year so leading to a very early winter if all pieces in place just asking creating some debate.
  2. Looks like the other week was the appetiser and next week is the main course ,
  3. If this was a rain storm it would head over our way because we want it over us it steers away from us.
  4. Been coming down steady for last 1hour and half.
  5. Would love that storm to move a touch eastly link up with the North Sea snow would be epic.
  6. Hardly any thing falling from sky. Roll on Spring if we can't get the deluge .fed up with false forecasting this must be the new fake news.
  7. Most frustating thing about this spell of weather it misses our town and you here just down the road it is pouring down with snow ,snow shield is working well here ,when we do get a shower it only lasts a couple of minutes.
  8. Hammer50

    Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    As usual everything over hyped no snow and just an ordinary cold winters day boring.
  9. The models are saying the cold from about the 20 th so this time next week we will know for sure.
  10. Hammer50

    What would you do in a snowpocalypse?

    I would walk down the road to go to work then turn round and go home and sit and wonder how lovely it looks until some little horrors ruin the loveliness of it all.lol.not really I would go to work.
  11. seeing some convection in the distance hopefully be here soon.
  12. Hammer50

    Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    Why not put the money they waste on forecasting the weather into the NHS as they never get it right in the old days I mean before the car you just woke up and dealt with what the day brought .
  13. What would the TVs be like if we had proper snow and proper cold .
  14. Snow shield back up here in Braintree.