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  1. This is model output discussion so Moan in the correct thread its very simple and easy to follow even for you. shall I link it for you? Im well aware of what the models show, and direction of travel but I don't moan about it in here.
  2. Mods can you put some of these posts in the relevant moan/ramp thread please I'm sick of these winters over posts which have no help or relevance in this thread. Moan somewhere else. Thanks
  3. Chilly day down here in south wales and foggy low of - 1.3
  4. Good UKMO & ECM this morning better disruption of the low in the Atlantic @144 with models reverting back to climatology in the extended range I wouldn't be surprised if everything backs west and more favourable charts appear in the coming days.
  5. Euro 4 shows wide spread showers turning to snow and becoming more organised.
  6. Unless Im reading the UKMO fax charts wrong the 0z was much better than yesterdays 12Z looking at the 500mb & MSLP UK Met Office Fax Charts - UKMOMSLP Analysis and Prognosis - org WWW.WEATHERCHARTS.ORG UK Met Office . . Europe and North Atlantic MSLP analysis and prognosis charts
  7. Temp 8.0 C raining since 8am yesterday here, still raining pretty heavy again now. 50mm accumulation yesterday before bed and 19mm today with no signs of it stopping for next few hours.
  8. I think the Ensembles will be interesting tonight with that low pressure moving up from the SW at 144 that track is no where near decided and could stay further south and with cold air lurking to the north could be one to watch.
  9. This mornings runs offer a slight glimmer of hope that the high pressure might position itself at least so we can get a continental feed of air nothing cold but at least clear and frosty. I was always suspicious of the eastward advancement and strength of the trough in the mid Atlantic, were now seeing it back westwards. Can it continue? we will have to wait.
  10. ECM continues where it left off last night deep trough in the mid Atlantic in the 8-10 day range high ridging north through the uk towards Scandinavia. Notice the energy spilling over the top of the block down into Russia and underneath, this helping to keep the block in situ and riding north.
  11. Looking at tonights ECM and EPS if* thats where we are heading in the 8-10 day range and beyond, I would imagine the ridge over the uk/Europe would have more of a chance to ridge north as the trough in the mid Atlantic digs quite a way south.
  12. Yes the way i read the ECM that low swings up from the SW keeping midlands north on the northern edge exactly like the chart you attached.
  13. Temp has dropped further and now more snow than sleet but still to wet atm in Haverfordwest
  14. 2c in Haverfordwest and still sleet with the odd flake mixed in to wet atm. Temps are falling though just need heavier precipitation.
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