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  1. Just had a snow shower come through really dry and left a dusting. More shower's look to be gathering in the Irish sea
  2. On the road between dollgellau and bala this morning all mountains white to. Snapchat-77604681.mp4
  3. I would agree, still the fax charts show a conversion line. dangler in full swing.
  4. Soft hail I would imagine, accumating where the conversion line sets up. Anythings possible
  5. Latest fax charts have the dangler setting up for a few days.
  6. Even with the slight shift east, the latest fax has the pembs dangler setting up camp for a few days. Will interesting to see what falls if it gets going.
  7. Looking very likely I would say winds NNE N or NNW wet bulb 0c 850hpa temps -9 freezing level 0-100m 520 thicknesses cold and unstable could be a right dumping where the line of showers set up.
  8. Just out Interest how accurate are these charts they seem so different form the NOOA charts?
  9. Anyway...... sorry to Interrupt the winter funeral on the 20th of february. Yes we are going through a mild phase which to be fair is expected as we've been very fortunate this winter. My thoughts are we will see a few more days of above average temperatures as the High pressure builds from the south later next week it will cut off the supply of warm air and as the days are getting longer so we will continue to see temperatures into double digits but also falling at night to low singe figures. After that a trough dropping into Scandinavia coinciding with vortex in canada on the move which could allow high pressure to pull west and give a northerly.
  10. Not much to get excited about Im afraid if its of the cold bias. The general direction seems to be high pressure building over or near to UK thereafter a trough dropping into Scandinavia more favourably ECM allowing a colder northerly flow nothing notable more likely to be a toppler.
  11. No it will get pulled back to the low exiting newfoundland, with the trough dropping into Scandinavia could allow a gap for high pressure to rise towards Greenland. All way to far out to have any confidence.
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