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  1. My wife just got this picture from Southsea looking west Over the spinnaker tower and Portsmouth harbour
  2. 22mm in 20 mins here in Hedge End with a few fumbles of thunder as it headed east, that’s just under 4 inches since Monday here now which is more than we’ve had in the preceding 4 months!
  3. Watching this one bubble out of nowhere - this is from hedge end looking north east ish. Currently we have a slight breeze and still 30.8c - I’m interested in the rain from France, really desperate for rain here and want a night off of watering the garden!
  4. Can’t beat a micks monster burger! Half pounder with mushroom and cheese please!!
  5. Lightning behind Graham souness who lives down at sandbanks that is pointing towards Isle of Wight - just a shame Liverpool won the league ??
  6. 18mm since 1150 here in Hedge End, the clouds are thinning but the rain is intensifying again as we speak an interesting and unusual set up down here. This is the most rain we’ve had since March I think.
  7. Too far south for any storms right on the coast here but some lovely clouds bubbling away out over the Solent and towards the new forest right now
  8. That earlier forecast has been spot on so far. - I am just happy to get any sort of rain, let’s hope it keeps going into the evening
  9. First welcome drops of rain and stuff brewing here in Hedge End
  10. Live in Hedge End and the only storm activity we’ve seen here is some lightning far out in the channel. We are going on our summer holiday tomorrow and are travelling from Plymouth to Santander with Brittany ferries - i wonder if we will see anything as we travel through the channel on Tuesday evening!
  11. Gun shot thunder in hedge end shook the whole house and constant lighting at the minute
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