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  1. I'm pretty new here, but wondered if someone could help me with a stats problem. If there is missing data (random) from a sample population, how do you interpolate the new value without smoothing the analysis? This is in a biological sense (sorry geo's) i.e. a plant dies in a randomised block design experiment, so how do you interpret the data? I know this is very basic..but stats is not my strong point.
  2. The met office forecast is showing a really narrow band of amber for wind now, from lands end and along the south coast..why has it narrowed so much?
  3. Winds getting stronger with this next approaching front, after a lull of appox an hour. And the rain in coming in sheets.
  4. It's been pretty intense rain here for last hour and a half. Just got back from school run and the roads are like rivers. This is a very wet one indeed i think if it keeps up. Anchors away...
  5. Heavy rain here atm, sporadic strong gusts of wind. The met forecast says peak winds between midday and 6am friday..so could be a long drawn out one rather than the short violent one's we had recently.
  6. Well there's always the chance we could miss the worst of it due to our position, just stuck my head out the door and it doesn't feel any worse than a normal winter day here.
  7. It's amazing how a change, any change in the weather can cheer us up in these dark times. Even if it is sleet and hail..would love a bit of snow please.
  8. Two lightening strikes reported within 10 miles from me in the last hour, now the sky is mustard yellow. Feel a bit in the firing line here.
  9. Some intense hail this morning here, accompanied with thunder to the NW. Sky was black 5 min ago now the suns out :-/
  10. Yeah the downpours were coming in waves accompanied by pretty strong gusts..then a lull for a few hours then repeat. Didn't see or hear lightning/thunder and i'm 8 miles from Penzance. In a lull now very warm slight breeze, last heavy rain an hour ago...thing is i hope we don't get much more. So nothing out of the ordinary here.
  11. Just had a heavy sleet drop here, almost turned into full snow, 10-20mm snowflakes..eek whats coming next?
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