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  1. are there any actual satellite pictures yet of the storm forming
  2. Hey. I just saw exactly the same thing on the lightning detector. Scattered multiples strikes. Like a chain reaction ?
  3. Hi Folks. I have played around with the ranging settings. Can anyone give me an update on the current shot, please ?
  4. Up to 167 strikes a minute a few moments ago. Severe storm alarms going off now. Suddenly breaking out to the west of the main cell.
  5. Storms really getting organized now over Northern France. TRAC changed from Green to Yellow to ( RED ) Up to 30 strikes a minute at the moment.
  6. Starting to get more organized now in France. Greens switching to the Yellows on TRAC indicating the ( Moderate ) organized storms
  7. Live Boltek 350. On my roof. Will post some more as the evening progresses.
  8. Things just getting more exciting. Dewpoint now 16°. In for an interesting night I think ? Stay safe everyone.
  9. Southampton Station - Davis Vantage Pro 2 Temp 4C Humidity 76% Wind NE 3mph Barometer 1027.4 Rain 0.0mm
  10. Amber #Weather #Warning : " Storm #Eleanor Brings A #Danger To Life " This Is Live Data From My Personal Home Weather Station . Notice The Darker Blue Area . This Is Air Pressure ( Barometer ) The Drop In 24 Hours Is Around 28 Milibars Process Known As #Cyclogenesis ( Weather Bomb ) !
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