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  1. Well ice pellets are hitting my window here in Weston-snowy-Mess. My other half in Glastonburyhas reported it doing the same thing for the past 20 minutes too.x
  2. I have noticed the app is behind the website time and update wise. X
  3. Jeez it is wild out in WsM this morning. Facing the sea front as I do, very strong gusts, driving the rain through the air like a sheet of water. I would pop out with my anemometer but I daren't.!
  4. The amber warning has already been issued by the Irish Met Office which is why it has been named. X
  5. elfinpunk

    Storm Doris - Atlantic Storm 4

    Capel Curig showing as 94mph gust now.!
  6. elfinpunk

    Storm Katie

    Already been a tree down here near the cemetery, friend has just messaged me saying the Police are in attendance. I didn't think it was that windy but I guess the side of the hill must be in the direct firing line.
  7. elfinpunk

    Storm Katie

    I am 30 seconds from the seafront I am just hoping the seafront isn't blown any closer to me.! X
  8. elfinpunk

    Storm Katie

    87?? I am just at the top of that patch of purple... already there is a tree down the other side of town and it isn't THAT windy. I hope that doesn't come to pass.
  9. elfinpunk

    Atlantic Storm #4 Desmond

    Windermere showing 2.53m at 21.45 tonight... wonder what it is now??
  10. elfinpunk

    Atlantic Storm #2 Barney

    https://www.westernpower.co.uk/Power-outages/What-s-Happening/Power-Cut-Map.aspx Yeah the south west too. x
  11. elfinpunk

    Atlantic Storm #2 Barney

    Clocked 40 mph on my anemometer at 7.45pm just outside my front door. I was only outside for 2 minutes.! x
  12. elfinpunk

    Atlantic Storm #2 Barney

    Damn. I knew I should have brought my anemometer with me to work. I was going to walk down the sea front on the way home and see what speeds we can get up to. Starting to get rather gusty here. X
  13. Estofex is out for 0600 tmrw, and has me almost dead centre on a 15% lightning chance. But I can't understand why.! X
  14. Where on earth did that spring from... I happen to look out of the window and see a few lines of almost text book AcCas and then it suddenly starts raining huge drops of rain, I get up for a closer look and the southern sky is a mass of undulatus!
  15. Humidity is ridiculous in Weston and mammatus passed here a short while ago. Some strike moving through North Devon now. X