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  1. Surely after spending the past while battering the Bahamas he must have lost some intensity, not a lot but some and what depth of heat is in the surrounding water to reintensify to his current level? X
  2. A lucky escape perhaps for Florida, rain aside, but the Bahamas will take more of an impact. The corrections east will continue as the high pressure reduces it's steer. NHC definitely showing him offshore now.
  3. Looking over Weston-super-mare bay towards Wales... what a light show.!!
  4. Looking west out over Weston Bay, looking nicely unstable. X
  5. Just noticed I am rather in the middle of the zone and the rainfall map from the MetOffice (which i know isn't exactly accurate) shows a big splodge of white 32mm/ph over here at 7pm... I am suddenly a little nervous and glad I live on the first floor.
  6. Well I would like to relive the Burn's Day storm of 1990 I think. I was but a tender 11 year old at school watching tiles, sheds and goodness knows what whipping around the place. Too dangerous to send us all home. Luckily our Victorian buildings were made of stern stuff. I remember bits but not the savagery of the wind. It may not be recalled as often as 1987's storm but for me it was something I would want to relive but not repeat.!
  7. Well ice pellets are hitting my window here in Weston-snowy-Mess. My other half in Glastonburyhas reported it doing the same thing for the past 20 minutes too.x
  8. Jeez it is wild out in WsM this morning. Facing the sea front as I do, very strong gusts, driving the rain through the air like a sheet of water. I would pop out with my anemometer but I daren't.!
  9. The amber warning has already been issued by the Irish Met Office which is why it has been named. X
  10. Already been a tree down here near the cemetery, friend has just messaged me saying the Police are in attendance. I didn't think it was that windy but I guess the side of the hill must be in the direct firing line.
  11. I am 30 seconds from the seafront I am just hoping the seafront isn't blown any closer to me.! X
  12. 87?? I am just at the top of that patch of purple... already there is a tree down the other side of town and it isn't THAT windy. I hope that doesn't come to pass.
  13. Windermere showing 2.53m at 21.45 tonight... wonder what it is now??
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