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  1. Wind here is gusting quite strongly as I can hear it over the TV. Any indication of sting jet potential in this storm?
  2. Same as Fukushima, if you have to make something with water or keep something cool then build it on the coast. X
  3. He is still there but degraded signal means almost constant buffering.
  4. Getting very gusty in Weston-super-Mare. I have my window ajar facing the oncoming wind and it is making a lot more noise than I am used to already.
  5. Caught a few flashes from the first cell of squally rain to pass over us in Weston-super-Mare, the wind was terrific, outdoing anything from the rest of the storm and most of Ciara too, very impressive.
  6. For here in Weston-super-Mare I have BBC 57mph, MetO 55mph, GFS 60mph. So BBC going higher than Met Office but they have been bouncing all day between 52 and 60mph. X
  7. Yes, it is always a "damned if we do, damned if we don't" situation with overnight warnings. In a way no warning at all would be best as it stops people venturing out to corral an errant trampoline and getting flattened by several tons of oak tree, but then again some people need to know if they will be around and about overnight.
  8. Judging by the airspeed I saw he may mean 600mph not 800mph as 570kts was the average eastbound but 430kts westbound. X
  9. I wonder if this is moving the track more northerly than expected then? Much as I like extreme weather I do like my roof tiles firmly attached to my house...
  10. Weston-super-Mare appears to be flitting between 53 and 58mph gusts from Sunday evening into Monday but the continuous prediction is 40mph+ from Saturday 9am until 6pm on Tuesday evening! Breezy. I am surprised we have lower gust predictions than London though, despite our exposed coastal position. Edit - New Metoffice update moves the 40mph+ winds to no earlier than Saturday evening now and a lowering to 51mph max over Sunday/Monday night x
  11. I'm a slight novice at this and, looking at those lows whilst mentally working out how to move my house away from the beach to behind something sheltered, I am intrigued by the fact the GFS and Icon overstate windspeeds. If this is the case then do any models knowingly understate it? X
  12. We had a flurry of hail and 4 or 5 lightning flashes around 4pm here in Weston-super-Mare. Went incredibly dark, boom, bang, splash then blue skies came past. X
  13. Surely after spending the past while battering the Bahamas he must have lost some intensity, not a lot but some and what depth of heat is in the surrounding water to reintensify to his current level? X
  14. A lucky escape perhaps for Florida, rain aside, but the Bahamas will take more of an impact. The corrections east will continue as the high pressure reduces it's steer. NHC definitely showing him offshore now.
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