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  1. this is how i would love the winter to go Ant!! as long as there is a mixture and its not just dull i would settle for it!!
  2. exactly. But the fact that people are saying its wrong to predict a cold winter but it seems ok for them to predict a mild 1 simply is nonsense. Wish people would say what they think on the coming winter rather than shying away from making a decision.
  3. a lot of people seem to jump on the wagon for it to be mild simply to cover them selves. I have seen it so many times on here.
  4. lol people are far to scared to say what they think, too scared of being wrong. You will never make anything. The met office wont even comment on the winter at all as they have had it so badly wrong many times. nobody can predict it but it makes me laugh how people say that it wont be cold and act as though they know. 2009 october the 18 forecast was very similar to this weeks. Anything can happen in a short space of time.

    Astronomy pics.

    Im a keen astronomer so will post pics up when i managed to get clear nights!

    Moon 12/10/14

    From the album: Astronomy pics.

    © Ben A Hayes

  7. 1. the cfs charts are very unreliable 2. there nothing like last year in anyway so check your facts
  8. lol people seem to change there mind overnight.
  9. what does this indicate terrier! thanks is it on cue for a cold winter
  10. i love the way every time the papers say forecasters are predicting it, its always james madden
  11. Cant agree more, i will be suprised to see this winter being the same, our winters so so unpredictable. at least if we lived in Norway we would know it will be cold haha
  12. Was thinking that myself Lassie!! really would be a horrible winter again. i enjoyed the storms but after 1 or 2 it gets boring!! i would like a cold winter this year.
  13. By the way James Madden really is everything wrong with weather. He says the same thing every year pretty much, doesnt even change a sentence
  14. Each to there own, every body is aloud to have there own predictions/opinions, we all know its hard even impossible to predict the winter. But i think its a bit unfair for people to write other people off when they havent got a clue them selves. Whats the point in having a forum when its not even considered right for you to give your own opinions. i predict a colder than average winter based on what i have read so far E.G. Eastern QBO, El Nino and many other factors which could go our way.
  15. Obviously still a little bit off but here is views from a more mature experienced weather forecaster who i follow. Seemed to be right the last few years.

    Sun thru As with Ac below

    gorgeous picture. Could you send it to me ?
  17. i dont blame you! i also love it!! im looking to get a pug cross french bulldog!
  18. people who dont let you write what you want, and remove all the posts that you want because they cannot deal with criticism or somebody disagreeing with them. Power does get to peoples heads
  19. The jet stream is very high at the moment i think i would go for a mild winter although i wish we do have a cold winter, its still early days but for some reason i have a feeling that the jet stream as long with other factors will once again be a complete ***
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