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  1. What a lovely morning in the Surrey Hills breezy clear skies and a warm 19c !
  2. Glorious in the Surrey Hills today - but no matter how warm it gets it feels like a September heat wave and not summer - the angle of the sun and the shorter days make it different , very golden soft light too !
  3. September can be a good thundery month down here in the South…. Fingers crossed !
  4. Well why not it’s only gusting to 30 mph - looks like hopefully the worst will stay away from the most populated urban areas of NOLA ….
  5. lovely by early afternoon was in Kingston and it was borderline very warm away from the river ! but now zero warmth left back in Surrey Hills clear but the breeze is notable .....
  6. certainly 2013-20 inclusive have all had significant heatwaves somes hort or long but down here in the south we have had a run of generally good summers through this period this year has been poor ....
  7. Poor Augtumn day here just 15c in the Surrey Hills eyeing up the nest controller might have to shove the heating on the dampness is making it feel worse !!
  8. the skies across Surrey today were incredible huge towers and vivid blue patches before torrential downpours it weirdly didn't feel like anytime of year today bit like April/August/October combo !!
  9. really noticeable tonight its pretty clear out but the sun has long gone behind StGeorges Hill the fresh breeze is adding to the autumn in August feel...
  10. terrible conditions here in N Surrey torrential rain occasional claps of thunder interspersed with brief sunny spells impssoble to do anything outside !!
  11. they are both very technical events that require amazing levels of skill and fitness !! not joke at all !!
  12. no that is the jet stream - AMOC is part of the Gulf Stream
  13. whist the CET is incredibly valuable long term record for trends it really only can tell you part of the story ....the weather also doesn't run in neat monthly portions - down here in the south its been a poor season and the CET does not reflect that- also May was terrible which is part of the May -September out door season down here !!
  14. quite breezy and cool here compared to yesterday .... still a good day for getting the washing out though!!
  15. Yikes I can see why they changed the wording on their medium term outlook !!
  16. Today has been one of those days that for me has been lacking this year - a bog standard summer day white fluffy cumulus slight breeze temps of around 23c - a bit of light sun burn !! Overall a great day here in the Surrey hills !
  17. It’s like where science and cognitive thought go to die !!
  18. even if we have missed many of the storms at times the cloudscapes have really been something this summer in Cobham !
  19. I have to agree with those using the A word this morning ..... it really feels like early autumn today a bit weird but the light levels cool breeze and mud made my dog walk over Esher common feel distinctly autumnal !!
  20. Stiff breeze and a coolish 14c making it feel the freshest out in ages here in Surrey need a sweater for the dog walk !!
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