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  1. Highest levels in Cobham since 2013 , due to peak tonight not sure if it will break that record ..?
  2. Unrelenting heavy rain here in Surrey the main feature is standing water everywhere on all roads grim - the river mole I imagine will be flooding Cobham by late evening.
  3. Rare red warning for South Wales - looks like a lot of rain still to come for south east too ..
  4. Very specific amber rain warnings out for 3 areas now quite localised though ..
  5. I was thinking the same - an amber rain warning might be coming for there....
  6. About to take dog for walk across Esher Common looks wild out but no too wild yet !
  7. They haven’t had the current colour coded warning system for 23 years though !
  8. RHS Wisley is closed on Sunday due to High winds would imagine it’s the amber warning meaning it’s a statutory close ?
  9. Yes he was a great weatherman Francis Wilson - I think he is no longer with us ..?
  10. The GFS has been pointing towards a major wind storm for next week for many days now - sone kudos to the derided GFS if it proves correct !!??
  11. The long autumn slowly transitions into early spring here in Surrey - at least this date last year we had some snow on the ground !
  12. Such a beautiful day weatherise ..... I think at this time of year you just have to enjoy whatever the weather throws at us .... Oxshott was resplendent in the low sun
  13. Deluge conditions here in Surrey the River Mole is lapping against the pavement on the high street at the back of the Ivy Brasserie flooding might be an issue later ..
  14. Flooding potential is definitely evident in the Mole valley and catchment area
  15. It is surprisingly cold out beautiful clear air and moon is bright 0.5c
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