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  1. First night all year you could sit out !! Although it soon went quite fresh after 8pm !!Thanks to Garsons Esher for the amazing garden lights !!
  2. cracking morning finally in Cobham this morning first in a long while -no measurable sunshine for 7 consecutive days here must be a near record for a week in April
  3. Would seem like it down here compared to presently - another dire morning !!
  4. very unpleasant again and its so dull feels like November .... at least April showers stop this is more November rain but on a south easterly !!
  5. Still 11 weeks to the solstice let’s not wish the year away just yet !!!
  6. Steady moderate rain in Surrey yesterday seems a world away again - at least the rain is washing away all the sand from yesterday’s Sahara dust which was every where !!
  7. having lived in both Manny and London summer really highlights the stark difference in climate between the 2 , summers can bet really poor in Mcr last year it was perpetual autumn from early July !!
  8. Still lovely and sunny but amazingly still only 8c in shade with a dp-0.5 really pleasant in sun but remarkably cool in the shade ...
  9. its interesting reading everyones recollections - for me my main recollection of summers since 2003 is generally how poor august can be - it really is the archetypal summer month - silly season shut down - and it is so often poor was this always the case ...?
  10. still only 5c but yeah the sun is out this morning .... will it last though ?
  11. pretty awful here in n Surrey grey between the showers and we just scrapped 11c really poor weather for weeks now !
  12. Cloud really starting to build up here in N Surrey dp of 7c up from 5.9c an hour earlier ...
  13. Doesn’t seem as bad as forecast here it’s stopped raining and the sun has come out !! The river mole is brown and flowing pretty fast though through Cobham village.
  14. So glad the swans managed to upsticks to higher ground ...!!
  15. oh let us know if they succeed !!