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  1. such a great day weather wise and a super day to be out and about ....
  2. Surely that would suggest heavy heavy rain somewhere with such a temp differential- maybe that will be the headline grabber !?
  3. After watching the the Parliament channel for half an hour I felt like banding my head against Brick wall so instead went for a walk around Esher Common the fungi were sublime but felt slightly challenged by the mushroom pickers which were out in force romping through the forest floor collecting everything edible in sight ... I guess it’s good that they are used but wonder about the effects on the precious ecosystem - Esher Common is a sight of special scientific interest there was also a circus skill group which had set up a tight rope across a path who were practicing there skills which was a bit bizarre !! what a day !!
  4. River mole is very high today ... if it stays dry reckon we will have dodged a bullet re flooding
  5. A nice sunny start across the region today for a lot of us - nice to see the autumn colours coming through ....
  6. Stunning non edible fungi in Esher common this morning .... I know everybody knows it but my goodness what another wet day across Surrey into central London !
  7. We still managed to have a wet morning - but was a sunny afternoon with fabulous golden light in London
  8. Earlier heavy rain has given way to very overcast dull afternoon with constant drizzle - the dullness however is contrasted with the best colours so far of the cherry tree !
  9. Certainly another wet start across the south east maybe even a bit earlier than forecast ... so much for just clipping the south east corner !
  10. It’s really soupy out there today - central heating back to the off position temp of 17 c and a dew point of 14.9c means it’s really humid feel - off upto east London for the flower market and a furniture show can’t work out it if it will rain or not ...!
  11. But maybe another rain maker coming up from the south on Monday !
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