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  1. Yes was in Garson’s yesterday and could see they had dismantled the garden furniture and barbecue dept and were rapidly building a Xmas wonderland in its place - I swear they used to wait till the middle of October ?? I love Garsons Farm however it’s one of the great local institutions this way .... the food dept. is great like a cross between Harrods’ food hall and Whole foods !!
  2. heatings on , fire in the lounge, raining outside and strictly on the box.... feels like winter !!
  3. Monday night into Tuesday rural Northants, north Bucks , south Cumbria or good old Benson Oxfordshire look good at the moment for an air frost ...
  4. its that time of year when a slight adjustment in the high pressure will make a big difference to conditions on the ground
  5. looks a fair assessment from the chart shown !!
  6. exactly and I think the warnings were warranted and at the correct level
  7. effects can always vary over relatively short distances - here in North Surrey lots of branches off tress, in Cobham the viewing deck over the river Mole is closed as huge tree bough has crashed into it. In Esher common which is pretty dense forest I saw numerous trees leaning over or down this at the back of my home is pretty typical. If it had occurred in the day time would have been pretty unpleasant !
  8. Don’t forget South Western Trains - miles upon miles of tree lined cut and fill tracks ! Imagine it could be bedlam for those on the Surrey commute tomorrow!
  9. Yes it is still a very beautiful lane lined with statuesque trees and a lovely way to enter Cobham from a Esher or Oxshott - but too many cars at times and you have to look out for speeding Bentayga’s and Range Rovers !!
  10. well said and I have to agree with you ...
  11. warm and windy afternoon more like Sandy Lane Barbados than Sandy Lane Cobham walking across the heath !! Leaves and twigs everywhere in the garden.
  12. Hope you followed your own advice looks pretty chaotic at Glasgow central apparently!
  13. I get what your saying but I think its uncertain all the way until this weekends will it won't it storm is resolved...
  14. which always make me think if the evolution before is not sorted how can it be more certain later!?
  15. Yes the wind in the trees woke me up at around 4.30am quite howling - must be because the trees are in full leaf and the windows are all open - can’t decide whether to go for a run or go the tip. At least the mosquitoes are on the way out finally sat out last night and didn’t get bit ! Next doors re wilded emerald green swimming pool has been drained and the handsome chap from Falcon Pools is now here so hopefully they will re fill and chlorinate it at the least....