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  1. pretty sure we can manage with a frosty morning -10c!!
  2. lovely clear day so nice to feel fresh north wind for a change. Great visibility from the Epsom Downs towards London.
  3. with the anomaly charts have any of them shown lower heights in the Azores mid Atlantic area ? until this starts being seen you have to wonder if we have any chance of cold , the Azores high is constantly nosing in ...
  4. mowed the lawns today they were lush and green and smelt of spring !! still no clear signal for cold in the models that I can see end of jan the next window ?
  5. I admire your unswerving optimism - rest of the run is not a big freeze up - when can we expect the models to jump in line I wonder? it has to be a nagging doubt that the models have the broad brush picture correct just occasional cold incursions - typical winter fair !
  6. but its hardly a big freeze either the Azores high is nosing in and bringing its balmy uppers with it - yes its a GFS low res chart but its available and people comment on them.
  7. that Azores high is never going to give up !! 28th Jan and warm sw winds return - doesn't look much like headline grabbing cold for the end of jan !!
  8. exactly ! and we need cross model agreement and inter run consistency for 72 hours !!
  9. until we see cross model agreement on a solution to cold ,it all continues to be conjecture and a chasing shadows feel to proceedings...
  10. quite ! the daffodils on the Esher bypass started blooming Boxing Day
  11. feels cold out just 5c in a moderate breeze -neighbours are having their front lawn mowed though and the early blossom is out !
  12. really - not much evidence of that on the forecast !
  13. sleety showers at best uppers look underwhelming and a long maritime fetch won't help... but it would be a start I guess !!
  14. lets hope so uppers around -5 won't deliver the goods for us snow starved Southerners
  15. looks great heavy snow showers settling - we can dream ...cant see it dropping to -8c in London tonight although it does at least feel cold ... maybe a cheeky -1c tonight?