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  1. I have to agree with those using the A word this morning ..... it really feels like early autumn today a bit weird but the light levels cool breeze and mud made my dog walk over Esher common feel distinctly autumnal !!
  2. Stiff breeze and a coolish 14c making it feel the freshest out in ages here in Surrey need a sweater for the dog walk !!
  3. A notably poor day for late July here in N Surrey currently 14c and driving heavy rain !!
  4. The rain is starting to cause problems here in N Surrey surface water everywhere roads flooded around Cobham / Esher / Oxshott we have been stuck under deep red radar blob for over an hour my Davis is showing 29mm for today only been raining 60 odd minutes eek
  5. Agree -I think it’s important people do take on board the warnings especially if you have out door things planned / live In Flood prone areas or like my self halfway through a big domestic build and will want to take precautions re water pooling etc ! I know who I would listen to in these situations !!
  6. Very true it’s pretty clear here again and very steamy - no t expecting anything here ….
  7. Cobham here !! Yes it went really dark short shower and it just moved on - merely a few pixels on the radar but might go on to grow into a belter !
  8. Yep clouded over here in Surrey hills too , some quite punchy convection on some of the clouds maybe the cap will break …?
  9. I think the high dew points are making most people feel a bit lethargic and irritable it will be long hot week if we keep the humidity - recent hot spells esp 2018 seemed to be much less humid and a bit more enjoyable!!??
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