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  1. The existing record is 16.8c for September CET so 17 or 17.1 would be within reach
  2. Nope just the swear filter ! Profanities are not needed on a science based forum !
  3. Great pics from everyone tonight ! This is the Kingston storm passing to the north of here in Cobham
  4. Don’t feel August 19 was anything special here in the SE of England the wait for a proper summer like August goes on in my opinion !
  5. Up in rural Lincolnshire on a shoot for an architectural magazine first job since middle of March ! It is so fresh here the thermometer is saying 10 c in shorts and shivering !
  6. The Uk is in a relatively ok position re govt debt much less indebted than Italy / France and USA they are going to have to rip up the rule book and probably borrow big
  7. Which sounds great but has he asked the ECB permission first!!??
  8. The UK alone has committed 50 mill euro for research into vaccine - the EU numbers for 27 countries total 100 million seem quite modest
  9. That’s like saying well bleach kills it so why don’t we drink bleach !!
  10. Highest levels in Cobham since 2013 , due to peak tonight not sure if it will break that record ..?
  11. Unrelenting heavy rain here in Surrey the main feature is standing water everywhere on all roads grim - the river mole I imagine will be flooding Cobham by late evening.
  12. Rare red warning for South Wales - looks like a lot of rain still to come for south east too ..
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