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  1. stunning early evening with a lovely sunset across sundown park in Esher... might as well enjoy this amazing spell of weather whilst we have it one persons amazing weather is another ones dreaded weather type , the weather will do whatever its going to do...
  2. the goldilocks summer continues , so many times the super charged uppers have been dangled only to be moderated nearer the time... never mind temps above 35c can we get the real holy grail a dry sunny hot August ?
  3. for longevity this seems to be the summer that keeps giving -I think someone called it the goldilocks summer not too hot ,not too cold- I can't see anything in the current outlook to suggest 37+ ,very high temps have often been shown in low res but nearer the time we get high temps but not exceptionally so this weekend a case in point.
  4. definitely staying warm but seemingly more of a westerly influence and no record breaking temps...
  5. It’s been a common theme for the models to dangle very high uppers and back away - some posters were saying 35c this weekend but it’s looking unlikely, 29/30c for south is great but it’s the same every weekend !
  6. Badgers01

    Members Photos - Show Yourself !

    me in the cold in southern France..
  7. Badgers01


    I love Paris ,if you arrive by train the area around Gard Du Nord is seriously edgy and can be a shock you are not ready for it !!
  8. Badgers01

    Autumn 2018

    will be amazed it it is not well above average precipitation wise ..
  9. thursday 5th July isolated heavy shower gave a very welcome 8mm
  10. usual vague wording seems to cover all bases !
  11. will be really interesting to see if we can get a great August this year that is what has been missing since 2003.
  12. maybe there is a car idling next to the station !
  13. 29c here dp just 11c so feels bearable
  14. Badgers01

    Drought - Summer - 2018?

    been an amazing first half of summer for consistency must be the best since '76 ?
  15. Badgers01

    Summer Of 1976. 30th Anniversary

    England and Wales had turned brown long before August, by the beginning of July after the dry winter and spring in fact.