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  1. I am not too bothered yet by being out the zone. In Cobham / Oxshott in the more opportune places you can actually look down into the Thames estuary and see the Shard / City of London / Canary Wharf skyscrapers- so should the streamer get going we normally get a real dumping we had 11’ here overnight Feb 09.
  2. have to agree it's feeling cold already only 4c here in Cobham and-2c dp feels continental !
  3. it was very snowy in Cambridge 91 uni was closed for a day I think it was pipe freezingly cold with lots of halls having no hot water etc ..
  4. Seems to make a difference to the 850 values in the south the coldest are pushed into France on the latter.
  5. That should settle a few nerves - human input and a near perfect alignment for cold . We can but hope.
  6. It is strange insular world we all inhabit on here as prosumers of the weather models output - seems a lot of professional broadcasters / meteos seem hardly fussed !
  7. Starting to wobble a bit in the mad thread high pressure blowing up too much would still keep us cold and if it was clear high potentially amazing blue skies and harsh frost at night and a bit springlike day time ..? Could be worse ..?
  8. It’s been horrible last 2 days hasn’t it - dry cold is the best thing for rheumatoid type pain can’t wait for the lower dew points and dry cracking air - might start seeing signs of it by end of today ..??
  9. I think now I am looking for upgrades in timing , the uppers repeatedly shown are pretty much as low as can be theoretically possible. If the models are still struggling they might be underestimating the propagation of the wind reversal - so would like to see the initial surface cold and caa coming quicker than modelled and get a nudge to get here by Friday. Here’s hoping , interestingly here in Surrey surface winds keep trying to veer NE and it’s seems to be drying up from the east.
  10. Well regardless of whatever we wish happens the weather will do what it will do !!
  11. It states info provided by METEO Group so yes
  12. I know it’s just one run but this is not what we want too see - we were meant to be in a super chilled polar continent flow not warming uppers
  13. If I recall correctly they briefly touched -17c for a short while in the Jan 87 event which I believe was the coldest day time maxima in southern England for 250 years
  14. Thank you for that - I am pretty sure a cold spring is now highly likely whether we get the winter cold or not...