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  1. This murky mild weather really feels like an old school pre cursor to a shift to much cooler weather , really reminds me of late 1985 here's hoping !
  2. yes its quite muggy today and makes you feel a bit lethargic ... negative dew points and clear skies would be my personal holy grail ...
  3. just some dry frosty weather and freezing fog would suit me given the time of year.
  4. that's what I thought - posted a chart with no snow on it for south east !! there are better one around - have a look in the mad thread ! Best remember your hard hat though as some serious beef flying around
  5. hopefully better than that chart shows !!
  6. 32 mm since midnight here in Cobham ...
  7. Hi RS , just got in from Esher Common it’s very boggy bit like it was last early December !!
  8. Wild hour here in Cobham and up the A3 from Guildford - crazy hail gusting wind and slow moving torrential rain - not good for dog walks!
  9. Shower train 2 now departing the south coast and trundling up the A3....
  10. Yep another BBC forecast that was out of date before it had finished being broadcast !! Thunder and lightening here in Cobham
  11. Lively day weather wise 13 mm recorded day - last of the autumn colours on Esher common today. The Acer in our back garden is at its peak today for vibrant colour.
  12. Cold start but warmed up a bit - had late breakfast in Cobham, sat outside and it was a strange procession of either people in shorts and capped sleeved tops looking sporty, or fur trimmed hats and coats with people thinking it was winter. Lovely late afternoon walk on Esher Common.
  13. A grim day here in Surrey, just 5.9c still dry though ,not sure if that rain will edge this far west ..?
  14. Super sunny day , first air frost proper down to -0.7c . End of the pumpkin mania at Garson’s Farm !
  15. A real stark transition, from Summer like to more seasonal weather, when I think about the weather today compared with last Sunday.