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  1. A run of clear days and frosty nights in winter - seems almost impossible to get !
  2. Judging by the forecast probs another above average month - April can warm up quickly look at last year !
  3. We quite often get anticyclonic gloom on the back of an easterly around May or June and that can be pretty grotty ! Also in June if we get the return of the westerlies can also be poor !
  4. SUV and x drive variants are mostly what sell in USA anyway !
  5. a lot of the BMW's in N America are all wheel drive so that prob helps !
  6. This was the wintry shower which passed over the City earlier ....
  7. was a very nippy -1.7c out on the sandy soils of Esher common this morning but very sunny , then as temp rose a bit it went briefly misty and now it is overcast and just 3.2c so feels like winter !!
  8. wow that would be the coldest April for over a 100 years..??!! would certainly be something to talk about !!
  9. was up in Ampthill hill today doing a photoshoot at a house there and it was miserable cold and so dark extra lighting was required ! on the drive back around Radlett we had large ice pellets plopping out the sky the temp was 3c so definitely a wintry mix !!
  10. Beautiful afternoon here in Surrey , in Marlow earlier and was pretty sunny from 9am there
  11. I was working at LHR at the time and for about 30 mins both runways had settled snow but it didn’t last or cause any probs - on the roof terrace of the Virgin upper class lounge we had a selection of palm trees and they had a good covering of snow and it looked great I took a pic but don’t know where it is !
  12. Remember it snowing early one Sunday morning in April 2008 it settled briefly for an hour or two ...
  13. the uv levels are medium today which is quite high relatively un protected skin can burn in 30 mins , which its quite easy to clock up!
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