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  1. Liverpool put up a better performance than expected, i thought they would get thrashed 3-0, good that we have started scoring again. An Fa cup run would be good fgs, but Liverpool have been sheet in this competition recently.
  2. Whatever happened to galaxy truffles
  3. A mum just got her daughter in a head lock and stuffed a snow ball in her face, hands space stuff snow ball in face
  4. Mass street snow ball fight has broken out, no distancing or masks though.

    1. lassie23


      nice to see people having fun

  5. when is the precipitation supposed to start and do I need an umbrella or sledge?
  6. I have found my snow boots and shovel, both were covered in cobwebs as the last time they were used was when the beast turned up in Smarch
  7. Ascot 1.15 Roksana 1.50 Paddys Motorbike 3.00 good boy bobby 3.35 First flow Haydock 1.30 anything for love 2.40 acey milan 3.15 Ballyandy Taunton 210 the mighty don 1) Roksana 2) acey milan 3) good boy bobby 4) first flow
  8. It's come to a point now that Liverpool need a good run in the cup to inject some life into their season, but playing how they are, Old Trafford is the last place Liverpool need to go right now when they have zero confidence.
  9. It's not really just one player with Liverpool though, but it is our best defender, take out Fernades from Man U or de bruyne from man city and they will not be the same team either.
  10. yes the stats prove your point lol, the team in general is disjointed. It is more than just a wobble as well.
  11. I think Jota will breathe some life in attack, but i just hope he comes back in good shape. I blame that tit Pickford, an over rated hacker at best and not worthy of being an England goalie. If you see the footage, he just took Virgil out, a ploy to take out our key defender.
  12. we need our defence back and this gives the rest of the team confidence. With henderson and fab in midfield the strikers play with confidence too. Unfortunately there are just too many injuries coming and going.
  13. think it is a manchester fight this season, the other teams just don't have the squads to stay the distance
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