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  1. According to the BBC Wednesday will be a messy day, what should we expect.....any ideas?
  2. Well they weren't that fired up after all and Liverpool have had much harder games and should have spanked them.
  3. Brendan rogers is doing his usual and bottling it. If you ever want to look good as a manager, manage in Scotland
  4. Wolves are a classy team and away too, it will be difficult.
  5. The man u goalie is a joke, thinking that he was fouled. As for the man u players badgering the ref, if they concentrated more on playing football and less on trying to influence the ref, then they wouldn't be so average.
  6. Toughest game of the season so far coming up for Liverpool this afternoon. Manchester United are always fired up for these and their forwards are pacy. They are a bit of a bogey team for Liverpool too. The lead though, allows Liverpool a couple of defeats without affecting the table that much, we need this cushion though with the teams we still have to play.
  7. You must be a follower of the October Fog Index too It said snow chance of snow this winter, all the way back in.......well October.
  8. Whatever next MET OFFICE ISSUES DRIZZLE ALERT BECAUSE IT MIGHT MESS WITH PEOPLE'S HAIR Level 4 warning issued for Sunday 19th January Severe hair disruption predicted due to drizzle please prepare accordingly.
  9. we just have autumns and summers now
  10. ASCOT 1.50 - Selection - coded message 2.25 - LEG 1 - ASCOT-HAYDOCK H'CAP TRIXIE. Selection - song for someone 3.00 - LEG 3 - " " " " Selection - happy diva 3.35 - Selection - Defi Du Seuil HAYDOCK 2.05 - WIN ONLY. Selection - Edwardstone 2.40 - LEG 2 - ASCOT-HAYDOCK H'CAP TRIXIE. Selection - Flying Angel (NAP) 3.15 - WIN ONLY. Selection -Darasso CATEGORY 5 (Sat.18th Jan.) ASCOT-HAYDOCK HANDICAP TRIXIE. LEG 1 - ASCOT HANDICAP HURDLE (2.25 Asc) - Selection songforsomeone LEG 2 - PETER MARSH HANDICAP CHASE (2.40 Hay) - Selection - flying angel LEG 3 - ASCOT HANDICAP CHASE (3.00 Asc) - Selection - happy diva
  11. It's a garbage winter but i was expecting it so not that hissed off lol
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