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  1. I wouldn't expect or want David Cameron to be of any help - he has already caused enough problems, however I think that it is important to let our parliamentary representatives know the depth of our feeling over this.

    We will see what we will see.


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    2. mike Meehan

      mike Meehan

      Maybe Nick but I cannot take this decision lying down - my view is that the referendum was fundamentally flawed by reason of the lies told by the leave side and that a decision obtained through dishonesty and fraud cannot be regarded as true democratic decision and for that reason I do not accept it.

      To this end I have written to my MP - this does not become official until ratified by parliament - the chances are strong that they will but by the same token there is some chance if enough people make known  their feelings by writing to their MP's that that they may at least pause and give the matter deeper thought.

      Add to this the much stronger possibility that Scotland will leave the Union and possibly Northern Ireland as well is bound to add something to their deliberations.

      So I feel that we should do everything possible to try and achieve a non ratification whilst the window is still open.

      The odds are against it but it is just possible people power may work and if the government can find a face saving formula to present to the public the day may be saved.

      If I were in a position of power my first port of call would be the EU Commission to inform them that the result is disputed and ask for time to sort it out.

    3. Nick L

      Nick L

      I'm just so gutted we've been dragged out by the ill informed. People have no idea what they've done. Just a hatred of foreign people has tipped this vote. I heard one guy saying he wants Britain to go back to how it was 40 years ago. It was well before my time but from what I've read and heard the UK was in a dreadful state in the 70s...

    4. mike Meehan

      mike Meehan

      I was about in the 70's and that was the time Britain was described as the sick man of Europe since then we have made a lot of headway despite the credit crisis of 2008.

      I have also sent an E-Mail to the House of Lords for the attention of Lord Peter Mandelson - I still think our best chance is to continue to put the pressure on the Government whilst we still have a little bit of window.

      Not sure about sending one to David Cameron - he was the one who said he would abide by the result - what I am banking on is that the majority of MP's are pro EU and they may have their own minds on this.