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  1. SUN.13th Oct.


    2.05:SELECTION - Kondratiev Wave 

    2.40:SELECTION - Shehreen

    3.15:SELECTION - Romantic Proposal

    4.25:SELECTION - 1. -     Shamad nap                   2. -             Dinard Rose                  (IRISH CESAREWITCH).


    3.40:SELECTION -  Whelan's Way

    4.50:SELECTION - Dubai Tradition


    3.40:SELECTION - 1. -       Stretton                2. -              Delight My Fire                (CZECH REPUBLIC GRAND NATIONAL).


    4.35:SELECTION - 1. -       Na trachtalai Abu                    2. -              The Big Lense              (MUNSTER GRAND NATIONAL).  


  2. 4 minutes ago, Summer Sun said:

    Thursday 17 Oct - Saturday 26 Oct

    Sunny spells and scattered showers on Thursday, with the best of the sunshine in southern and eastern parts. The northwest may see heavy thundery showers, with a risk of coastal gales. Beyond that, the unsettled theme looks set to continue with rain or showers at times. There should be some brief episodes of more settled weather and sunny spells. Often windy, particularly in the north and west, with gales in places. Southern and eastern parts will generally be drier and brighter. Temperatures should remain around average for this time of the year, although it may feel colder at times in the wind and rain. In the short-lived settled periods of drier and clearer conditions, there is the potential for some overnight frost or fog, which would be slow to clear.

    Sunday 27 Oct - Sunday 10 Nov

    Changeable conditions could well dominate through the end of October and into the start of November, bringing further bouts of wet and windy weather. Some drier and brighter spells are likely, though these may be short-lived. Temperatures will probably be around average for the time of year, though in those drier spells, overnight frost and fog will become more widespread. In early November, the west is likely to stay on the wet and windy side, with an increasing chance of drier and brighter weather in the east. Temperatures under these conditions would feel mild by day and cool by night. Early signs for mid November indicate a return to frequent bands of rain and strong winds moving from west to east, though there is low confidence at this stage.



    I never knew the Met Office used the October Fog index for their LRF😮


    SAT.12th Oct.


    2.20:SELECTION - Frankel's Storm 

    2.55:SELECTION - Dontaskmeagain

    3.30:SELECTION - 1. -   Pinatubo                          2. - Mystery Power

    4.10:SELECTION - 1. -          Eddystone Rock    ( replacement for  True Destiny )          2. -  Sneaky Getaway                           3. - Rainbow Dreamer


    2.40:SELECTION - Orlaith (NAP)

    3.15:SELECTION - Coolagh Forest

    3.50:SELECTION - 1. -        Growl                     2. -     Intisaab



    FRI.11th Oct.


    1.50:SELECTION - Flaming Princess NAP

    2.25:SELECTION - Valeria Messalina

    3.00:SELECTION - Shine So Bright

    3.35:SELECTION - 1. -     Cayenne Pepper                          2. - West End Girl

    4.10:SELECTION - 1. -         Natty Night                     2. -  Skymax


    2.10:SELECTION -  Trevelyns Corn


    2.40:SELECTION - Major Partnership

    3.50:SELECTION - 1. -     Navajo pass                         2. -  Space Walk

  5. CATEGORY 6                               MID AUTUMN 2 YEAR OLD DOUBLE

    LEG 1: FILLIES MILE (11th Oct.) - Selection 1. -     Cayenne      Pepper                           Selection 2. -                West End Girl

    LEG 2: DEWHURST STAKES (12th Oct.) - Selection 1. -        Pinatubo                              Selection 2. -       Year Of The Tiger                        

    STAKE OPTION: OPTION 1 - 4 x 50p WIN Doubles (2x2)

  6. 5 hours ago, karyo said:

    It's hardly ever cold enough to wear a winter coat never mind have snow and ice. 

    On the plus side, living in a big city is more comfortable in winter than in summer so that's good even in the mildest of winters.

    I have a Neo style long leather jacket and have never worn it because it's just not cold enough. Might sell it to a Matrix nut on Ebay.

  7. 1 hour ago, weirpig said:

    Cant agree with your assessment of your side   I think your two full backs are excellent  infact currently  trent is the best right back in world football  fabinho  in the centre is fast becoming world class   if I went through your side  I would think you have  7 world class stars     cant see the title going anywhere other than Anfield this year    city in the next year or so will need to spend big  with quite  a few players over 30  years of age  utd need to spend millions  so do spurs and arsenal    this season might see a power shift in English football  what I find impressive  is that klopp as spent hardly anything in the transfer window  so will  probably go big next year   I hear a new kit deal  could see you surpace  Barca and real  as the most expensive   you have a lot to look forward to  

    Rumour has it that bappe  might be on his way

  8. 40 minutes ago, DAVID SNOW said:

    Your welcome:bad:

    An easy win at ours next time: 0-4.

    Could be worse though, just imagine being a boro fan....never won anything and never will🤣

    lol i expect man u to spring to life against liverpool and give us the usual hard game that could end our run😭

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