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  1. I will only need three more frosts this month to beat the whole of winter. Was 0.8c now 11.5 c in London.
  2. lassie23

    Net Weather Gardening Thread

    Is anyone else going to plant early this year, as in now? looks like there is no chance of a cold spell in March.
  3. lassie23

    Make us laugh

    For the past few years, I have been contacted by letter, from my local health authority, saying that i haven't been attending my smear test. Should I attend? I am male by the way.
  4. I couldn't agree more, wasn't expecting a storm.
  5. We got off lightly in London this winter and that includes the gales that caused damage, we are thankfully not under water
  6. LOL, There is a word that begins with S that best describes the winter we just had MAF. The rain is really coming down now in London and it is very windy. 7.4c
  7. LOL, I'm sure it is guess work. We will see how good a guess it is. Blocking over Greenland in April, what a waste.
  8. There seems to be a warm settled spell heading our way Jax, we are going from a long autumn, straight into spring with a brief hiccup when it snows in April.
  9. I am going to risk it and plant all my vegetables this month rather than wait until the end of April. There is no repeat of last March on the cards, that's for sure.
  10. making a cheese on toast with cheddar cheese weather cold and damp
  11. just had mashed potato with chips 4.9c drizzle, cold, miserable, depressing, dark, damp, wet, sunny and generally horrible.
  12. lassie23

    Members Photos - Show Yourself !

    Me having a picnic out in the prairies, rocket launcher in hand. as you do.
  13. We might as well give up on snow, it's just too late now, roll on spring. My hazelnut tree is already budding .
  14. lassie23

    Scotland Regional Weather Discussion 27/01/14

    Is it too late for that warming to produce any cold? There is a lag effect as well which would take us into spring.
  15. I hope the little bird is right too, the little bird added that March will be a mild dry month and it will feel spring like.
  16. lassie23

    Scotland Regional Weather Discussion 27/01/14

    You lucky lot, we couldn't see onions in london, would have loved to see the aurora. Not a flake of snow here this winter, thinking of moving to scotland.
  17. Spring next weekend, so a little bird told me, temps of 15c and sunny.
  18. did any one see any snow in the midlands none in london 6.8c raining
  19. that's one hell of a lot of onions 4c calm in london apart from south london
  20. Winter's last blast: EIGHT INCHES of snow to hit Britain tomorrow on last day of winter which has been wettest in 250 years
  21. The big freeze has returned to America, hope it doesn't mean more storms for the uk in spring.
  22. just had some april showers in london in february, my gardens is bigger than yours btw