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  1. SUN.13th Oct. THE CURRAGH 2.05:SELECTION - Kondratiev Wave 2.40:SELECTION - Shehreen 3.15:SELECTION - Romantic Proposal 4.25:SELECTION - 1. - Shamad nap 2. - Dinard Rose (IRISH CESAREWITCH). GOODWOOD 3.40:SELECTION - Whelan's Way 4.50:SELECTION - Dubai Tradition PARDUBICE 3.40:SELECTION - 1. - Stretton 2. - Delight My Fire (CZECH REPUBLIC GRAND NATIONAL). LIMERICK 4.35:SELECTION - 1. - Na trachtalai Abu 2. - The Big Lense (MUNSTER GRAND NATIONAL).
  2. I never knew the Met Office used the October Fog index for their LRF
  3. James Madden has chosen to ignore the OFI and has gone for Blizzards in November instead
  4. Sorry about the wrong horse Tom, hope it's sorted. Good luck all and hope none of your selections end up running like Sorry couldn't find a donkey emoji
  5. EARLY-MID AUTUMN RACING COMPETITION SAT.12th Oct. NEWMARKET 2.20:SELECTION - Frankel's Storm 2.55:SELECTION - Dontaskmeagain 3.30:SELECTION - 1. - Pinatubo 2. - Mystery Power 4.10:SELECTION - 1. - Eddystone Rock ( replacement for True Destiny ) 2. - Sneaky Getaway 3. - Rainbow Dreamer YORK 2.40:SELECTION - Orlaith (NAP) 3.15:SELECTION - Coolagh Forest 3.50:SELECTION - 1. - Growl 2. - Intisaab
  6. I've prepared the garden for winter, I've planted a banana tree, and if this is going to be a usual UK winter, I should have bananas by April
  7. EARLY-MID AUTUMN RACING COMPETITION FRI.11th Oct. NEWMARKET 1.50:SELECTION - Flaming Princess NAP 2.25:SELECTION - Valeria Messalina 3.00:SELECTION - Shine So Bright 3.35:SELECTION - 1. - Cayenne Pepper 2. - West End Girl 4.10:SELECTION - 1. - Natty Night 2. - Skymax CHEPSTOW 2.10:SELECTION - Trevelyns Corn YORK 2.40:SELECTION - Major Partnership 3.50:SELECTION - 1. - Navajo pass 2. - Space Walk
  8. Fears 120,000,000 rats could invade our homes in the cold weather That's the only weather related headline I could find, but I have to ask, what cold weather? Oh and COULD means won't.
  9. Wonder how long we will have to wait before we see snow in the South East this winter?
  10. CATEGORY 6 MID AUTUMN 2 YEAR OLD DOUBLE LEG 1: FILLIES MILE (11th Oct.) - Selection 1. - Cayenne Pepper Selection 2. - West End Girl LEG 2: DEWHURST STAKES (12th Oct.) - Selection 1. - Pinatubo Selection 2. - Year Of The Tiger STAKE OPTION: OPTION 1 - 4 x 50p WIN Doubles (2x2)
  11. Has anyone said 'winter's over' in the MOD thread?

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    2. Dami


      I'm stupid enough. And I can still get to the maps if banned so mmm.

    3. TomW


      Bartlett high this winter please!

    4. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      not in model thread, but y'all know my winter 'beliefs' mild more frequent

  12. I have a Neo style long leather jacket and have never worn it because it's just not cold enough. Might sell it to a Matrix nut on Ebay.
  13. Rumour has it that bappe might be on his way
  14. It's a decent enough squad though when you see the names
  15. They recently extended his contract
  16. lol i expect man u to spring to life against liverpool and give us the usual hard game that could end our run
  17. Newcastle and wolves thank you
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