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    Did you know.

    Did you know that cats spend 66% of their lives asleep. Switzerland eats the most chocolate equating to 10 kilos per person per year The only continent with no active volcanoes is Australia The croissant was invented in Austria Coca-Cola originally contained cocaine Anyone else got any pointless nuggets of knowledge they would like to share?
  2. lassie23

    Eurovision Song Contest

    I forget the song was concentrating on the milking😍
  3. Is this the same coffee the met office smell, shouldn't we have easterlies and heavy snow showers by now, according to them?🤔
  4. We can all expect snow now that they have gone for a more milder outlook, where is my sledge?
  5. BBC should go back to sticking the symbols on Michael Fish style, always fun watching snow symbols slide off or not stick at all.
  6. What did i say, the quote is blank lol
  7. lassie23

    Europa League

    hope Arsenal and Chelsea are enjoying the Europa, more of the same next season👍
  8. they haven't seen much all winter
  9. lassie23

    Did you know.

    did you know that Darth Vader has taken up vaping.....now calls himself Darth vapor, i'll get my🐐
  10. I will panic buy cookies just in case
  11. It looks like it will give us BBQ winters
  12. we need a cold snowy smarch
  13. How to spot that a cold snowy winter is approaching. Background signals all point to a warm winter, all models point to the same, certain cold rampers here and in the media predict the mildest winter on record, met office predicts BBQ winter, James Madden throws in the towel and says the new mini ice age is over before it began, then you know we will have the complete opposite, but until this happens expect winters to be utter crap
  14. i don't mind bees but wasps should not have been invented
  15. This spring has been amazing so far, especially since it started in winter.
  16. Where are all the coldies, my guess is they are sunbathing? Seen my first bee today, spring has definitely sprung.
  17. not another bone dry summer i hope
  18. lassie23

    Eurovision Song Contest

    the one that won was inane drivel and deserves no points
  19. lassie23

    What ever happened to ?

    whatever happened to spurs
  20. lassie23

    UEFA Champions League

    not sure dorty can pull this one back
  21. Even all the cold rampers have left the building, even out to f1 nothing to ramp.
  22. Even the most die-hard cold hunter must be thinking game over tonight lol