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  1. There is no Continental air over England, its 200 miles East in the North sea. So I don't see how an Easterly is guaranteed when there is more confidence for the Westerly and you state confidence is low for this. Out to T300 and its a Westerly ,not once has an Easterly shown up to this point. Where is the guaranteed coming from?
  2. No you'd put your money on the GFS. As it was the only one who didn't call the phantom "Cold Easterly" for this weekend, earlier this week ecm and ukmo had -10 uppers across England and Scotland for now.
  3. Remember what they were saying in early December and remember last winter early doors, you yourself were predicting copious snow with the Teleconnections then that never materialised and once this started showing in the models alot of the Teleconnections crew started altering their predictions. So many blinkers
  4. Lots living on lá lá land on the model thread. The ECM has got progressively worse those past 3-4 runs yet them seem oblivious for the most part.
  5. Agree 100%. IMO the last couple of runs haven't been as good but I never jumped on the joy train to begin with. The trend is your friend as they say.
  6. ECM is pretty rubbish in terms of snow. Dry fest mostly. Give me a Greenie high any day over this.
  7. Castlederg 57mph. Malin head reached the 70s,normal for there.
  8. Do you mean for your area or those areas under Amber warnings?
  9. Met Éireann got this right. Surprised no yellow warning from Met office or NI Facebook weather
  10. I check humidity widely above 90%. Snowing here now as well
  11. Snowed heavy in Donegal last night and western parts of NI
  12. Met Éireann snow warning for tonight. This is a pic I took last night. All gone now unfortunately
  13. Chance of more snow tonight, similar to last night. Storm this weekend. Warnings out.
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