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    shooting, fishing, wildlife, ferrets/polecats, weather! and indian cooking
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    crystal cold man!

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About Me

Spent a year living in a tent beside a river, its all about defeating the system.  I love bushcraft and survival, but the main enjoyment is helping people anyway i can...karma folks.  

I swear my clan creature was the wolf, hence the large tatoo on my back, ive always admired these creatures.

My second interest is religion, and i have a deep knowledge of the bible....why???  when churches try to tell me they go to heaven, and other religions knock my door with their glorification i can simply point out no organisation is needed to do the man upstairs work.......


we live in exciting times folks, wait and see........  


apart from that i put my foot in my mouth all the time and may seem daft at times, but trust me i have a good heart and mean you no harm :)

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