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  1. I don't intend on catching any showers unless they make it into the bars ?
  2. Heading to Newcastle this weekend on a stag, could be dicey enough to get home ?
  3. Don't worry the beast from the West is due Thursday - Friday ?
  4. Frank on utv weather at 4pm saying the snow is staying to the south tonight/tomorrow ??
  5. Latest from beeb weather has it clipping southeast northern Ireland 4am then clear for everyone rest of the day.
  6. Noticed that myself, didn't show any snow over the north for Friday.
  7. Small dusting here this morning. Make it to the gym before work so all's good ?
  8. Wouldn't fancy any sort of training tonight! Good luck lol
  9. Outlook for Thursday to Saturday: Further snow showers, occasionally heavy, together with strong winds on Wednesday night and Thursday. Staying cold at the end of the week with snow at times, especially in the east.
  10. Don't give up hope yet................ Outlook for Thursday to Saturday: Frequent snow showers, strong winds with blizzard conditions and some disruption likely, especially in eastern areas on Thursday. Less snow showers on Friday, but some disruptive snow possibly on Saturday.
  11. MetO extending Friday's warning onto Saturday lunch time. Upgrade me thinks.
  12. Was in the Amber zone for snow weeks back but didn't get any at all. Can understand why people don't take them serious.
  13. MetO warning out for Friday for the whole of the North.
  14. No sign of anything mild, the lying snow will be around for a while.
  15. Should there not be a ice warning with this snow? Overnight it will freeze surely?
  16. Right on the coast you are, I would say you'll see plenty.
  17. Yeah Lurgan seems to be the cut off point for these warnings so not sure if we will get anything like 10cm. Models have plenty snow hitting the East on Friday but plenty saying that could change in the coming days. Plenty to watch out for this week thats forsure.
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