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  1. Biggest gust I've recorded so far this afternoon in Newark is 34.9mph (around an hour ago). Died down for a bit now with semi-clear skies but wind seems to be picking up a bit again.
  2. Hi 'Konstantinos' - many thanks for your detailed explanation - all I think makes sense now. 'in the vale' - Thanks for the reply, what type of station do you have that measures every 2.5 seconds ? Can anyone recommend something semi-reasonable (ie. £100 > £150 ish) that does measure wind say every 2 > 5 seconds ? Dave
  3. Hi, sorry if this seems like a daft question, but i'm a total beginner ! I recently bought Maplin's budget weather station, all installed and working : http://www.maplin.co.uk/p/professional-wireless-weather-centre-n25fr I'm most interested in wind gust speed and as this unit updates on it's indoor monitor every 48 seconds, does that mean that if, as a pure example, if a gust of 40 mph was at 30 seconds into the cycle & then a gust of 20mph was at 48 seconds would it just show the 20mph gust at the next time of update on the monitor ? or would it show the max gust of 40mph over this period ? - Or ... does it take some sort of average over the 48 second period ? If it does take an average then if anyone can suggest a fairly cost effective wireless station for a beginner that updates in real-time, or every couple of seconds - I don't want to miss a big gust !. Computer connectivity would also be good on my next model too. Any hints / tips more than welcome Dave
  4. Newark quiet now, rain has ceased & just a few weak gusts. 979mb
  5. "Welcome to Netweather Dave, you certainly picked a bonkers day to come over to the 'bright' side!" Thanks guys I need to get myself a wind speed thingy now !
  6. I'm in Newark, Notts & have been a lurker here for a year or so, ie. when the news reports some snow or when it's predicted to get a bit breezy.I do like (if that is the correct word) a good gust / spell of unusual weather, but obviously not if it causes injury / danger to others. I have a 60ft+ pine tree and a 40ft (200 year old Oak in my garden) so would be gutted if either of those came down - especially if they landed on my house !!I have no equipment other that a £30 Origin thingy. Current in Newark is : Heavy rain on / offNo idea of gust speeds (don't have such equipment ... yet) - But some stong ones every 30 secs or so984mb at 2.00pm, now down to 980mbDave
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